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Comment Or the easy route (Score 1, Troll) 406

Just don't give them visas, green cards and all that. If we don't let them come to the US legally except under strict regulations, no one's rights get violated. Not ours, not theirs because foreigners have no right to enter our country. Discriminatory? Sure, but I don't see any mainstream party in the Islamic world batting an eye at the policy of Saudi Arabia of "No Jews, period."

Comment Enough bullshit (Score 1) 1010

People are prosecuted for intentionally releasing top secret material to enemies or to the public.

People are not prosecuted for being careless or incorrectly configured servers.

It is not true that "anyone but hillary" would do prison time for what happened here. They would get butt hurt and it might even hurt their career (and might get them fired and their clearance withdrawn) but federal prosecution for all practical purposes does not occur in this kind of situation.

Doing what she did was precisely what got Petraeus prosecuted and sentenced to a few years of probation.

Comment Hard not to lay off a lot of them (Score 0) 171

We interviewed a number of people in their mid to late 40s and asked them some questions like "how would you build a project from scratch today" or "what do you think about Node, Ruby, Python, etc." One senior "architect" had never even considered that people wouldn't use JavaEE. We had one senior developer (middle age) respond that he'd consider starting a new project in 2015 (time of interview) with Struts. Struts for a new project! Not even JAX-RS, Spring Boot, etc. Struts...

Comment And why are you surprised? (Score 3) 323

Driving people around is a marginally skilled luxury service that in theory a teenager with 1-3 years of personal driving experience could do. Heck, a 20 year old born and raised in an area can probably do it more competently than an older "more experienced" driver who hasn't lived in the area that long.

This is like the outrage that McDonalds workers, people who make $2 hamburgers, are the lowest men and women on the food industry totem poll in terms of wages. Forget automation; if your job is something that a 19 year old high school dropout who fits the stereotypes can do as competently as a "20 year veteran," you aren't going to make much money because the barrier to entry and value of experience is minimal.

It's like going back 100 years and complaining that "senior ditch digger" doesn't pay substantially more than "junior ditch digger."

Comment So is the music business (Score 1) 428

How many times have record labels gotten caught not meeting their contractual obligations out of malice rather than inability? A lot. So on that basis alone, YouTube is clearly a better platform for artists because it not only doesn't sink its claws into them, but provides them unlimited resources to reach their audience since its business model is simply "we'll provide them hosting and advertisement, you provide the crowd; we'll scale together."

Comment Why we don't want a cashless society (Score 3) 176

If for no other reason than privacy, this is why a cashless society is totally undesirable if you value privacy. Literally every transaction you do is visible by or through a third party to the transaction. Therefore the third party doctrine would apply to your entire economic life.

And you know that if we get there, no one in Congress is going to propose, let alone get passed, a bill that formally abolishes that doctrine and requires a warrant for every data request.

Comment Hate speech... (Score 2) 68

In case you're wondering why so many people don't support outlawing hate speech, this is one of countless examples. Not a damn thing done to the perp because he is in the "right group." And countless people will come out of the woodwork to declare him a "marginalized person of color" or some shit that excuses why he gets to beat up a random person at another party's rally and brag on Twitter and not even get his account banned, let alone prosecuted.

Comment Sure, makes their job easier (Score 1) 235

Criminals MAY acquire and use guns, but it makes prosecution MUCH easier because by possession they have committed an irrefutable crime already.

Same is true of any item that is contraband. They catch you with pot, they can hold you until they can get more dirt on you. Hell, the feds could justify holding you for 10 illegally acquired songs found on your cell phone.

But yeah, guns are Teh Evilz so totally justified and in the public interest. Not threat of that logic being applied to other things...

Comment How to get that taxed (Score 1) 166

Eliminate the business tax on repatriating funds if the business distributes 10% of the repatriated funds as a one time dividend to shareholders. The stockholders won't be able to use as many loopholes to avoid federal taxes as individuals, it'll redistribute a lot of the repatriated wealth very quickly and for institutional shareholders like pension funds it'll be a shot in the arm for their balance sheets.

Comment They just blatantly censored a critic (Score 4, Informative) 157

Lauren Southern got censored for posting critical posts on Facebook about censorship on Facebook. There are plenty of more troubling cases like content being deemed a violation of community standards and deleted.

Of course it also doesn't help that Facebook is in the same industry as Twitter and Twitter doesn't even bother to hide their bias (ex: their new "council" is entirely SJW organizations, not even mainstream liberal; they've also been caught shadow banning people for political bias).

Comment Uh huh (Score 1) 91

Earlier this month, it was reported Twitter blocked U.S. intelligence agencies from having access to a widely used data mining service it partly owns.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Twitter is still subject to the FISA Court and run by people who are neither brave nor powerful enough to defy it without an immediate "stop, don't pass go and collect $200; go immediately to federal prison" response from their local US Attorney.

So the only question is whether or not Twitter is still providing real time access on a passive, less cooperative basis or whether they quietly advertised a "FISA Compliance Support Team" that will expedite your data request for a low, low hourly rate as fast as you can get them an order.

Comment Why Trump is winning (Score 1) 7

The elites overwhelmingly are wiping their asses with laws like this at the expense of the people. All of the lecturing about "oh noes our democracy!!!" as the people flirt with handing him a mandate to put a boot up the elites' asses by any means necessary should instead be demanding wave after wave of criminal prosecution for these labor violations that are rampant across the country. When the system won't enforce the law against the prominent and brazen offenders, eventually people will say fuck the system and throw in behind someone who says that the behavior will stop come Hell or high water.

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