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Submission + - Young Friend Wants to Program Games 2

Stargoat writes: My young friend wants to program video games. She hopes to go to school to do this, perhaps to Full Sail or some other school specializing in game development. This makes her friends, who would prefer to see her with a masters or PhD in Mathematics, Economics, or Psychology, nervous. Are there any horror or success stories the Slashdot community would like to share?
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Submission + - HMS Ark Royal to be scrapped (

Stargoat writes: "HMS Ark Royal is to be scrapped in order to make room in the budget for the future carrier. Additionally, the Harrier jump jet is to be retired. This will leave the Empire with only two carriers and without the ability to operate fixed winged aircraft from the sea. What exactly did the United Kingdom take away from the Falklands, let alone Mahan?"

Submission + - EA Sports Stanley Cup prediction accurate? (

Stargoat writes: "EA Sports, author of the popular NHL 2010 video game, predicted in April that the Chicago Blackhawks would win hockey's Stanley Cup in seven games. Now, it appears that this prediction might prove accurate. With enough variables defined and modern processing speeds, is it possible to make accurate predictions regarding protracted sporting events such as the baseball and hockey playoffs, where teams play enough games to approach a statistically significant period of time?"
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Submission + - Inefficiency

Stargoat writes: "Dr. Mrs. Stargoat was asking me last night why there are no more knights in the world. I was confused by her question, and explained that there were still several orders left. But she meant the professional warriors who ruled over lands.

The reason is quite simple. An inefficient economic system is not self-defeating but will be defeated. A single knight and his years of training, armor, horse, etcetera costs too much when compared to ten peasants with two weeks of training and guns. The country that uses peasants with guns will always defeat the country with knights.

This axiom holds true when compared to business practices as well. Essentially, Social Darwinism is correct when applied to the large scale. Individuals observations can do anything, but a culture of inefficiency will always be defeated.

On an almost identical note, there is a picture on Drudge Report of a lady wearing a t-shirt that says, "Imagine No Liberals" with a yellow smiley face. I find this ironic.

Without liberals, there would be no yellow smiley face. Without liberals, that girl could never wear that t-shirt, let alone in such a provacative manner and wearing makeup. Without liberals, the phrase imagine as used in that context would mean nothing. Without liberals, wearing clothing with a message would not exist. Conservatives are inefficient as well. Ultimately, the liberals always triumph - not because their message is better, but because the liberal ideals work better in real life."
User Journal

Submission + - The Future

Stargoat writes: "Today, with the announcement of, the future officially arrived. Gone today is the difference between Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. No longer will expensive Microsoft licenses be necessary. The end of a need for business networks is at hand. The Novell based network infrastructure with files stored in drives and on servers has been eliminated.

Office 2.0 is the beast that will dominate the next decade. Once Internet speeds catch up and the phone companies catch on, your business phone network will also be Internet based - just choose a provider. Offices will be board rooms for face to face collaboration, with some empty cubes.

Personal banks? Who cares. No need for cash. The laundry machine will have a credit card reader. Go to Lending Tree and clones for your loan.

Employees? Why? All you need are a couple of low paid data entry fools and a series of hired gun consultants.

Boss? Do it yourself. What can you do better than anyone else?

IT? What's the point? Everything is web based. The thing called a PC from Best Buy will be just as effective as the thing called a PC from CDW, Insight, Tiger Direct, New Egg, or Roger the Computer Guy from down the block. All your apps are web based. You will only know the phone number of your various and sundry IT guys. No more Saturday Night Live "MOVE" skits, only Go-To Assist and competitors.

Specialization of controls of information and food production are the only commodities in the new market. Factories will be able to produce anything. Elimination of corrupt governments by emerging middle classes demanding the right to unfettered access to make money will take care of the rest.

It's a brave and greedy new world. As long as we don't get nuked, we'll do fine."

Submission + - Battlestar not on I-Tunes

Stargoat writes: "The first episode of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica was shown on Friday. For those of us without cable, this was supposed to have meant that we would download the episode from I-Tunes on Saturday. But three days later, the episode of Battlestar still has not appeared on I-Tunes. Apple is deleting threads on the discussion section asking about the missing series. Is this a frack up at I-Tunes or something more serious?"
User Journal

Submission + - I'm voting for a Republican

Stargoat writes: "As you may know, I live in Illinois near Chicago in the 8th Congressional District.

And I'm voting for the Republican Judy Barr Topinka.

But Stargoat! You hate Republicans!

Not true. I hate most Republicans. And it's not even most Republicans - I like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, and other sensible policy Republicans. The problem with the GOP today is that it is a party of hypocrits promising fiscal restraint and spending like drunken sailors. The GOP is a party of anti-gay rights, but covers for a criminal homosexual pedophile Congressman. The GOP is a party of war-mongering cowards. Neo-cons and the current incarnation of the GOP are a cancer on the Republic.

Topinka, on the other hand, has sensible social policies. She calls it like it is. She's pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-common sense. She's the kind of woman I want in Springfield.

And that's who I'm voting for."
User Journal

Submission + - Grey's Anatomy: Greatest Television Show Ever

Stargoat writes: "Grey's Anatomy is undoubtedly the greatest television show ever made. It is not boring and predictable. It is not a stupid meladrama that is apparently written by a bunch of hacks who wanted to reproduce the television show ER. It deals with topical issues in a way that informs the viewing public and promotes dialog and deeper understanding of universal truths in the audience. Grey's Anatomy does not consist of pretty people in very difficult circumstances doing the best they can to just try and get by.

It is my delight to watch this show. A three year old with a learning disability could not produce more enlightening and entertaining television while sitting on the crapper. We, collectively as a species, are not dumber not only for having watched an episode, but for having the mere radio waves passing through us.

I encourage everyone to watch this show at least once; it is an example of the fine products coming out of the entertainment industry today. And that's the truth."
User Journal

Submission + - Fiorina

Stargoat writes: Carly Fiorina was reviled. She was damned. She was cursed and abused and insulted. And she was right.

When HP announced its merger with Compaq, I bought. I thought it was a good move on HP's part. And how I wrung my hands. Woe is me, said I. Perhaps I misread the situation.

No, the market misread the situation. It was a good move. The capture of Compaq's server line and the consolidation of Compaq's desktop line has increased HP's marketshare and profits.

So why was Fiorina dumped? She wasn't cool. It's easier to forgive someone for being wrong than it is to forgive them for being right. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, she was only a girl.
User Journal

Submission + - Your survival: Train Accidents

Stargoat writes: There was a train accident in Egypt today, and it appears that one car was telescoped by the engine. This presumably caused most of the fatal causalities. Telescoping is caused by a railway carriage being filled by another carriage or engine. In the event that your railway carriage ever telescopes, here is what you need to do to survive. Ummmm.....

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