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Comment Re:One broken, forever broken (Score 1) 202

From Development Tradecraft DOs and DON'Ts:

DO provide a means to completely "uninstall"/"remove" implants, function hooks, injected threads, dropped files, registry keys, services, forked processes, etc whenever possible. Explicitly document (even if the documentation is "There is no uninstall for this ") the procedures, permissions required and side effects of removal.

They want to avoid their toys falling into the wrong hands (i.e. anti-malware companies), so they don't want them sitting around for ever on the targetted machines.

Comment Re:Best uses? (Score 2) 138

I also connected mine to a camera, but rather than for a photobooth it was to control my Nikon D40 from my phone, using wifi to talk to the Pi and USB from the Pi to the camera. It functions both as a remote trigger and as a way to quickly preview photos on a higher resolution screen than the one built into the camera.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 328

If we're going to do that, it should be along side of the foreign language requirement.

Even if we take a strictly utilitarian point of view, learning to program should be alongside learning a foreign language, because programmers ought to learn to write localisable UIs and the more exposure they have to other languages the better they'll understand what that means.

Comment Re:Neither software nor engineering (Score 1) 115

A regular CS degree may not be the same as a SE degree, but some of them are accredited for receiving the title of "real engineer". For example, the British Computer Society accredits various CS degrees for the Chartered Engineer qualification, and since that's homologised across the EU there must be similar accreditation in other European countries.

Comment Re:Why not a survey? (Score 1) 381

Your memory sounds about right. For what it's worth, Dedekind constructed the real numbers starting from the empty set in the late 1850s, so that aspect of it has a lot of history. Knuth's book presented Conway's construction of the surreal numbers, which extend the real numbers with true infinities and infinitesimals.

Comment Insufficient cushioning (Score 1) 130

Given that the article does not say tidal forces CAUSE quakes, this cushioning is completely unnecessary.

Given that the title under which the article was posted to /. is "The moon's gravitational pull can trigger major earthquakes, says study", the cushioning was not only necessary but inadequate.

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