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Comment new Jolla not yet with Andro apps IIRC (Score 1) 97

From the Jolla forums, and also the discussions on the Fairphone forums (as the Fairphone 2 does support Jolla Sailfish OS as an alternative to Android), I understand that the machine that allowed android apks to run inside Jolla in their earlier phone hardware is not any more present in the current v2 of the OS.
Now, maybe they managed to convince the former (independent) developers of the said machine to join again, or maybe this happened very recently.
Or this announcement will motivate them :-)
An entrypoit for checking : http://reviewjolla.blogspot.fr...

Comment far better than the XPS13 : Tuxedo (Score 1) 535

An example among many other configs on their site:
32Gb RAM
Kaby Lake i7-7500U
M.2 513Gb SSD
44Wh replaceable battery
2Kg (with battery)
circa 2400€
And there are MANY other machines, lighter, stronger, at wish.
I for one have been using macs since the Apple II. Next year, it'll be Mint-based Tuxedo machines.
(an url for the config above : http://www.tuxedocomputers.com... )

Comment European alternative : Tuxedo (Score 1) 535

The german Tuxedo proposes even more models than Syst76 or Zareason...
I won't post the urls here so as not to offend ad-adverts too much ;-)
But they too propose machines as light as the MBP, with Kaby Lake processors, twice to four times more RAM, multiple, terabyte SSDs... and basically within same cost.
As an amateur photograph, and having tried the open source Darktable and RawTherapee on the mac, my next machine early next year will definitely be a Tuxedo...

Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

I have this too (in France, with Credit Cooperatif). The 'small card reader" is in fact enormous (worth 10 cards piled up, plus larger and longer).
With another french bank (the post office), we receive an SMS with a code one must enter on their site to validate the transaction. Weightless... as long as you have a phone (granted, this is very often).
But the rolling number on the card itself is definitely lighter.

Comment I'll believe this when the South pole is colonized (Score 1) 474

You are perfectly right, sir.
At the pole there is air, and fishes, and penguins to eat. Life must be terrifyingly hard, but you still have the essentials.
And still nobody wants to settle there.
Indeed, when there'll be no room left at the poles, then maybe the next worst place will be Mars.
Now, before that, a billionaire can definitely play with sillies, even killing them legally...

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