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Comment and many of us are forced at gunpoint..... (Score 1) 38

to get our internet from the cable provider as they is no other choice due to the illegal monopoly tricks cable companies use like "franchise fees" in cities to make it more difficult for competition to come in to the town.

So my cost is close to the cable number because I am punished for having internet without cable. $80 a month for 15meg

Because comcast rapes us in towns where there is zero competition.

Comment Proof! (Score 1) 215

That speeding is unsafe.

Sadly most of the "I have a right to speed" morons will chime in and claim they are far better at driving and safer at higher speeds.

I support no speed limits on limited access highways. but only the dumbest of the most stupid speed on streets with lots of cross traffic and in residential areas.

Even more stupid is a moron that sets his autodrive car to speed on such a road, this just adds to my data set that you do not have to be smart to be rich.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 3, Interesting) 215

So the road under the truck looked clear (sort of)

If only the autopilot system had been calibrated to take into account the exact height of the Tesla's roof. If that had been done, then there would have been no accident in this case (the Tesla would have stopped until the truck was out of the way), but when encountering a somewhat higher truck, the Tesla would pass cleanly underneath it, with the driver probably never even noticing what had happened. And that would have been rather awesome.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 3, Insightful) 215

Why does this one death cause everyone to panic?

Who has panicked? Unless by "panic" you meant "engage in intense debate about the potential risks and rewards of a new and relatively unproven technology", but that's not a very common definition of that word.

Comment Re:oh well (Score 1) 562

The real question: are the e-mails real? If so, how they were obtained/released is irrelevant.

I think the fact that Russia is actively trying to meddle in the US election via dirty tricks is pretty fucking relevant, don't you?

Maybe all the emails are real; maybe they are all real except for the few made-up ones that Putin's political people added in to spice things up. Maybe next time instead of hacking into a political organization, they'll hack into some power companies and cause power outages in demographically strategic areas on election day, similar to what they did previously in the Ukraine. Or maybe they'll just plant a few easter eggs in some voting machines. In either case, the fact that a central pillar of our Democracy is now known to be under deliberate attack by a foreign power ought to be of some significance to us, no?

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 215

This doesn't make sense as Waze and Trapster both are aware of the speedlimit on every road I've ever driven while using them. They both make warning noises (unless configured to be silent) and the speed indicator on the screen highlights when you are over the posted speed limit.

However, it does make sense that the driver can set the speed of cruise control to speeds over the legal limit. Many drivers do set cruise control between 4 and 9 miles over the speed limit. While driving on highways between cities, I rarely observe cars driving the posted limit. Almost all traffic is driving 4 to 9 miles over the limit (with most at 9 miles over the limit).

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 215

Tesla is in the process of increasing the capability of its radar to create a sparse point cloud, not entirely unlike lidar. This would give more detailed information about the direction of individual radar echoes, as well their speed relative to the car. This would seem to make crashes like the one mentioned here less likely.

I read that the truck was correctly identified in size and shape, but the case of a low-hanging sign (perhaps by damage) wasn't considered or was considered and rejected as too unlikely. But that the system incorrectly didn't recognize the hazard, while the sensors gathered enough information to identify the hazard. The height angle was correctly recorded, as was the distance. The numbers both were in the acceptable range for a sign, but also calculate a crash hazard. There will be a software update, not too far off, that will correct for this.

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 215

No, you don't get it. You don't get to define "autopilot". The autopilot system in an airplane, where the name came from, can't communiate, and doesn't read signs. So how would that be a requirement of an automobile "autopilot"?

It's more of a "tries keep the car in your lane" device.

And since "lane hold" and "lane keep" and other similar names are taken, why not call it something different? Like "autopilot" a system that'll fly you on course, even if that smashes you into another plane.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 562

She was a senator and secretary of state for years and exhibited no signs of evil at all. She was just another generic politician. Albeit, attacked more by republicans for two decades than most.

I recall how obama was going to destroy the country and turn it into an islamic state.

Didn't happen did it?

If it had been Jeb Bush, I'd be like "Well its going to suck but it wont' destroy the country" but Cruz and Trump are another matter.

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