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Comment Re: It's my house though (Score -1) 117

Come, now; I know you're trolling but it has nothing to do with race - unless we're talking about hicks, which we're not - and everything to do with attitude. For example, if they wear their pants around their ankles, it's hardly a good sign regardless of skin color or ethnic background. Causation vs correlation, as they say...

Comment Re: Trains (Score 1) 135

True story: my mom and I were riding the train home from Tokyo to Kamakura. I was two and not feeling very well; my mom had just fed me Kraft Mac n' cheese (she was obviously rather ignorant of nutrition). She was holding me in her arms while having to stand (nobody'd offered her a seat as Japanese culture didn't include provisions for doing empathic/non-sociopathic things like that)... and I suddenly leaned over a heaved freshly-digested mac n' cheese right down the neckline and into the cleavage of a lady wearing a kimono...

Comment Re: Trains (Score 1) 135

It's really a waste of space and materials.

Or it would be in a densely a populated country; definitely not so much out here in the Western U.S.

Granted, the Bay Area is another story... but the problem there is excessive bureaucracy and NIMBY's... which make engineering and even physics challenges look easy to overcome by comparison. Of course, you won't find me entering a tunnel in one of the most seismically-active zones in the world... but I'm just weird like that.

Comment Re: Yeah, but all that will happen is.. (Score 1) 50

Dude, the average vagina is six-and-a-half inches deep... and yes, it's muscle so it can be "pounded deeper" (takes a few weeks of "dating" to adjust and no, it's not necessarily comfortable) but you'd only need a ten or twelve incher if you're banging heffers with a thick layer of blubber that creates additional "virtual depth" (now you know why obese women dig black dudes). ;)

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