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Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 143

Right, right. It's because of their skin pigment! For reference, resorting to lazy race baiting doesn't really win arguments (see the most recent election results as an example)

You're not up on your canon; this is a reference to something said by the late great Saint Carlin, who said we bomb brown people "just because they're brown". He goes on to point out that the only white people who we've ever bombed are the Germans, who we only bombed because they were "trying to cut in on our action" and rule the world. "Bullshit, that's our fucking job."

We bomb brown people because we can get away with it. That's more opportunist than racist, but it's still racist.

Comment That sounds EXACTLY like it's for drones (Score 1) 21

Why else would you need so many different frequency bands, to use multiple channels ("a limited number") among them at once, and to change channels to avoid interference? This is almost certainly intended for drone control and telemetry. Of course, they could buy an off-the-shelf solution, but it would look like a whole bunch of little boxes connected by wires, and it would introduce many potential points of failure. They need to logically have a separate radio module for each RX, because the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 radio modules which can be used to implement multiple protocols only let you activate one radio module at a time. You might be able to switch between them rapidly enough to send messages with lots of different protocols, I don't know about that, but receiving is a different story.

Background for the uninitiated follows: As it is, right now you can buy a diversity receiver off the shelf, and plug multiple receivers into it. Although this is normally used to use multiple receivers which are all receiving the same signal, simply to get more antennas receiving it to mitigate orientation and blocking issues, there's no reason why it couldn't be different signals even with an off-the-shelf diversity RX as long as your replacements still spoke the same serial protocol. Then you'd put multiple transmit modules into your TX, probably connected to the PPM output if again this is all off-the-shelf, and then you'd bind each RX to a different TX module. In this way you could have e.g. 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz at the same time, and if one band dropped out, the RX would use the other automagically.

What else could Amazon possibly be doing with this? It's not for providing people with internet access.

Comment Re:People bitched when Apple dropped floppy drives (Score 1) 161

And SCSI, VGA, DVI, CD, DVD, RS232, Parallel ports, Modem, Ethernet jack, etc., etc.

Dropping the ethernet jack was a mistake, but back when Apples commonly had serial ports, they didn't even have one. They just had that AAUI connector, if you were even lucky enough to have one of those. And Apple didn't drop VGA, they just "never" used it (except once or twice, in rare exceptions.) They never had parallel ports, but they never needed them because they had RS-422 ports. The rest of that stuff was dropped in a very timely fashion. Displayport is now a common standard on PCs and is a smaller, stronger connector than DVI.

Apple are sleazy, they do all manner of nefarious shit, but their selection of I/O has usually been fairly intelligent.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 161

Am I the only one who finds that a SD card slot that holds an SD card is a great way to hold extra data?

If it's genuinely rarely-accessed data, that's cool. For some reason, most SD cards have shockingly bad random read speeds. I've never been able to figure that one out, but it's completely true. Samsung Evo and Evo+ over 16GB are some of the few models for which it isn't. The ones under 16GB are faster than average, but still slower than the large ones.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 161

Even if you can't/don't get the laptop with an Intel card from the manufacturer (Dell Latitudes have pretty much always offered this as an option), it's trivial to replace it after the fact if you absolutely must have that model.

I've had better luck with Atheros. Intel WiFi quality has been slipping. Granted, much of that is problems with windows drivers which won't crop up on Linux, but not all.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 161

Plus, we can actually get onsite support from HP.

While I agree with moving away from Apple, moving to HP is daft. They have literally the worst support in the industry. When my Elitebook failed with a corporate warranty they sent a tech to my house to break it. The first time he showed up, he merely failed to fix it, and put it back together with the old parts because they didn't send him with any new ones. The second time he showed up, the machine wouldn't boot after he was there. Before, it was just suffering from thermal shutdown due to that nVidia G71 die bonding failure. In spite of this being a well-known problem, I had to spend literally 24 hours of my time on the phone (over the course of a week) to get them to agree to replace the machine. What's extra-pathetic about this is that the GPU is mounted to a MXM slot, so they technically could have replaced the GPU, right? But that slot is literally just a waste of money. They never paired any other GPU with that motherboard, only the FX1500 with G71. So the buyers had to eat the cost of the development of and parts for the slot for absolutely no reason. The GPU comes out of the case with the motherboard as if they were one unit, and they get thrown away together when the logic board is replaced.

HP is a pathetic joke in all areas, and so is anyone who deliberately chooses to install their machines today, after all the many cautionary tales of their general incompetence.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 161

A modular bottom panel is a pretty good idea. I suppose ideally the entire case would be designed around the bottom panel being swappable for a thicker one which included supplemental battery power and extra ports.

No, it's a contrary idea. It runs contrary to the entire design strategy of Apple laptops, which is based around unibody castings. But they could split that frame into an upper and a lower, where the lower frame is changed out for different battery configurations, at relatively minimal expense. It would require somewhere from probably a dozen to a couple of dozen screws to really tie the two frame pieces together. Or just weld them, which now I think of it is a much smarter idea.

Comment Re: Note: Gravity wave != Gravitational wave (Score 1) 39

If I force a parcel of air upwards, it will expand and cool, though the total energy of the parcel is conserved. If the atmosphere is stable, the parcel that has been forced upward will be cooler than its surroundings, and will experience a downward acceleration.

What? Only if it's in a balloon. Otherwise it will mix with other air through convection, and it won't be a parcel of air any more. Go back to your spherical cows and let us be.

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