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Submission + - Banking IT Security Handbooks Out of Date (

An anonymous reader writes: The banking information network regulatory handbooks provided by the FFIEC are woefully out of date, with some not having been significantly updated in 10 years. These handbooks govern how a financial institution is supposed to design, implement, and protect their networks. Much of the actual function that these handbooks provided has been replaced by the nongovernmental PCI standard, a standard whose effectiveness is widely debated. PCI was originally created by the credit card industry in a failed effort to avoid the legislation that ended up creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Submission + - Young Friend Wants to Program Games 2

Stargoat writes: My young friend wants to program video games. She hopes to go to school to do this, perhaps to Full Sail or some other school specializing in game development. This makes her friends, who would prefer to see her with a masters or PhD in Mathematics, Economics, or Psychology, nervous. Are there any horror or success stories the Slashdot community would like to share?
The Military

Submission + - HMS Ark Royal to be scrapped (

Stargoat writes: "HMS Ark Royal is to be scrapped in order to make room in the budget for the future carrier. Additionally, the Harrier jump jet is to be retired. This will leave the Empire with only two carriers and without the ability to operate fixed winged aircraft from the sea. What exactly did the United Kingdom take away from the Falklands, let alone Mahan?"

Submission + - EA Sports Stanley Cup prediction accurate? (

Stargoat writes: "EA Sports, author of the popular NHL 2010 video game, predicted in April that the Chicago Blackhawks would win hockey's Stanley Cup in seven games. Now, it appears that this prediction might prove accurate. With enough variables defined and modern processing speeds, is it possible to make accurate predictions regarding protracted sporting events such as the baseball and hockey playoffs, where teams play enough games to approach a statistically significant period of time?"

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