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Comment Added value? (Score 1) 455

Tell me again how removing the plastic seat covers and washing the car is worth the $600.00 dealer fee. Remind me how having to haggle over price for an hour or more so I don't get cheated is a good thing..

Comment Re:Behind the curve (Score 1) 1040

Your right, it doesn't push it past the increase. It pushes it up to the same point. All the gains you are claiming are going to happen won't because the cost of living will go up the same amount. What will happen is that the mom and pop outfits and small margin business will either leave or go under.

We have looked at history. It is you who are ignoring a huge part of history not to mention economics. You are focusing on corporations to the exclusion of the majority of the effected employers.

Comment Re:Even higher! (Score 1) 1040

I have a better way to implement "Your Master"'s (YM) experiment. YM goes out and gets a hot dog cart and starts selling hot dogs and let's the market set the price. Then, YM hires someone to sell hotdogs from that cart at Seattle's minimum wage and then has to not lose money or shut down the cart while keeping his employee and not breaking the law. He can report back every day with the results.

Comment Re:Even higher! (Score 1) 1040

Hello, I am from the city government. We have heard your complaints about how hard it is to make a living selling hot dogs, so we have a solution. From now on, all hot dog stands must sell their hot dogs for no less than $20.00 each. We are sure the loss of customers will be offset by the increase in price.

Do you now see the problem with your argument?

Comment Re:Behind the curve (Score 3, Insightful) 1040

The problem with fixing the price of a commodity at a high rate is that one hurts the consumers of the commodity. That is really what you are doing. You are fixing the price of labor at an artificially high price expecting that the increase in price won't be passed on to everyone else.

All this will do is push up the cost of living AND give executives an excuse to fire workers and raise prices, while shutting down small business.

Comment Re:Behind the curve (Score 3, Interesting) 1040

You shouldn't be taking retail for your example. Basically, you are engaging the fallacy of cherry picking. A retail location has many products and few employees so the increase per item would be small. What about the service and manufacturing sectors? Let's assume a current $10.00/hr minimum wage and an increase to $15.00/hr

What happens when the manufacturing cost increases by 50% to 100%? Remember, if someone is making $14.00/hr and you give the janitor a $5.00/hr wage to $15.00, your worker is going to want $19.00/hr or more.

Most restaurants have a very small profit margin, so what will happen when employee costs increase by 50%? Does the owner try to sell? Just shut it down and leave? Increase prices by 50% to 100%? If the cooks are making 1/3 more than the dishwasher and the dishwasher suddenly starts making $15.00/hr, how much will the cooks wants $18,00/hr or $20.00/hr?

Sure, it is a $5.00/hr increase for minmum wage but it is a 50% increase in wage. What if the other employees demand a 50% wage increase as well? What if the union contract demands it? Suddenly, that 14.00/hr employee is making $21.00/hr.

Comment Re:So, to sum this up. (Score 1) 1198

When guys do this, they have a "man I used to date this stupid bitch" story.

When girls do this, they get raped.

Bullshit. Stop making shit up and stop hating on men. Oh, and go get some rape statistics from a reliable source instead of those that proclaim we live in a "rape culture" and support it by claiming that if a woman gets drunk, INITIATES sex, then wakes up with regrets she was raped.

I'm not quite sure why this is so difficult to understand.

Because it is a lie perpetuated by people with an agenda.

Comment Re:So, to sum this up. (Score 0) 1198

I don't give a shit what you think is acceptable so you can go fuck yourself, asshole, and then die in a fire.

It is interesting that you think 2+% of the population of men are rapist.Tell me, asshole, why do you think 3,500,000+ of your fellow men are rapists? So, we should be seeing millions of rapes a year, but we don't. Why is that? Oh, I know, most of them are in prison, right? But, then they wouldn't be at a conference. But, most of them couldn't be in prison because then they would make up then entire prison population.

And, yes, I do give a second thought to being attacked. I give it as much thought as women should, which is a lot less than they apparently do. It is called situational awareness and it is because I am statistically much more likely to be punched in the face or stabbed at a conference than a woman is to be raped or killed at one. I am more likely to be attacked in a bar, in a park, or on the street than a woman is to be because a woman isn't seen to be as big a threat to a criminal as a man is. Most criminals aren't going to rape and/or kill a woman, just like most criminals aren't going to rape and/or kill a man. They want your wallet, watch, cellphone, and jewelry, not your life, and they want to get away as fast as possible. Do you know who is most-likely to rape a woman: a man she knows and has probably dated. Do you know where that rape is most-likely to occur? It is in his home, then her home, then a shared home. And, if it is in her home, the rapist is almost always invited inside by the woman.

And, that isn't drivel. I have seen way too many women start dating men who the women KNOW are at best untrustworthy and at worst abusive. And, it is actually good life advice. Don't want fleas, don't lay down with dogs. Don't want to be treated like criminal, don't hang out with known criminals. If a woman wants to be safe and treated well, she needs to, wait for it, actually be around people who want to keep her safe and treat her well. If a woman wants to be safe outdoors, she will do just what many men do almost unconsciously, practice situational awareness.

All the nice girls? I've met many of them and watched as they muddled through life pining for one hot bad boy after another, getting used, and crying about how horrible all men are or crying about how horrible men are because the hot bad boys don't want to date them because they spent a few too many nights eating ice cream while pining away.

YOU are part of the problem. You feed into women's fear and paranoia, their hate of men, and their double-standards. Women want to be free to do anything and be treated like equals as long as every man everywhere watches their backs and makes sure nothing bad happens to them and no one says anything they don't like because they are helpless women who need protecting.

You know, everyone talks about mysogyny and how women are always in danger from men. Not a man, not a few men, not some men, ALL men. YOU ARE CONSIDERED DANGEROUS UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. Happen to walk into a parking garage just after a womanyou are a possible rapist because "every man is a rapist" and you will be treated like a rapist when all you want is to get into your car, Explain how treating all men like that are rapists is not misandrist, and as it is taught to women, it is institutionalized misandry.

I am betting you have heard about 1 in 4 college aged women being raped, right? Maybe you should learn more about that statistic:

Comment So, to sum this up. (Score 4, Insightful) 1198

This is what I get out of these articles:

Men, especially nerds, are horrible, mean, vicious people and all men should be treated as such at all times. Women, on the other hands, are always innocent victims of abuse, are always under threat, and must live their lives like they are about to be raped because men.

So, women, do us all a favor, and just stop. Stop interacting with men. Stop talking to men, stop dating men, stop having sex with men, stop marrying men. Just stop, because if you hate and fear men so much that is exactly what any sane person would do.

I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing how there is something intrinsically wrong with me and that I should be feared because I have a Y chromosome. Fuck you too. I haven't hit, let alone raped, any woman, ever. I have been hit three times by a woman and not once did I retaliate as I could have. I took it. But, if I had hit her back, I would have been the bad guy.

If women wouldn't reward the behavior of bad men, then there wouldn't be so many bad men, but, as we know, women love bad boys right up until that bad boy is bad to them. When that happens to a woman, she thinks back to all the bad men she has dated and concludes all men are bad because the problem couldn't possibly her and her choices.

Don't want to be abused or get raped? Don't be friends with or date immature, over-entitled, sociopathic bad boys with a history of hurting other people including women. Start looking at character instead of abs, or clothes, or height or cars. Stop going to clubs, getting wasted, and giving your number to that hot guy in the sick shirt, let alone banging him in a one night stand. Find a better place to meet guys or shut the fuck up about how horrible the men you fuck are because that is you having shallow and/or bad taste.

Oh, and when you get drunk and then go home and fuck a guy, you weren't raped. You were irresponsible. If you can't keep your panties on and legs closed when you get drunk, don't get drunk.

Comment Re:Not all just women issues (Score 1) 1198


People are often mean, nasty, vicious animals when they are anonymous and without societal pressures. On the internet, people are mostly anonymous and are surrounded by a lack of societal control. They don't even think of the internet as "real" and that the characters on the screen come from another person and not a computer.

And, it isn't just men, women do it too. Or, has everyone forgotten Megan Meier and Rebecca Ann Sedwick

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