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Comment Re: Micro$slop requires virtualization? Really? (Score 2) 77

Virtualization != sandboxing. You can sandbox on Windows with SandboxIE, where all writes from the sandboxed app are redirected elsewhere. Doing this doesn't require a separate OS or filesystem, so it doesn't add that context shifting as overhead.

You can also run your Web browser in a VM. You get better separation, but at a price, although with hypervisors becoming the norm and not the exception, running VMs may not have as onerous a penalty as they used to.

I like a combination of the two. I like browser windows and tabs separated from each other, like what Chrome/Chromium does, but the browser should run in its own VM so if something does get out of the browser, it is in a completely separate user and machine context. Without the VM isolation, even if malware just has context of a user, that can allow files to be uploaded and ransomware to do its dirty work.

Jails are another solution, but it can be argued that it might be best to completely isolate filesystems, especially if some software decides to do stuff like mkdir foo; cd foo loops, or just create tons of files in order to use up all inodes. Done on a VM, worst case, it means one dumps the VM and rolls back. Done on a desktop, it can mean work stoppage.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 155

This assumes that the two populations produce an equal number of top tier basketball players, which is highly unlikely to be true so with the assumption being false, the rest of the argument doesn't logically follow. But me simply saying it's unlikely to be true isn't really much better in terms of logical reasoning so consider the following argument as well:

In a sport like basketball where there are only a few players on the court at any one time, a single star player can vastly improve a team's success. If white people were being unfairly excluded, one or two teams that weren't discriminating would have access to an immense amount of talent that should allow them to dominate the league simply because other teams wouldn't acquire those players.

That we don't see something like this happening suggests that your assumption is wrong, unless you'd like to claim some kind of mass conspiracy. Also, we already know that teams are willing to take the best players as we've seen from history that many sports leagues excluded black players in the past, but quickly started to hire black athletes when those rules changed because there was a lot of untapped talent available and the teams that continued to discriminate missed out on those players and likely faired less well than those teams who went for the most talented individuals regardless of race.

Comment Re:Private industry doing it better than governmen (Score 1) 100

Kids who have their own bank accounts and jobs wouldn't be on a site that caters to tweens (kids between 8 and 12). It's a site built around a flash game where kids can dress up their i-dolls and save them. and make stamps. teen-agers wouldn't be caught dead there.

Comment Re:Reduced OS for short term gains. (Score 1) 53

In Android at least, only one application can be running at the same time (no background processing unless you program a service for your app)


And the rest of what you say has nothing to do with Android or ChromeOS. You can have access to root in both. Android devices generally have it disabled but it can be enabled - of course, even CyanogenMod discourages root access these days, as it shouldn't be necessary. ChromeOS? Off by default, but every ChromeBook let's you reconfigure ChromeOS to allow root if you desperately want it. As for "Spyware", it's entirely up to you whether you use Google's services or not.

And none of your objections have anything to do with the original point. You're complaining about the UI disabling certain features. The underlying operating system has those features. And, frankly, easy access to root was something that Windows 95 gave you by default that NT made a little harder to get...

Comment Re:Ah yes... (Score 1) 100

I'm sure there's a third "security best practice" that's not being followed.

I bet one of the accounts on there is a test account for the developer to test with in production, and the username/password is the same as the password to the FTP server or to the DNS registry or some other important service.

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