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Journal Stargoat's Journal: Liverpool and Racism 1

Aside from the Beatles, I have never heard anything positive about Liverpool without searching for it. In fact, I would like to point out the rampant racism that exists in Europe and the UK against Scousers, people from Liverpool. Example the first: I mentioned to a friend online that I would like to visit Liverpool to see a football (soccer) game and asked what I should see while there. She said I should keep an eye on my wallet. Example the second: There was a terrible crush at Hillsborough. 96 Liverpool supporters (fans) were killed. The Sun newspaper reported despicable lies about the Liverpool supporters. Example the third: Some Italian soccer supporters were killed when a stadium wall fell on them. The Europeans blamed the Liverpool supporters and banned Liverpool from European competition for years, despite very strong evidence showing that the Italian supporters attacked Liverpool supporters, causing a crush. Example the fourth: Urban Dictionary. EDIT - Example the fifth: http://www.sickipedia.org/subcategory/view/1317.

The issue is either bigotry against class or bigotry against cultural origin. In this case, I find that cultural origin in the source of the bigotry. Basically, there is a strong bigotry against people from Liverpool, otherwise known as Scousers or Liverpudlians.

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Liverpool and Racism

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