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Comment Ban? Melodrama much? (Score 1) 111

NIST isn't your god, you can safely ignore whatever NIST says, unless you are one of the handful of companies that actually HAVE to follow NIST guidelines.

What NIST does in this case is provide best practice recommendations. Nothing more. That's no "ban", not even by a longshot. Hell, if the FCC says "oh, we think you maybe shouldn't..." it is closer to a ban than NIST saying "you SHALL NOT!"

The article doesn't even talk about who has to implement this, only that two-factor out of band authentication shall not be done via SMS anymore in future implementations.

Sorry, but ... the hell, how is this newsworthy?

Comment Re:Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 1) 111

Yes, "security questions" are quite an oxymoron, they DEcrease security considerably. Because they are usually made up from things that anyone can find out about you or that some people who know you may know. Your mom's maiden name? Easy to find out. Your first teacher's name? Not that hard either. Your pet's name? Likely to be found on your Facebook page. Your first car? Probably something I'd know if I had known you for long enough.

So my mom's maiden name is something akin to fRwef12$nu'ka. And don't you DARE disallow me to set that, you xenophobe racist bastard!

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 259

That sounds like a band that's actually trying to "make it big".

The guys I knew who played gigs were in a jazz band and played at local restaurants. They didn't have CDs, a website, T-shirts, or anything like that. Nor did they have "rehearsal space" (they just went to someone's house), or need a sound guy. They just played on weekend nights here and there for a little cash and because it was fun. They had day jobs as engineers; they weren't hurting for money, nor were they looking to go pro. You're talking about something entirely different.

Comment Re:Waste of effort (Score 1) 75

I've literally never seen a person talk on their phone in the theatre. That's the kind of behaviour that would get your ass kicked out... Is it an American thing?

Probably, yes. People do text on their phones a lot these days, probably a lot more than talking on them.

Go to a theatre with reserved seating, or arrive there early.

Reserved seating? You're kidding, right? I've never, ever, ever, ever seen a theater like that in my many decades of theater-going.

Arriving early isn't going to help that much; now you get some well-positioned seats but you're crowded in by too many people, a bunch of whom are texting or talking to each other or loudly crunching on their popcorn.

What country do you live in where people are all well-behaved? Maybe I should look for a job there.

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