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Comment Home Gold sounds similar (Score 1) 130

I'm not sure what you're getting at? Do you mean 3 adults or what? If it is a shared household of 3 adults then they can pay for their OWN PS+. If it is an adult and kids, then the adult can decided if they want their kids to have online multiplayer, or not.

I meant either way. A lot of people quote the raw sticker price of a console in arguments but fail to take into account the additional price of online multiplayer, especially in the era of a TV in every bedroom. Do games on either current console even support LAN multiplayer?

But PS+ accounts are per user [etc.]

tl;dr: PS+ on PlayStation 4 covers the user's primary console and other consoles that the user logs in to. Thank you for the explanation. After a bit of research, it appears Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One works the same way, and they call it "Home Gold".

Comment ACA subsidy phases out gradually (Score 1) 239

The Affordable Care Act lacks hard "maximums" for precisely this reason. It has a cutover from Medicaid to the Marketplace between 100% and 137% of the poverty level, and then the premium subsidy has a sliding scale that phases out gradually between 100% and 400% of the poverty level.

Comment bitcoin is money, that's its only function (Score 0) 70

I am not saying at all that anybody should be charged with anything, AFAIC anybody should be able to do whatever they want, money laundering is a nonsensical idea in the first place, however bitcoin is money.

Bitcoin is money because that is its only function. It is not a commodity, *bitcoin has no intrinsic value*, which means that outside of its use as money it has no other uses. It is used to transfer, store, account for value. It is as pure money as it gets, however because it has no intrinsic value at all (it cannot be used for anything outside of money, nobody needs it for anything but for its quality of being money) its ability to store value is questionable.

On a side note bitcoin is money and currency at the same time, that's because it is money that is also very easy to exchange and transfer from person to person.

Gold is money but it was not a very good currency (until recently), which is why people carried paper notes around to exchange quantities of gold (money). Currency is what circulates around, money is what stores value, can be traded/exchanged, can be used for accounting.

Modern technology makes gold, which is money also into currency, makes it extremely easy to use as currency without introducing any other medium of exchange to replace gold. Modern tech allows gold to be currency instead of having paper currency representing amounts of gold.

The judge in this case doesn't understand money or currency but at least he didn't use his lack of understanding to convict somebody on something that is not a crime AFAIC at all.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 170

It is obvious in those cases they sought out the gun for suicide.

You are suggesting these happy people bought a gun, then, purely coincidentally, killed themselves quickly.

To go back to the train example, I am sure towns with a new train track suddenly get train suicides.

The presence of the Golden Gate Bridge is dangerously increasing suicides for a hundred years now. Without it they would be fewer by your argument.

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