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Comment Commercial grade not consumer grade (Score 1) 75

Is there perhaps a larger moral to be learned from this? Is there something about farm equipment -- or FARMERS -- that's different?

Not really IMHO.
They are at the same level as people who buy industrial plant and expect it to last for decades as well.
They are buying commercial grade equipment and expect commercial grade parts availability instead of the cheap short lifetime stuff the retail consumer is expected to put up with. I once visited a foundry for an agricultural pump manufacturer. They had the patterns for up to 70 year old equipment and cast those parts every now and again to maintain their policy of "lifetime" support. While that's an extreme example that is what is sometimes expected of equipment that is used in production instead of the throwaway consumer items we are expected to put up with.

Comment Re:definitions? (Score 1) 75

Another relative ended up with it but it was not rare by all accounts so is probably scanned and online already. I actually got to apply some stuff about the epicyclic gears and brake bands at University where the mechanical engineering department had a gearbox from a model-t to use in second year practical classes.

I think the book was this one (published 1920, going now for ten Bristish pounds):

Comment Re:Should have listened (Score 1) 648

That excludes everyone coming from the Mayflower and anyone arriving later. The 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower will be Nov 21 2020. On the other hand, Nieuw Amsterdam, today's New York, was probably founded between 1611 and 1614, so the descendants of the founding fathers of New York would be admitted.

See, how arbitrary even "400 years" is? Cape Cod no, New York (in its incarnation as Nieuw Amsterdam) yes.

Comment Re:Seems simple to me (Score 2) 75


Say they are responsible for disposal of the unit.

If the end user is NOT the owner, they do not have legal right to destroy or dispose of the product after it reaches end of life, because they are only renting.

That means that in order to be responsible with their product lifecycle, they have to plan for disposition, and provide a mechanism for the end user to return old product for proper disposal.

That is more expensive than you realize, because it basically doubles the costs of shipping on a product's life cycle, *AND*, it introduces a whole other branch of regulatory issues that the company must then conform with to meet necessary EPA (or other regulatory agency) requirements to assure that toxic heavy metals, and other potentially hazardous materials contained in the hardware are disposed of PROPERLY.

Watch that shit vanish FAST.

Comment Re:For "Best American-Style Light Lager" (Score 1) 648

Don't be a sore loser

Yes I know - "it was only one goat" - being an utter amoral prick once just because you want to should be forgiven right? While a joke about beer with careful disclaimer at the bottom so as not to offend the incredibly thin skinned - burn him!
WTF is wrong with you?

Comment Re:definitions? (Score 2) 75

What's happened for a very long time is third party manuals. My Grandmother's copy of "Book of The Ford" was a guide to repairing the Model T and was not written by the Ford Motor Company. That was in the early 1920s and was nowhere near the first edition. Ford had their own manuals but they were not that only ones, and apart from the DCMA there has been little to stop third party manuals since.
So IMHO there's nothing wrong with them saying "purchase and install Comprehensive Assembly #012934" so long as third parties are allowed to publish alternative manuals and supply alternative parts.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 648

All you did was make a separate argument

No, that was your cheap knife line.

Your fake outrage about me telling you to "take art classes"

So when you make a personal attack the people you attempt to bully are supposed to remain silent? Also it was so incredibly fucking ridiculous - take art classes to learn about the world or something? Of course you are going to get ridiculed by that Mr Kiddies version ten page Moby Dick. Unfortunately it is very easy to know far too much about you and far too much about "what makes you tick" from what you have written. You are a naive blank slate that the NRA and other manipulative pricks have written whatever they wanted on.

Finally, fuck off and die

So you've given up on the smug vegan thing of telling me I should never have killed things? Are all the losers that have been conned by Oliver North's NRA as utterly pathetic and thin skinned as you are?

A gun is a tool for killing. It is not a flag. It is not a penis substitute. Why the fuck do you losers treat it as if it is both?

Comment Re:MS used to ban people for useing there own hdd' (Score 1) 75

Want to know the actual difference between a "legitimate" HDD, and a not-legitimate one?

A small PNG image file loaded onto some magic sectors, and an 8 byte magic number written directly afterward. The drive's firmware was default factory, but only a small handful of drives were supported.

That image was of the microsoft logo.

Yes. The presence or absence of that little png file is SO TOTALLY going to change how a game is played online. /s

No-- Microsoft KNEW that they were vastly overcharging for a COTS component that was not special in any way except for the data stored on the platter, which is very inexpensive to replicate. They did not care. They were the gatekeepers, and were milking people dry by purposefully selling base systems without HDDs, or with very tiny ones, while pushing digital downloads.

Know what else? When it came to the "USB" storage options, I put various very high speed USB2.0 devices that I had PERSONALLY TESTED the raw performance of and verified that they were bitching fast, on my 360 to see if MS was full of shit when the console did its own testing-- Sure enough, it was premium bullshit. It would consistently say the device did not meet recommended speed requirements. Know what I did? I went out and bought one of the shitty USB memory sticks MS was hawking, and tested it myself. It underperformed compared to the units I had been attaching. The magic? The USB string-- For real.

Bullshit. Premium bullshit all around, and people just ignore it, because there is no alternative. Fuck that noise.

Comment Re:xWare reverting (Score 1) 75

Dont be retarded. It can be serviced by something like u-boot and a functioning uart, or jtag interface. Things that are usually there, just without pins soldered on. I think the cost increase is about .01$ to populate those pins. The software in the device is ALREADY THERE to flash the firmware initially at the factory. Documenting how to connect, what the cable pinout is, the voltage, and providing a rescue firmware image online would meet the requirements.

This is not some crazy thing where they would have to add missing functionality. It is a situation where they just need to provide some docs, an online download, and populate some pins they already have pads for on their device, in 90+% of cases.

Comment Re:definitions? (Score 5, Insightful) 75

Much of that "difficulty" is artificially introduced by the console developer, to discourage experimentation and reverse engineering attempts, in order to keep the console "secure."

EG, things like the E-Fuses in the 360 preventing the flashing of older firmwares over the top of newer ones, etc.

They ONLY reason they exist, *IS TO BRICK CONSOLES*, when people attempt to gain control of the console.

Comment Really!? Say it ain't so!! (Score 1) 75

An industry that makes bank on people buying replacement consoles and software titles to replace "damaged" product, fighting to prevent end users plugging that revenue stream!?


For those that dont understand how software can be an issue:
Suppose that Nintendo or Microsoft or Sony decide that they want to not tie software downloads to a user account, but instead to a hardware unique key. Now when your console dies, that's all she wrote.

Another possibility is that they fear that tools to recover data (which would naturally develop from open standards and tools to 'repair' a console, such as from a failed firmware update semi-brick) will allow users to back up their downloads, and or, share pirated content.

Nevermind that at least in Nintendo's case, the ability to fake an install ticket on Wii-U allows users to download directly from Nintendo's NUS service, and install titles on their wii-u free of charge. This outstanding, existing, channel for piracy takes second fiddle to trying to plug a hypothetical future one. (because that makes total sense! /s)

In reality, Nintendo and pals are worried that people will keep obsolete consoles well past their expected service lifes, and that this will impact the residual revenue stream of re-released titles later. (Like all the times they have released the zelda titles. 3 times each now for Twilight princess, twice for WindWaker, more than 5 times now for the original NES zelda titles, etc.) They are worried that these old consoles will develop cult follower status, that indie developers will continue to develop for those consoles without paying developer licenses or royalties, due to their being past end of life-- (much like say, Tepples who posts here does for NES and SNES) heaven forbid if any of those are better than what Nintendo/MS/Sony/etc, are currently offering-- or worse, game houses decide to target an obsolete platform just to avoid platform license fees using open SDKs.

They fear losing the privilege of being the gatekeepers, and becoming less relevant in the face of very powerful obsolete consoles remaining in the market.

That they would be terrified of right to repair is a no-brainer.
The reality that the public requires this right is also a no-brainer.

One of those has to win out, and consequences will follow.

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