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Comment Re:That's absurd. All Macs & iPhones have blue (Score 1) 236

what a weird thing to lie about.

It's not a lie - show me where to plug in lightning earphones into the new mac WITHOUT using a dongle and I'll retract. I've been a loyal mac user for the past decade with a desktop and a laptop both of which are in desperate need of an update and I really just want a new mac. However I am not going to pay full price for a 3 year old Mac Pro machine nor am I going to pay over $4k (Canadian) for a high end laptop with an already out of date CPU and GPU. Apple have dropped the ball so much that I'm doing what would have been unthinkable a year ago: I'm looking at switching to windows and I'm not happy.

Comment It gets worse... (Score 5, Insightful) 236

...if you think about the ear phone situation. The new macs still have a 3.5mm jack for ear phones and no special wireless chip. Hence there are no ear phones which will work with both your mac an your iPhone.

People used to claim that Apple was a hardware company but given the current state of their hardware this is hard to believe. I think they are turning into a dongle company where they plan to make their money selling dongles to let you connect all their hardware together.

Comment Re:Statutory Damages (Score 1) 219

Any remedy that involves me getting into a lawsuit with a megacorp isn't going to work.

...and hence we are back to my original point that we need to level the playing field in the legal system between huge corporations and individuals because in order for any penalty to be applied there has to be a court involved to determine whether the corporation did perjure themselves.

Comment Re:Open Source AI (Score 1) 210

There is good reason to believe that this is the best algorithm to use.

Just because the current best algorithm we have cannot explain why it made a certain decision it does not follow that all future best algorithms will be unable to explain. Indeed for some applications, such as scientific data analysis, one of the reasons we use algorithms like Boosted Decision Trees a lot is because we can see exactly why an event was classified as signal vs. background.

Comment Passwords less secure (Score 2) 430

Fingerprints are an inherently insecure way to 'secure' a device of any kind because there are techniques to obtain latent fingerprints, which we all leave everywhere anyway,

If someone wants to get into my device so much that they are willing to find, scan and make replica fingerprints then at this point passwords are even less secure.

Comment Open Source AI (Score 1) 210

How do you differentiate between a "good AI" with bad decisions and a "bad AI" making good decisions?

The same way you would do this with humans: you would need to read their mind to understand the motivation behind the decision. This is probably a lot easier for an AI (so long as it is Open Source!) than for a human.

Comment Re:Competency not Conspiracy (Score 1) 652

Overwhelming medical evidence huh? Show me the double blind placebo safety test performed on a vaccine. I bet you can't show me one.

I don't need to show you a double blind placebo safety test. Just look at the death rates from measles, mumps, whooping cough, the rate of birth defects caused by german measles or the rate of TB cases in Europe (where they vaccinate for it). There is literally no other plausible explanation for the dramatic declines in death rates for these diseases which occur immediately after vaccination programs started. Note also the absence of a similar increase in deaths or serious complications for the vaccine. The tests you mention are conducted before mass deployment. Now these vaccines are deployed you just need to look at the data: they really are overwhelming.

Comment Competency not Conspiracy (Score 1) 652

Are you or have you ever been an anti-vaxxer? If yes, you are blacklisted.

McCarthism was persecuting people for political beliefs which had nothing to do with their job performance. Being an anti-vaxxer in the face of the overwhelming medical evidence that supports vaccines calls into question the ability of the person to be a medical professional.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 652

Everybody has the right to his own opinion and has the freedom to express the same. Including nurses.

Indeed they do but they do not have a fundamental human right to be a nurse. To be a medical professional you have to meet certain criteria because people need to be able to trust the advice that you give and this advice can very severely impact their lives if it is wrong. While they are entitled to their own opinion if they want to share it with others they need to do so without the authority of a medical professional because the medical profession is rather unequivocal that the benefits of vaccines massively outweigh the tiny risks.

Comment Statutory Damages (Score 1) 219

If not jail time, what punishment would you suggest for people who file fraudulent DMCA claims then?

How about statutory damages to the person the complaint is against to compensate them for their time fighting it and any potential damage caused? If you wanted a bit of poetic justice you could set the damages using the same formula for the ones the typical complainants use when claiming damages against something that actually is infringing. It would be very hard for them to argue against that without saying that their own claims are massively inflated.

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