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Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 674

Yes, but clean energy is (at least now) more expensive than burning fossil fuel. I live in a country that made such a push and yes, you're right, my way of life changed not by one bit. Then again, I can afford the +20% energy bill due to subsidies for wind and solar power.

So, in a way, you're right: You needn't change your way of life. If you can afford it.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 100

Considering that SJWs consider everything that disagrees with them as "harassment", you lose a lot more. You lose the main function of Twitter: The exchange of expressions of opinions.

Twitter could have been the proverbial "marketplace of ideas", where people can offer their point of view and by approval and disapproval we could have seen the true opinions of people visiting, unblemished and unencumbered by peer pressure, due to the general anonymity of the medium. Yes, that does mean that you get to see the radical and even the mean side of society, but if that is what you see, this is what we are.

We might not want to see that, but if this is what such a place ends up to be, it does mean that we are down in our core radical assholes, moderated by a society.

Comment Re: it'll still be political (Score 1) 100

If you filter out crap you do not want to hear from things you read, be my guest. It's your prerogative to keep yourself sheltered from reality (but please don't complain to me should reality somehow enter your world regardless and hit you in the face unprepared).

If you filter out crap you don't want to hear from things I read, I have to leave, because that's not your prerogative. It's mine.

If they make it OPTIONAL, so people with fragile souls and special snowflakes can avoid facing opinions that don't match theirs and feel safe inside their echo chamber of friends who only parrot their own opinion, fine. If it is mandatory, why bother going on Twitter anymore? I already know my opinion, testing it for validity requires pitting it against opposing opinions, only that way I can actually find out whether it is valid.

Comment Re: Too late, said the Hunter (Score 1) 406

No one really knows Trump's political stance since he's not really giving out any details of his policies. He just says whatever gives the biggest cheers at his rallies.

Politics isn't as simple as left vs right or liberal vs conservative. That's just simplistic hand waving to stop the mases from thinking things through. It is possible to be anti-immigrant and pro-gun-control at the same time, for less regulation and more social safety nets at the same time, and so forth. It's more complex than even a Gartner Group quadrant diagram; if there are N political issues then there are N axes on the political spectrum.

Comment Re:Too late, said the Hunter (Score 0) 406

Makes sense. Conservatives hate carbon credits as being unconservative (if it was good enough for my grandpappy it's good enough for me). Libertarians may see a carbon credit as just another method of using the free market forces to account for non-monetary externalities. The conservative idea of free market is do whatever it takes to make me rich, be fair to me and be unfair to the competition, tariffs are bad unless they help out my business in which case they're good. The libertarian idea of the free market is to be fair with reasonable regulation to ensure fairness, though of course different libertarians have different ideas about how little regulation is enough.

Comment Re:More political redirection (Score 0, Troll) 406

A: "But anyone could hack in and see her emails, it's totally unsecure!"
B: "She used BleachBit."
A: "That proves she had something to hide!"

The rationale comes from having a pre-conceived notion of guilt or nefarious motives, thus any action is further proof of malfeasance. Someone is accused of a crime and so any denial is seen as being unrepentant, pleading innocent in court is wasting tax payers time by going to trial, etc.

It would be nice to ignore idiots who go down this route, but we really can't. The crazy rich guy going off on a bender about how Obama isn't really a citizen could be dismissed as a lunatic but then that person ends up as a serious contender to be president several years later. You could ignore Trey Gowdy as just another blowhard looking to score points with the constituents, but crazy people have a disconcerting ability to hang on and not go away...

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