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Comment As a beta tester for AppleLink PE... (Score 2) 135

which eventually became AOL, we were routinely sent CDs with patches on them. Eventually we got the CDs that would patch our beta releases to become public release apps. As beta testers the service was charged at half price. Almost a year into the public release, I got a phone call from Steve, the boss at Quantum, letting me know that the one thing they forgot to patch in the upgrade CDs was the switch to full price. So would you please cut us a check for everything you paid us already for the past year.? Um, no... by the way how many users did this affect? We're not sure. Dozens? Well yeah. Hundreds? Yeah. Thousands? Look, that's not the important part. I believe I offered to pay double the monthly bill until I was caught up. Never heard back, next release placed us at full charges. I bailed once it was AOL, and it was back to Delphi and The WELL.

Comment Yes. But do it right. (Score 1) 982

Lots of major UI frustration in 8 is now resolved. I've moved every Win machine I manage form 8 to 10 except my wife's machine that's still on 7 and she knows by heart - but that'll go soon too. It's the best touch-windows so far on some Surfaces I manage. Deny every last one of the reporting and sharing options that come up during / after install. Install Malwarebytes and AVG immediately. Spend a half hour removing the fluffware on the home screen and in the programs list. Then install the things that work well for you. It seems like the best unified Win experience since 2000 Pro.

Comment Hi! We've been breathing in burning compost... (Score 1) 361

for some time now. It gives us a buzzy head and make us die sooner. That wasn't good enough. We figured out a way to add circuitry and potentially explosive batteries. We will now get buzzy heads and die sooner but not as soon. We promise not to be surprised when something goes badly. Is it just us or do dolphins sound like they're laughing?

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