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Comment Advise you get a "throwdown phone" (Score 1) 27

Because putting your phone number out there will probably pollute it and soon you'll be getting telemarketing calls 24x7 effectively killing the number.

They'll promise to take care of your number but they'll sell it to a "business partner" or they'll lose the list due to poor security or when they go bankrupt it will be sold as an asset.

I've had multiple email and one phone number polluted like this so far. I don't trust'em any more.

Comment Re: Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 585

Another is if it pushes the heat toward areas of weaker insulation and away from areas of stronger insulation. If the outside is cooler than the inside, then the temperature will leak out more rapidly. If the outside is warmer than the inside, then the warmth will leak in more slowly.

You're exactly wrong, and I'll try to show you why:

Consider your two premises for the "hot outside" situation:
(a): There are (at least two) areas with different insulation, and
(b): The outside is warmer than the inside.

If the air is still, you will reach an equilibrium, where the weak insulation spot can't easily cause more heat transfer to the air on the inside, because the air on the inside is already pretty hot. You end up with a room with areas that are hotter than others, and heat transfer within the room is mainly radiation and not convection.

Now, if you circulate the air on the inside, you provide cooler air to the (a) areas. Cooler air which can absorb more heat from the outside. You've disturbed the equilibrium, and go towards a new one where all the air in the room is subject to being heated through the (a) spots.
In effect, you create a convection oven, which works precisely on the principle of bringing cooler air to the heating elements.

Comment Re:chain of custody (Score 1) 48

Apple may have to come very clean about how this works or it may not hold up in court.

I doubt it is intended to hold up in court. More likely the idea is to provide the phone's owner (perhaps in conjunction with the police) with information about who took their phone, so that they then know where to look to find more solid evidence.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 585

The trend towards war is down.

But as we run out of non-renewable resources over the next 100 years, global warming won't matter.

The loss of pesticides, fertilizers, stainless steel, etc. all will limit our growth, lead to population declines, and possibly pretty terrible war (we have a lot of ugly stuff we agree not to use but as history shows, we will use during total war).

80 years from now, we may be at 12 billion and 80% likely to still be rising.

200 years from now, the earth is more likely to have a population of 3 billion than 20 billion. To avoid that we'll have to invent a lot of new technologies really fast as we hit multiple limits. Consumption of non-renewable resources by a population of 12 billion will be terrific.

I think most of the breakdown happens after I die. But I think we do have a breakdown- things have gotten visibly more brittle over the last 20 years. There's not as much slack in the system as their used to be. Which is fine until you have a problem.

Comment Re: Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 585

Pretty much any ventilation system, forced air, even open windows, does a poor job of distributing the cooler air throughout a room, especially in houses. So in a very real way it does make parts of a room cooler than they would otherwise be without the fan.

Heat rises.
A ceiling fan blows air from the top of the room downwards.
How, exactly, does this make parts of a room cooler, except the very top?

Comment Re:My Instagram feed is nonexistent (Score 1) 78

It means that to diagnose you they would need a different set of inputs to feed the algorithms. You could apply the same methodology to Slashdot posts, Usenet posts, hand written letters or any other output generated by you.

"Those people that used the word nihlist were 40% more likely to be depressed while those people that made less negative comments tended to be less of a dick."

Or is it indicative of me not basing my worth on what random people think about my every waking moment?

Yeah, because Slashdot provides no feedback mechanisms. It's only since Facebook and Instagram have people ever known what others on the internet think of them and what they post.

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