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Comment Re:PERSECUTION (Score 1) 22

I ask you something: Imagine me coming into your church and telling everyone about the advantages of buttfucking and how your imaginary buddy is an imagination, using the bible to show you that most of it is bullshit. Will I be allowed to speak? Or will I be shown the door?

Nobody cares whether you're Christian. Basically, for all I care, believe in Zeus or Ra or both of them at the same time. Just one thing: Don't get on my fucking nerves and keep your delusion to yourself.

Comment Re:Pricing... (Score 1) 52

It would be smarter to take an A380 and make super-luxury seating - "3 times the seating of a regular first-class seat", along with on-board hot spas, etc., and advertise that you'll fly at the SLOWEST cruising speed so as to extend the fun (and save $$$ as well). You'll get fewer takers, but you won't need as many - that's part of the appeal.


Come on, don't limit yourself. You don't have to be gay to be an abomination to christians. That's the beauty if it - they hate EVERYONE who's not just like them.

We're just one big abominable family - too bad they don't make "I'm an abomination" T-shirts. You know - to really rub their noses in it. Kind of pointless, though, given how quickly christianity is becoming irrelevant.

Comment Re:Maybe not... (Score 1) 44

Homolka's lawyer knew where the tapes where but didn't reveal the location to police, instead cutting a deal with the crown. Kind of hard to go back on the deal, since she wasn't the one withholding evidence, and the lawyer isn't required to disclose evidence that can convict his client.

But yes, women do tend to get lighter sentences. Parents starved their kid to death, withheld all medical treatment, the mother got house arrest while the father went to jail for a few months. WTF??? (Fortunately, the sentences are being appealed).

I guess one moral is if you're a guy going to commit a crime, get a sex change first.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 441

Don't apologize - this is the internet, where nothing is any more serious than we let it be :-) I'm more worried about the woman who has gone silent in the last couple of hours who was messaging me about how the church folks have finally pushed her over the edge and she's going to kill herself today. I respect people's right to self-determination, including suicide, but I also think the shit-peddlers who have been egging her on for the last few years should be punished, either way. But they won't be held accountable, and that sucks. In such cases, all you can do is encourage people to hang in there and remind them of the good things they had planned, and how they might change things to achieve peace. I guess I'll find out at one point whether I was successful or not. I know that at least once in the past I was successful with someone, but that wasn't over the internet, and there's an immediacy that just isn't there when it's not in person :-(

Comment Adjust your vm (Score 1) 1

But before doing that, turn off virtual memory on the real machine. If you have 4 gig or more, you don't need it. Split total memory in half between the real machine and the vm (and make sure it stays that way). Ditto with the number of cores (for some reason, it reverted to 1 core for the vm instead of 4 a couple of times). That fixed the mouse.

If it's still crappy, turn off all indexing. Same as with Windows - indexing is for people who have no clue how to organize a file system. 4 gig for the host, 4 gig for linux, no virtual memory on either, no indexing on either, should be okay. Just make sure that if you adjust the vm settings, to review all of them because who knows. Also, don't use "transparent" mode, that allows linux apps to run seamlessly on the windows desktop - that sucks cpu for obvious reasons, and there's no real reason to.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 441

Ted Kennedy was just the latest in a series of crooked Kennedy machinations. There's enough crap and corruption on both sides of the aisle, maybe the solution would be to split up into multiple smaller republics and let people vote with their feet so they can choose their particular brand of poison / political fantasy.

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