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Submission + - Clinton dodges H-1B question, but Trump wants changes

overThruster writes: Computerworld reports: "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump responded to series of questions about science policy, including two questions on immigration.

What the answers reveal is this: Clinton and Trump are as divided as night and day on H-1B reforms. Trump supports reform and U.S. worker protections; Clinton simply avoided answering the question."

"Clinton didn't answer the H-1B question, which is consistent. The H-1B issue isn't addressed in her platform or in her speeches.

For his part, Trump said that when U.S. workers are pushed out of jobs and replaced by cheaper labor, "something is wrong." He wants the visa used for filling positions that can’t be filled by U.S. citizens and permanent residents."

Submission + - Microsoft backs down, lets OneDrive users keep their free 15GB of storage

Farfetched619 writes: In November, Microsoft revealed that they would be reducing free OneDrive storage from 15GB to 5GB for all users, current and new. Microsoft mentioned that some subscribers were hosting movies and large files on the service, which has prompted the company to make this drastic change. Now, after community feedback, Microsoft is allowing free OneDrive users to retain their 15GB of free storage space.

Submission + - Is Slashdot staying relevant to Nerds that Matter with stuff that's news? 4

mmell writes: Recently, Slashdot unveiled a new look and not unlike virtually every update the people running /. attempt, this proposed, beta change has caused widespread panic and hysteria such as not been seen since the broadcast of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. At what point do users of a free service gain a right to destroy that service (evidence of which is clearly visible throughout the site and requires no citation)? Has the average /. user devolved to the level of all the non-slashdotters we used to make fun of?

Submission + - FBI Cellphone Tracking Techniques Revealed (

glittermage writes: The WSJ reports on an ongoing case regarding alleged "Hacker" Daniel David Rigmaiden regarding the governments tools used to track mobile devices with or without a warrant. The Judge may allow Daniel to defend himself against the governments claims by putting the technology into the light. Sounds good to me.

Neil Gaiman Book "American Gods" Free Online 88

Denial93 writes "Geek favorite author Neil Gaiman has just made his multi-award-winning bestselling novel 'American Gods' available online for free. It's a trial by the publisher, and runs for one month. Gaiman writes in his blog: 'If it works, and people read it, then a) we may be able to put up another book and b) sooner or later they'll simply let us give away the book in electronic form....' It's an excellent book and much deserving of the many prestigious awards it has been getting."

Submission + - Microsoft settlement funds free FOSS computers (

christian.einfeldt writes: "The State of California sued Microsoft for Anti-trust violations, and now the proceeds of the settlement of that case are being used to fund the acquisition of computers for any school district in California. The terms of the settlement allow every school district in California to be reimbursed a set dollar amount for the purchase of computers with the software of their choice. It is clear from the way that the settlement was structured that Microsoft anticipated that school districts would mainly use the settlement to fund the acquisition of more Microsoft products, with a few Apple purchases sprinkled in here and there. But now that Free Open Source Software is being commercialized by hardware vendors such as Dell, System76, EmperorLinux,, and, acquiring computers powered by Free Open Source Software is straightforward. In his Slashdot journal, Christian Einfeldt, a volunteer sys admin at a northern California public charter school details the step-by-step process for using Microsoft's money to pay for the Linux purchases of your school's choice."

Submission + - Better OS X Java with Eclipse

An anonymous reader writes: While the Java development environment is fully integrated into Mac OS X, the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) brings a fully integrated Java development environment to the Mac that provides a consistent cross-platform experience. This article shows how much better Java can be on the Mac.
The Internet

Justice Department Opposes Net Neutrality 292

thornomad writes "I was saddened (though not surprised) to read that the Justice Department opposes net neutrality saying that it could 'hamper development of the internet.' While it may seem counter-intuitive to me, they argue that allowing ISPs to provide different levels of service/speed for different content will benefit consumers. They did promise to 'continue to monitor and enforce any anticompetitive conduct to ensure a competitive broadband marketplace' — not that anyone was worried about that."

Wheelchair Controlled by Thought 84

macduffman writes "New Scientist reports on another development in interfacing with the central nervous system. The system 'eavesdrops' on signals sent from the brain to the larynx, so even people who lack the muscular control to vocalize a command can operate it. The potential applications of this technology are as varied as human imagination, among them: allowing a person who has lost speech capability to vocalize again." From the article:"The wheelchair could help people with spinal injuries, or neurological problems like cerebral palsy or motor neurone disease, operate computers and other equipment despite serious problems with muscle control. The system will work providing a person can still control their larynx, or 'voice box,' which may be the case even if the lack the muscle coordination necessary to produce coherent speech."

Submission + - ATI/AMD's New Open-Source Strategy Explained (

Michael writes: "Yesterday at the Kernel Summit it was reported that ATI would be opening their specifications and now today the embargo has expired and additional information is available on what AMD will be doing for the open-source community. From the Phoronix article, "AMD will be providing NDA specifications, an open-source library, and there is a new open-source graphics driver as a result." Among the open source developers working on this new driver are David Airlie and Alex Deucher with additional development time coming from Novell. The baseline open-source driver will be available on September 10 as well as the specifications from XDS 2007. Mark Shuttleworth has also commented on AMD's latest work for their new closed-source driver and now their open-source contributions."

New Way of Extending Satellite Life Saves Millions 173

coondoggie writes "A new technique to save aging satellites promises to save millions of dollars by extending the life of communications spacecraft. A process developed by researchers from Purdue University and Lockheed Martin has already saved $60 million for unnamed broadcasters by extending the service life of two communications satellites. In a nutshell the technique works by applying an advanced simulation and a method that equalizes the amount of propellant in satellite fuel tanks so that the satellite consumes all of the fuel before being retired from service. Some aging communications satellites are each equipped with four fuel tanks. If one of the tanks empties before the others, the satellite loses control and should be decommissioned, wasting the remaining fuel in the other tanks."

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