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Comment Re:$200 million a year for a public transit credit (Score 2) 67

90% of that money will be thrown at the GTA(Toronto) to try and shore up the Liberal party voting block. The GTA, counts towards nearly 1/3 of the population of Canada. Public transport isn't popular in Canada, you really aren't getting anywhere without a car here...unless you live in a major city. For me, the next major city with a population of over 200k is over an hour away. I live in the most population heavy part of Canada(southwestern ontario).

Comment Re: Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 517

You're actually spot on. It was more of a case of over a decade of Harper in power, and people were wanting a change. He did some shit things, did some good things too. Hell he did more as leader of a minority parliament then the liberals have done with the majority they now have. The real problem is people are seeing the Liberals doing now, what they did back in the 90's and caused their asses to be thrown out for in the first place. Hell Trudeau Jr, is the first PM to be officially investigated for ethics violations while holding the active role.

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 2) 495

Yeah that's not the case. In some places, especially here in North America you run into "credit union" allowances which allow you to get steep discounts to farming equipment(new and used). Deere has cut deals with some of these, their competition is doing the same now. They've(deere) really cut their own balls off over it, because their competition can take the bite in many cases because of the mnfg cost of their product.

Comment Re:At least there's a way around it (Score 2) 495

Deere is trying to make themselves into a "one-stop" company where you're forced to get everything from them. Auto companies tried the same thing in the late 90's and laws were enacted over it because JP, SK, EU and NA automakers all tried to do it. They're trying again with the new versions of OBD's, luckily they're mainly running up against the law and can't. No such real coverage for farmers, but there is good competition. There was a lot of yelling over this last year at the Canada's Outdoor Farm Show(held in Woodstock, Ontario as part of the University of Guelph's research farm), but it's not until something happens that it makes the news. Lot of people don't understand how this stuff would impact their lives either.

That's not even touching on the giant fuckups that have happened in the farming industry in the last year in this province. Like when millions of dollars of tomato's rotted on the vine because the processor decided to fuck up, or when the wheat board was still in power and rye and wheat were rotting out in the fields because there was no storage. Why? Because the wheat board decided to rent off the storage to other companies who then sub-leased to other companies. So when harvest came, storage was full and surprise!

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 5, Informative) 495

Seems to me they have their customers in a fairly tight grip, by the balls, one could even say.

Actual truth. I grew up in a county that was heavy farming with a city industrial base, the friend I had in high school who were in farming families and are still doing it and many of them have long since moved off Deere equipment. Most are using either Fendt or Mahindra simply because of what you're talking about. Dropping $90k(CAD) for a base model Deere is what drove people away from them. The bullshit they're pulling now is just driving them to their competition, especially when you can get the same from a rival company for 1/3 or less with exactly the same warranty coverage.

Comment Re: Just stop (Score 1) 181

Nope, didn't sound like that to me at all so no worries. Rather your personal experience with tramadol and pain killers. I mentioned to a AC that a couple of people I've run into at the local pain clinic has serious problems with the stuff, one takes 20mg of zolpidem so they can sleep because tramadol keeps them awake until their body hit's that magical exhaustion point(usually 4 days or so). The thing is doctors expect people to not abuse drugs, it's not that simple of course. A lot of problems with things like this could probably be fixed if people knew how easy it is to get addicted to them, how bad it can be when you come off of them too.

Comment Re:Just stop (Score 1) 181

I've seen people sing the praises of tramadol but I can only take it when all other options fail.

It's one of those very weird drugs that has a lot of swing compared to other painkillers without a doubt. Two people I bump into occasionally at the local pain clinic have real problems with it, one of them takes 20mg/night for zolpidem to get them to sleep. Even then they only manage 5-7hrs, it's one of those drugs that wouldn't surprise me a decade from now where there's a class-action lawsuit over.

Comment Re:Just stop (Score 2) 181

Are you absolutely certain you need the pills still, or are you like me addicted with your body 'faking' pain to get you to take more pills?

Absolutely, I broke my C2 and C3. If people have a well of luck, I probably used up all mine since 95% of people don't walk out of those without more severe problems(partial/complete paralysis, lack of the ability to breath, and so on), not counting the multiple years of physio. One of the guys in the physio class I was in, was in a similar spot and broke his C1 and C2 in a car accident. He'd been there 3 years, last I heard he'd gotten to the point where he could run(not well) again but he also takes pain medication. A 100mg/hydromorphone long acting, and then oxycontin for breakthrough pain. Which is pretty good for a guy they considered paralyzed for life with under a 4% of ever walking again.

I've stopped taking them before on multiple occasions at the recommendation of my neurologist. I've got two options with that, keep taking pain pills or they can do a spinal fusion and with luck? It won't paralyze me. Two neurologists and 3 neurologists specialized in spine surgery gave a 60-80% chance of partial mobility or full loss because of the splintering. Techniques get better, but as it stands? Won't risk it right now.

Tramadol isn't fun stuff, though it's nowhere near as bad as some others like hydromorphone(dilaudid). My mom is on that now because of severe nerve damage in her feet and legs, my grandmother and grandfather before for cancer.

Comment Re:Just stop (Score 5, Insightful) 181

Addiction isn't a disease. It is a choice.

Stop being an idiot. Break your back in two places, go on tramadol for 5+ years along with a muscle relaxant and then come back and tell me how you live your life. Sometimes, addiction isn't just to "feel good" it's also due to circumstances beyond your control. I couldn't live the life I do without pain killers, I'm physically addicted to it. My choices are: No pain killers and live a life of incredible pain, if I didn't decide just to end it all. Or pain killers and being addicted to them until I drop dead.

If you're popping pills to "feel good" you've got a problem. The only difference between a junkie looking for the next hit and me grabbing my next pill is the life we lead.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 3, Interesting) 181

Pain killers in a lot of times are prescribed over strength. Doctors are more likely to give someone a strong opiate instead of something weaker mixed or supplemented with a mild muscle relaxant for example. Or give them a longer dose then what they should actually receive(a doctor here in ontario was disbarred for repeatedly giving HS students 60-day scrips -- which the kids would mainly sell), instead of giving say 7-14 days with a return appointment. In my day, high school kids and college kids were mostly hitting booze. But they've ramped up the punishments that parents get nailed their kids get caught drinking in some places. Which explains why the "get high" path is so much easier, and getting caught with a handful of pills is less likely then a micky(375ml), unless you're acting out of it.

Comment Re: Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 517

Canada would have voted for Hillary Clinton at around 80%. Stop lying.

Major cities likely would, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa. Get outside of them however, and not a chance. Keep in mind that nearly 1/3 of the population of Canada lives in the GTA(Toronto) area. There's a reason why the liberal party both federally, and in Ontario are suffering badly. Why Trudeau Jr's suddenly "great canada tour" became very quiet in the media when he went out west, while it was touted as the second coming in Southern Ontario. But it was only the second coming in the big cities where he went. He didn't go to small towns/cities like Woodstock, St. Thomas, Smith Falls(those are all blue collar cities FYI) or anything. I'll let you put the pieces together, it's not hard.

Comment Re: Happens quite often... (Score 3, Insightful) 517

Possibly. That's the real question here, while I've read the case info provided in the article there's a bunch of things that are unclear until I get a chance to read the initial case. But, local police forces which is what this case is doesn't usually have the resources to backdoor things like this unless they're commonly known exploits. And if I remember the cases correctly, if they were seized as part of evidence in the original warrant and they were able to get the information off the drives without his co-operation it wouldn't matter anyway. Since it would have already proven that he was in possession of CP. So that doesn't really matter, in the rare cases where something like this happens they can seal part of the court case to protect the disclosure of things like that which would lead to the compromising of on-going investigations.

The real thing is is what you pointed out though, where the proof. There is none really. The prosecution states they have "known hashes" but that doesn't mean much beyond that. It's more likely that the sister saw actual CP, and that's it. That in itself leads weight to it, but it still doesn't mean too much without the actual evidence.

I wouldn't be surprised if this keeps moving through the court system, or their lawyer simply tells them to take the contempt charge which he'll likely serve on weekends and get on with his life. The contempt charge itself could be an entirely new ball of wax especially if it's contested which wouldn't surprise me. The lawyer(s) in question could make their career defining case off of it. Since then the court will have to prove that he knowingly engaged in contempt.

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