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Comment Re: who knew (Score 1) 202

Good thing you're showing your ignorance. I wouldn't want to let things like "the ability to move" or "having to work elsewhere." Why don't you come try a northern alberta winter on for size? You can even have a place right in the foothills of the mountains, enjoy the sudden 4ft snowfalls in a 18hrs period to boot. Just a useful tip: You have between 4 days and 2 weeks before the first blast of winter hits in middle to late September or sometimes early October when the first white show up on the peaks. Also, I hope you enjoy isolation because it's 6hrs in any direction to a major city. Hospital services? Well, just hope they can fly a copter in to get you. And try to avoid the spring melts, because well they like to wash out the highways and strand you for a couple of weeks. You should take some food with you too, normally 60 days is enough. Oh, and when the winds knock out the power? You'd best make sure you stocked up on firewood. Otherwise you're going to be either living at the mall or the city/firehall for the next couple of weeks. Because otherwise you're going to freeze to death.

Comment Re: who knew (Score 1) 202

No. But if you want, you can always stack the -43C with the -68C windchill that I went through this winter and my nephews and nieces. And that type of weather was the same type of weather I went through as a kid, under 10. I even fondly remember the -35C days when we'd go outside and play in it. Even those days when we were still required to go outside for things like recess in that cold weather.

Oops. How are you enjoying that ignorance?

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 478

You mean the part in her Hitman video which you are penalized for killing innocent people? That she doesn't even state, and claims the exact opposite. That those "scores" are the determining factor which allows the unlocking of new equipment. You should go play the game before you make a bigger ass out of yourself, then she made out of herself on it.

Tell you what, you had the brainwave idea you can go suggest it. You believe you have enough invested capital in it to make a go of it, so I'll wait.

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

Drum brakes for the most part are dead except in trucks. I'll point out the obvious mistake though. The self-adjuster triggers on every pedal depress, not when you use use the e-brake. The design of it is to keep the rear shoes at "near contact" with the drum. When I was an apprentice ~20 years ago, the guy I was under had been in the industry 50 years and had never seen a situation you're talking about. The shop I worked in? You could see 30k vehicles a year or sometimes even 80k vehicles, it wasn't a small place. A single me mechanic who owns a two-garage shop with an apprentice might see 5k cars in a busy year. A buddy of mine who got his cert ~10 years ago, and apprenticed under a guy who'd been in the industry 35 years had never seen that. He's never seen it in nearly 15 years either. Reminder that apprenticeships are a 4year deal, so by the time you have 20 years in you've already been working 24 years.

Cables rusting into place? Common around here, lots of salt used on the roads. The situation you're talking about though? It would be easy to spot, the vehicle would go through front shoes quickly, very quickly. As in new shoes every year. Then the real question would be is the shop incompetent? Because when you service the brakes, by law you have to inspect the rear as well. And most people repeatedly go to the same shop over and over again.

Comment Re: Irrelevant Studies (Score 1) 285

The supply chain here in Ontario is a pretty lean business. There's really only a few companies that process raw chicken into a "shipped" component. The rest are business that process whole chicken then ship to companies for processing into whatever component they want. I.e. you see a chain like this: Farmer -> processor(whole bird) who defeathers/removes internal organs/head/feet/etc -> Whole bird shipped to secondary processor who sort whole bird orders and part-only orders -> supply chain -> pre-consumer processor for fast food/already cooked/restaurant use(companies like Sysco, RED, Flanagan, etc) -> store front.

Should be noted that flanagan, Sysco and so on also do processing for fast food companies, hospitals, prisons, cafeterias and so on. So that beef burger you're buying at say burger king, or McD's? Those local "pita pit" you find in SW-Ontario? Also through Sysco, they get direct delivery. Unlike BK/McD's who would ship from a central warehouse unless they're too far out, in which case it would also be a direct delivery from that part of the chain. Likely came through the same company at least at one point. Supply chain lines are very clean here, where the test was done. There's the possibility of a supply chain screw-up because some customers like hospitals order 50/50 mixes and so on.

Comment Re:fraud ISP = obama internet (Score 1) 65

Well the city I live in was a village ~180 years ago. It was incorporated as town just after WWI, a city just after WWII. If you're dealing with Bell, there are many areas of the city where 5/1 DSL is it. There's no FTTN, no FTTH either. Telephone service? Most of the wiring is all original from the early 1900's, lots of homes still have the very old big block graphite lightening strike resistors in them too which cause more problems. Rogers? Well they offer 150/15Mbps because almost 20 years ago they rewired the entire city and upgraded the infrastructure. I can get internet though from teksavvy, start, mtl, execulink, and a dozen other companies because those last mile lines are rented at least. The US had that ~20 years ago, and I remember 5/1DSL being as cheap as $9/mo in places like detroit and indianapolis.

But, that still means in places like Oxford County(main city Woodstock) for example, there's still entire areas with no broadband even in the heart of southwestern ontario. If you cross to the south of the 401, most people there are stuck on either dialup still or use wireless. Execulink has been laying fiber there for the last year to bring broadband service to places just outside of Tillsonburg and so on, because neither rogers or bell want to. Even though 60% of the county's population is rural.

Interestingly enough Shaw used to be the provider here until around 1990 when rogers bought up all of their eastern canada territory. Telus can be a complete shit show, my sister lives in an incorperated town in a IA(industrial improvement area aka asshole of nowhere but within 4hrs of a city with a population of 10k). Getting basic DSL service was complete hit or miss because there were no ports for line cards available, and it took the previous provincial government threatening them to fine Telus for failing to provide the service that they were contractually obligated to provide.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 478

She does actually engage in debate with lots of people. In fact, if you bothered to watch her videos you would know that she does address criticisms in them. For example, the claim that she thinks all violence against women is a problem was debunked in a recent one.

No, she actually doesn't. Rather she turns around and gets into a group of people with like-minded individuals who will support her viewpoints without challenging them. But I'm sure that's very valid, because she just happens to keep saying that. If her "official twitter" account is legitimate.

What I mean is exactly what I said. She doesn't debate people, she only wants to engage in actions that are self-reaffirming to her. But let's compare against say Milo, who offered $10k to the charity of her choice for a one on one debate, even going as far as to offer pre-screened debate questions weighted in her favor.

Comment Re:Millennials AREN'T a Bunch of Job-Hopping Flake (Score 1) 214

Dude, where's your usual slew of unrelated links? It's like you're hardly trying any more.

You mean those factual links that you never look at, then whine incessantly over when someone else points out that they're factually accurate. Then run away, until a later time like this, where you whine over something instead of adding something to the discussion.

Don't worry, you can find them over on statcan.gc.ca Unless of course you think that official government statistics aren't factual...like you usually do.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 478

Her videos are partly aimed at children, her charity uses them to promote feminism to young people in an accessible way.

And are full of information and claimed facts, which are proven false even at the most casual glance against actual scientific literature. Tell me something, at which point do you stand up and say "when a person refuses to debate another, and claims dissenting points of view are harassment" do you look at that person and consider that their view is shit? Because she's done that. And until that changes, she's no different then a preacher claiming the world is 6000 years old.

Comment Re:Gen X are even greater job-hopping flakes! (Score 1) 214

I'm gen-x as well, our parents could do so because the job market was stable. There wasn't the issues with having your job outsourced to some 3rd party TFW or H1B because companies abuse it. These days? Pretty much everyone has those problems. The more specialized your job the higher the risk that some bean counter will tell management that you can be dumped for someone who costs 1/3 while farming out your specialized training to x company who will save them a ton of money(but ends up costing them more).

In my grandfather's day, he could quit a job at 8am and have a new job by 10am on the same day. He was a skilled tradesman. If you're a skilled tradesman you can do that today as well, there are far more jobs out there for pretty much every trade that you can pick and choose. And some companies go to absurd lengths to bring you in, even in a non-union shop. For example, the local big truck company here is offering $5k/signing, $15k tool allowance yearly, and 3.5x OT pay over 60/hr week, with double time at the 41-59hr range.

Really, a lot of people who are having problems finding a job, could likely do well in that. Or drive trucks for a while, which has a faster pickup after training. 4yrs is a long time as an apprentice, and the wages you're paid those 4yrs aren't enough to keep you fed, housed, and if you have any type of family? Not a chance. I was paid $2.25/hr(min wage was $6.80) the first 3 years as a mechanics apprentice in the 90's. It's $10.50ish now, but your pay rate is around $5.85/hr for the first year. The demand is so high for drivers in this area that you get an "automatic 200hrs" and insurance qualification from a written multiple choice exam. That's not even starting on the stuff they use to try luring people to them. Free satellite TV, free internet, monthly stipends of $700/food, $3k signing bonuses. I've even seen a few who will hire and pay your drivers training(usually at a good school which includes a skid course) if you agree to contractually stay with the company for 2yrs.

Comment Re:"Neural signal diversity" (Score 3, Interesting) 287

but my understanding is that the experience with psychedelics is qualitatively different.

It is. I can get high if I take too many pain pills and have a euphoric feeling. The whole idea for those of us on long-term use of pain meds is to "take it before you need it." If you miss that window, you end up taking more and it takes more to reduce the level of pain. Psychedelics though? I've been in LSD and psilocybin studies for migraine treatment because mine are so severe. I never got a high from taking them, rather I had an immense state of satisfaction and contentment in what I was doing and even in life in general. The general benefits were low at the dosing standard used, but some people saw huge improvements. Especially for people who were in it for cluster headaches.

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