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Comment Re: This is extortion (Score 1) 227

Has any software vendor of note tried to sue people for public disclosure of security flaws? If so, what was the outcome?

I struggle to see a good-faith reason for WikiLeaks to require agreement to any terms before they tell vendors about these flaws. It gives the impression that they want the bugs to stay open and/or have a political stick to beat the vendors with.

They've done worse than that. They've had the prosecuted as criminals.

Comment Re:Leery (Score 1) 32

I'd be real leery of this, Google has demonstrated a history of abandoning and closing-down projects that people have come to depend upon. If this really does appeal then the developer and the users need to keep in mind that the floor could be yanked out from under them at any time with very little in the way of notice.

And they've inspired Microsoft to do the same! Azure, Office 365, Intune, all promoting services that get dropped and moving targets on how you should configure stuff. "Hey, you don't need backoffice servers, run all your management tools right here on the cloud!" ... 6 months later ... "Hey, we're discontinuing this service. Try something else!"

Comment Re:The truth of the accusation... (Score 1) 519

You just can't stop. You're spouting a lot of bullshit, as an apologist for tyranny.

Obama refused to implement it, perhaps because he knew the risks weren't worth it.

Total bullshit. Like he so WANTED to close Guantanamo, but the evil Congress wouldn't let him. He didn't WANT to drone American Citizens just because they were Muslims (and their families), he was FORCED to do it, right? Oh, and it was all Bush's fault. WHY did he open up all the spying collected by the NSA, in RAW form to ALL of the intelligence community, days before he left office? HMMMM???


Comment Re:The truth of the accusation... (Score 0) 519

I wasn't defending Trump, but you were defending some of the really nasty shit that the Obama administration did. Your only response is to divert attention to a bunch of bullshit tweets. The raid in Yemen likely was also the fault of the Obama administration - they planned it. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Obama supporters in the deep state tipped off the AQIY about the raid just to get at Trump. They are literally that corrupt.

Comment Re:That's not a technical explanation (Score 2) 519

Apparently people forget CALEA pretty much gave the government the ability to tap whatever and whenever they wanted with little to no tracking. I say this having implemented it and seeing just how open to abuse it is.

And, of course, just before leaving office, Obama ordered that the NSA provide all their collected intelligence information, in the raw, to the entire IC community, making it "widely disseminated."

Comment Re:"High crimes and misdemeanors" (Score 1) 519

The US Congress can determine a tweet is a crime and remove the President. Some possibilities include personal enrichment, call to violence, etc. This is a difficult tool to use, but is there as an ultimate power check.

They didn't do shit to Clapper when it was proven he lied under oath to Congress. Do you seriously think they would impeach the President for a tweet?

Comment Re:Highly irregular (Score 1) 519

...which is why I think Twitter needs to seriously consider removing his account. I know it'll be controversial, I know people will accuse Twitter of "censorship" (like you can shut up the President!), but their medium seems to be a serious catalyst and outlet for damaging behavior on the part of the second most powerful man on the planet, and they're pretty much the only body that can stop it.

They would be fools to do so. If they have any competitors at all, Trump simply needs to pick one of them, and Twitter would lose a ton of users overnight. It wouldn't just be Trump supporters, it would be every reporter or blogger that wants to keep up with him, all the people that want to bitch at his comments, everyone who wants to follow any one that jumps to the new platform. It would pretty much doom Twitter.

Comment Re:Get rid of it by tomorrow. (Score 4, Interesting) 421

If workplaces provide more flexible schedules, allowing women to work 40 hours outside of a typical 9-5 schema, more women would be able to work full-time

It's worse because they demand that we change working hours to cater to the needs of women. In other words, by virtue of being a woman, work hours get shifted to meet your needs. I would argue that in environments where this would work, it's already happening (regardless of gender).

That's just a reasonable accommodation. Something that employers are required to provide under the ADA.


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