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Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 151

Governmental power will always be abused, and the only way to limit that abuse is to limit how much power you give government.

We used to have this document that listed the limited powers of the federal government and strictly forbade it from doing most everything else but nobody pays attention to that thing anymore.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 151

I agree with that. I would think an RNC leak would actually help Trump. It would show all the RNC executives shitting on Trump and conspiring against him like the DNC did Bernie, except Trump had a strategy for beating them. It would corroborate Trump's narrative that the system, including the primaries, is rigged.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 151

The BBC definitely has their own biases, as well.

I prefer adversarial media. With both Breitbart and Mother Jones I know exactly where they stand. Neither is pretending to be unbiased. You can see what issues matter to different people of different ideologies, and then do your own fact-checking. But then you get CNN blatantly editing shit to fit their narrative while pretending to be unbiased "news." No, it's propaganda. I don't think it's possible to be unbiased. Humans can't be. Anyone claiming to be unbiased is lying.

Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 1) 126

That's a good chunk of the human condition. Good luck solving that.

That's one of the purposes of systems of morality and religion, and parenting.

My family took a vacation with my wife's best friend's family. Their five (six?) year old was a real piece of work. Constantly disobeying and causing trouble, and his mom was frustrated with him and mentioned his behavioral problems at school, too. She didn't ask me for advice, so I didn't give it, but watching them for that week it was pretty obvious what the issue was: she never punished the kid for lying. Only for things that involved physical violence, that someone would notice. So if he just snatched one of the other kids' candy bars and the victim cried, he'd get yelled at. "NO! That's wrong!" But if instead he conned him, "Do you want your candy bar right now?" "No." Snatch. Then it was okay.

He'd lie straight to their faces and they treated it like a joke. "Mom can I have a candy bar?" "Did you already have one?" "(Obvious lie) Noooooo..." "(smirk) Hmmm...yes you did! Go eat a banana if you're hungry." "Awwww..." They treated it like a game. There's no penalty for lying, and no penalty for trying to break the rules (thieving candy bars) so all that teaches him is "get better at lying."

They even helped him with lies. At the end of the vacation we had all our kids' toys packed up by the door to leave. Out of the corner of my eye I see the kid taking my son's transformers and sneaking them upstairs to put with his stuff so later he can say "Oh, hey must have left his toys here..." So I tell the parents, and they tell him to bring the toys back. Pissed at being caught, he throws my son's transformer toy down the stairs. Instead of punishing him for first trying to steal the toy, and second trying to break the toy once he was caught, they ask "Did you do that on purpose...or was it an accident?" "(Obvious lie) Accident." "Okay be more careful." Fuck you people! It was clearly on purpose. You're feeding him lies to escape punishment for his shit behavior and you wonder why he has behavioral problems.

I just see that a lot, both in person and on TV. Kids lie to their parents and their parents smirk and say "uh uh, I don't believe you!" like it's a game. I can't stand that shit.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 151

You realize WikiLeaks doesn't obtain the files themselves, right? They publish what they're given. If they were given Republican/Trump docs and then they sneakily held on to them to protect them, the leaker would just hand the docs over to CNN. Either the Republicans run a tighter ship with better security, or there's nothing incriminating/shady to leak.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 2) 151

We don't have a state-run media, we have a media-run state. The massive corporations have similar interests (mass immigration for cheap labor, free trade, etc), they own the politicians and the media, the corps make the policy decisions, their politicians enact them and the media propagandizes to the people why things that are clearly not in their best interests like flooding the country with semi-retarded 3rd worlders are the good, moral things to do, citizen, and anyone who disagrees is an evil Nazi. This is how you conquer a nation, with very special episodes of Blossom.

Comment Re:Bugger! (Score 1) 64

While you are correct, I must confess.... MY first reaction to this was "Oh good, you mean I can root my phone that I bought with my money now"

As much as I hate the implications of this.... and I do.... I also hate that I own a device that is functionally crippled and unable to run many of the apps I would like to run.

Funny ecosystem we have eh?

Comment I claim a Godwin dispensation... (Score 1) 126

The following (translated) quotation describes this syndrome perfectly.

"The great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil ... therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big".

- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1971; original version 1925), Vol. 1, chapter 10, p.231

Comment Novel? (Score 4, Informative) 18

This isn't exactly new. Heart tissue is easy to grow and already used for disease modeling. Call me when they make something that is structurally a heart. We've had heart tissue in hydrogels and various other materials since the 1980s and heart tissue on sheets for maybe 20 years for drug testing. The novelty here is that it's on chip and optimal for drug testing? []

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 2) 262

Chiming in to agree; BUT quality isn't the only factor here. You simply couldn't engineer a smartwatch that anyone would want to wear 40 years from now. Even if it worked good as new, it would still be a ridiculously obsolete piece of gear that needs to pair with a "phone" equally out of date and totally incompatible with the networks, and completely unable to render a 'webpage', and all of its client/server apps would be broken.

Maybe steampunk types or some future equivalent "LED-punk" would wear one, with an oculus rift converted into a bike helmet... to conventions... but that's about it.

Comment Re:Told ya (Score 1) 262

There are killer apps. and look at the pebble forums ayou can find all kinds of really cool ideas that people are freely publishing.

Google and Apple prefer to hinder development and force people to pay $99 a year and go through a "you suck and your apps sucks" approval process for the watch ecosystem

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