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Comment Re: When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 88

Then that 3D acceleration came out and buying a good video card became much more difficult.

There was a sequence of "correct" 3D cards to own which more or less went from Matrox Millenium to 3Dfx to Nvidia but if you bought wrong (Nvidia NV1, anything ATi before r300, S3, Number Nine, Voodoo4/5, etc), you were generally not a happy camper... fortunately for me, I learned my lesson early-on with "Tandy 16-color graphics" (EGA comparable but not compatible.

Comment Re: And for Insulting the King of the Netherlands (Score 1) 96

Truly they sound like decent enough people but smarter men than you or i have done a more than adequate job demonstrating the evil inherent in a monarchy. In any case, if he's really that enlightened and wants to impress the world with his considerable self-respect, he's free to step down and abdicate. Anything else is meaningless.

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