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Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 66

The Alberta PC's(progressive conservatives) had something like 40 years in power. Lot of good leaders, lot of really good stuff done too. The last leader in power? Alison Redford, not so much. Corruption would be far too simple as a way to paint it. Nepotism is too simple as well. If I said that she treated the province like her own personal fiefdom? That would also be too simple. All of those were in play, and the entire thing exploded and the PC's lost power rightfully because of that. I would have been happier to see Wild Rose come into power, but they're still very new to the political scene and you could see that. The entire thing is just a gigantic clusterfuck, AB hates the Liberals with a passion because of what Trudeau Sr. did back in the late 70s with the national energy plan. The NDP had never held power, but this is pretty much the same thing that happened in Ontario back in the 90's I think it was. Liberals were corrupt, the PC's fucked up everything as well. The only option was the untried one and as people have seen, it's leaving nothing but heartache, empty pocketbooks and a world of hurt. And well, every place that the NDP have gotten into power has been a gigantic mess as well. We're likely to see populist leaders start rising here in Canada soon because of all of this garbage though. And if Trump is successful in his whole "US first" policy I wouldn't be surprised if it happens faster.

If you want to read more on the Redford stuff this article will probably help.

Comment Re:Repair Costs (Score 4, Informative) 196

The last time I took my Ford to a dealer they charged $150.00 per hour for labor with a 4 hour minimum.

A 4h minimum is set by what's called the "blue book" which details exactly how much time the repair is supposed to take. Those hours are set by government. That means if they get the job done in 20minutes the book says the job is 30min, they have to charge for 30. On the flip side of that, this also protects you from overzealous pricing charges. That means if the job is listed at 4hr and it takes them 5hr to do it, they can only charge you for 4hr. Some places allow small incremental increases, but most don't. And in those cases there is a hard cap to the limit that can be charged. When you look around the "waiting area" you should also see a sign which states the minimum hourly rate. Depending on the state/province it will right now be between $80 and $140/hr(when I was an apprentice the hourly rate set by the province was around $35/hr). That again is set by the state or province, those are the minimum hourly rates that they have to charge by law. The higher hourly rate above the minimum requirement is called a "rate premium" which any shop can charge. Meaning a independent can charge $80/h or more if they can get away with it. Or a dealership can charge $80/h or $300/h if they can get away with it.

Now onto the parts, since you were able to buy them through a "friendly parts man" that means you're buying a OEM-non dealership part. Under the old auto-pact treaty, OEM parts suppliers can make these parts and sell them to anyone for as long as there is demand. The automaker themselves must make these parts for your vehicle for a minimum of 10 years -- some will make them for longer if the vehicle sales were amazing. Now, there is no set prices on auto parts. Meaning a dealership don't have to price you out anything other then in their parts from their warehouses unless you request it. You can bring your own parts, and they have to install them though. You can request that they buy the parts from a OEM parts supplier like NAPPA, Pep boys, or whatever else.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 467

Would that be the same runaway warming that they've been predicting since the 1970's between a new ice age is coming, we'll be running out of oil and natural gas by 1985? Or that there will be no snowfall by 2010? Mostly published in the UK, though there was media in Canada pushing the same BS. Maybe you should be wondering why people aren't believing this as anything but bullshit after ~40 years of the same "sky is falling" no REALLY the sky is falling now.

Comment Re:Xplornet Wimax -- rural Ontario, Canada (Score 1) 122

Yes they're that stupid. I'm in a city in Ontario, Canada with Teksavvy. But since I'm usually only at home ~20 days a month and spend most of my time either at work, or traveling to remotes to fix shit. 300GB is more then enough right now, it costs me around $8/mo($50 vs $58/mo isn't huge) more to unlimited.

But rural ontario? Those guys get fucked hard. You could be in southern Oxford, Lambton or Middlesex Counties(the heart of SW-Ontario), which are all just on the southside of the 401 and have no internet outside of satellite or microwave. You might, be lucky and find a few companies that still do dialup. They'll also charge you $30/mo while their DSL and cable stuff starts at $35/mo. There's a lot of bullshit going on, and most of it has to do with the "big telecom" companies in the province. Rogers and Bell, deciding well...we're not going to upgrade at all. On the upside, that leaves companies like Execulink(North-Norwich Telecom) and Teksavvy for instance, in a great position. They're dropping fiber lines faster then cows drop paddies.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 0) 467

Why don't you try the bullshit that was foisted upon the voters of Ontario by the Liberal party. By a government that knew it was going to increase electricity rates. That didn't care it would put people into the position of making the choices of "roof over head or heating." That's driving businesses out of the province, to really anywhere. That has big "clean" businesses like data centers and so on looking at moving out of the province. Yes, green energy does wonders at killing your economy when you pay them 0.50-1.50kWh to produce electricity and it jacks the peak-demand price from 0.8kWh to 0.18kWh in less then 8 years..

Comment Re:Crazy Ants FTW (Score 2) 146

Crazy ants are also drawn in by EM fields. So are some other species, and a couple of different kinds of insects. Palm roaches and grasshoppers love newer PC's, stuff like Roku boxes, some types of cable boxes for example. Older PC's like P2/P3's? Crickets, especially the crickets we have in the NE US and Canada. Our company lost 3 remotes in FL and TX a few years ago to crazy ants, best thing you can do is seal them up as best as possible and put a "best practices" training system into place for people who have to open them so they get properly resealed.

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 2) 206

You still don't get it. People don't label Trump and some of his supporters as racists and bigots.

Going by your reasoning, then democrats and people who support them are pedophiles right? After all, there are so many of them that have deep links to people like Epstein. And there's just so many articles on leftwing media sources, sites and so on in the defense of pedophiles, child porn, and so on. See how easy that works? Haven't learned a single fucking thing.

They ARE racists and bigots, it's just a statement of fact, ...

Repeatedly saying that, doesn't make it true. Then again, your definition of "racist and bigots" seems to be anybody who refuses to agree with your political ideology. Which is why the left is right there, screaming no platform. Or attacking, assaulting, or violently assaulting people for having a different point of view. It's why they're organized into groups, it's why those big "left wing" groups keep doing it too. Let's look at that "j20" or whatever it's called and what do we see? Yep, the left has an extremism problem. You know what we call that kiddies? That's right, that would be a fascist ideology.


This mistake was not countering the narrative that white males are oppressed and equality and progressive ideas have gone too far. Fear and resentment are powerful tools.

The mistake was promoting that ideology and view in the first place. The second mistake is people jumping on board to support it. The third was then implementing progressive ideas that openly supported it and claiming it was diverse. You've suddenly discovered that the rest of society really doesn't support any of the bullshit you've been peddling -- rather they simply tolerated it. Then you decided to double down, and people started going "wait, didn't they argue against this." And you gave rise to the beast that'll kill it for you, unless you do it yourself.

You enjoying your self-created extremism yet? You know what the real kicker is? You're now going to experience what it's like to be demonized, just like you've done to conservatives for decades. And it's going to be the moderates lining up to take shots at you.

Comment Re:Da fuq?!! (Score 1) 81

That's exactly what it is. It's not happening in just a few places, if you want to see how bad this gets, look at Vancouver in Canada, or Victoria in Australia. Housing prices are way-way-way above what the average person can afford. In the case in Vancouver something like 60% of them are empty as well. It's so bad, that they instituted a "foreign buyers tax" to try and stop it from happening. It's worked, kind of but not very well. If anything it's simply pushed the problem to other markets. Even here in Southwestern Ontario we see it. People get priced out of Toronto, then they go move to Woodstock, Ingersoll, Aylmer and so on. The same problem starts to happen again, except that those folks in Woodstock, Ingersoll, Aylmer and so on are earning around 1/2 to 1/3 what those people in Toronto earn.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 66

Yes, specifically the part where it was investigated by multiple people and you rejected their findings because they didn't fit your existing narrative about senior Democrats being paedophiles.

You mean the part where it wasn't investigated by multiple people. Even to the point where a NBC investigative reporter asks the same question "why aren't police investigating this" and it's suddenly scrubbed off their website.

This is your problem every time. You reject things that contradict what you want to believe. If something doesn't support your desired truth, you just google a bit more or find a reddit board that will give you the correct evidence.

This coming from the person who holds on to the belief that gamergate is a harassment group, refuses to believe that the people he supported were the actual harassers. That nobody can tie a single GG supporter to an actual case of harassment type of stuff that you refuse to believe. That even the most ardent feminist "safety" groups who've looked are unable to find any proof. Oh the irony of that entire quote.

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 4, Interesting) 206

Because his supports have an IQ of a retarded ferret?

You'd think that after ~15-17 years of identity politics, labeling people as "racists, nazis, retards, bigots, sexists, etc, etc, etc" that the left would learn something. Seems to be a NOPE on that one. And it's only cost them in the US ~1200 seats of power. It's only cost them brexit. It's likely going to cost them Germany and France too. And with the shit that Trudeau and leftists are now pulling in Canada? I wouldn't be surprised if we see the death of the Liberal Party within the next 5 years. And I'll bet that instead of being introspective, people on the left are gonna double down. Just like the democrats in the US are, just like political parties, and media are in the US and Europe.

Just a FYI: The left are overrun with extremists. Whether it be people who claim they're anti-racists being racists, claiming to be anti-bigots, while engaging in bigotry. Engaging in general shitty behavior that enables a literal cultural desert because "cultural appropriation." Engaging in sexist or anti-sexual liberation ideologies. It doesn't matter. You are, where the right was ~25 years ago, when you were out there screaming about the "crazy religious right-wing nuts." Get rid of the crazies, dump the identity politics. In short: Get your shit in order.

Comment Re:Da fuq?!! (Score 3, Interesting) 81

Isn't Snapchat valued at ~25 billion?

Yep. And people don't think this dotcom bubble is going to burst anytime soon either. Then you've got stuff like Uber valued at ~68B, and blowing through 2-7B/quarter in losses. Think on that one, at 68B, they have a higher market valuation then the big-3(GM, Ford, Chrysler) automakers. And they manufacture physical products, own their own credit financing divisions.

My guess? We'll see that pop around the time that Canada's housing bubble pops. And anyone who thinks Canada isn't due for a massive housing price correction doesn't realize just how bad it is here. Here's a good kicker too, in Vancouver one of the really overly priced markets. The provincial government sets property taxes based on the "possible future valuation" of your property. There's people in industrial areas, who are going to see their property taxes go from $160k to over $1m this year and are looking to get the hell out.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 2) 66

Just like those same areas were under 2km of ice 7k years ago. The reality is in Alberta, most of their water isn't from glaciers, it's from the winter snow pack, and lakes built from said spring melts. The real problem with the forests in Western Canada(especially BC), isn't the cold. It's that large sections that have been cut are suffering from "yearly monoculture" planting. Which leads to less resistance to the damned bugs in the first place. Round that out with decades of thinking that no-burn policies aren't any good? Well we've got a hell of a problem now don't we. And when the thing goes up, not only does it have decades of crap on the forest floor. It's got trees that will go up like hay.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 66

You fell for that one and many other bits of fake news hook, line and sinker, and I'm afraid it's happened again.

You mean except the part where I said there's an assload of circumstance evidence that should be looked at? Very falling for it. I still stand behind that too. You know why? One, because having been a crown witness(that's a witness for the state) in court cases(at count 13) before there's a lot of similarities between what I've seen in both. Second because of all those lovely politicians, entertainers, elites and so on that have been either caught or "found out" over it(like all those politicians you've got in the UK, and entertainers, and police covering it up) not forgetting your massive problem with child-sex grooming gangs there. You know, like Bill Clinton's 20 odd trips to Pedophile Island on Epstein's private jet. Along with all those other Washington insiders.

If Scotland actually cared, they'd use coal and use the latest scrubbing technology. Instead they're going with energy sources which like in the UK will drive electricity costs through the roof. You don't hear it hitting the "big news" anymore, but old people freezing to death in your home country because they can't afford electricity still happens quite often. They could even buy the coal from Canada if they wanted, we've got so much of it just sitting in the ground it's stupid. Hell there's parts of Canada that have so much NG that they could supply the US at current levels for nearly 100 years.

Oh, and just remember: When you try and push a "debunking video", and that person's idea of "discussion" is to not allow any? You know exactly how much faith they put into their view point. And Dan Olsen there got a visit from the RCMP for trying to find child porn to claim GG was pro-pedo, he's simply lucky he didn't get charged and got a warning instead. The definition of "child porn" in Canada is fundamentally different then in the US.

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