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Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 196

Putin isn't stupid, I'm pretty sure by now he has figured out what the whole US population hasn't so far: That it means jack shit to decide which one of the two candidates makes it, what matters is putting the candidate up there.

In other words, if he's still in power 2-3 years from now, expect him to start no later than the primaries.

Comment Re: Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 196

The reason we're civilized is that we left most of that bullshit baggage behind during the age of reason. Before that we were just the same savages, locked in superstition and held back by religious leaders that feared for their power if you don't fear their imaginary friend enough anymore. May I point out that when it comes to civilization vs. savagery, Sweden is probably further along than the US? And now let's ponder for a moment which of the two countries has more religious nutjobs.

Well, for now, Sweden is busy importing some...

Comment self-fulfilling prophecy (Score 1) 61

Researchers from the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS) believe the software will allow doctors to better treat patients with pulmonary hypertension by determining how aggressive their treatment needs to be. ... The LMS scientists claim that the software was able to accurately predict patients who would still be alive after a year around 80% of the time.

Hmm... Software predicts patient probably won't be alive after a year, doctors don't treat as aggressively, patient dies shortly thereafter. Sounds like researchers have discovered the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, anyone could make those accurate predictions by simply killing off patients -- of course, not 100% accurate as that would be suspicious.

Comment Re:1 point for Obama (Score 1) 503

I think someone as adept in the spook world as Snowden is would likely have a hidden stash somewhere. But that doesn't matter wrt this argument.

What matters here is that there is a very real and significant possibility that he could do something more. As long as that possibility exists, he can not be granted a blanket pardon. He could certainly be pardoned for specific offenses for past activity, but first those need to be specified by indictment, which has yet to be done.

We could argue over whether the possibility is 10% or 1% or 0.01%, but that would be foolish. You cannot completely argue away the possibility, and there can be no blanket pardon under these conditions.

Maybe a car analogy is necessary here. Obama, and every sitting President, has the power to pardon Johnny Queue Publique at any time after JQP has been accused of stealing a car. But there is no provision that would allow JQP to be pardoned for a car theft that has not yet occurred. The President cannot give anyone a free pass to steal a car tomorrow. Not even President Trump will be allowed to do that, any tweets to the contrary not withstanding.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 2) 503

Assange's largest immediate problem are that British authorities will grab him if ever tries to leave the Embassy in anything other than a coffin, and then he will doubtless spend some time in a British prison for evading arrest and defying a British court, before being trundled off to Sweden. Now maybe there's some secret deal between Sweden and the United States, but Assange has never actually provided such evidence, despite being a guy who prides himself on knowing all the secrets. From what I can see, the whole point of the conspiracy theory is that Assange needs to preserve his cult of personality by trying to bury his own alleged misconduct in Sweden with grand tales of conspiracy.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 503

Except science studies gender dysphoria and has found some evidence that gender identity is more complex than your simplistic view of things. In other words, your view isn't scientific, it's merely a comfortable fable you tell yourself because you don't want to deal with what science actually has to say. But that's your problem, not Manning's.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 2) 503

Your not wrong, but at the same time, not quite right...

You all know a female has an XX chromosome pair, while a male is XY.

Yes! Well ... mostly yes. Some people have XXY and XYY and XXXY, XXYY... and other combinations.

Some people have extra chromosomes in only *some* of their cells ('mosaics')

And wait... there's more...for example, two (or more) separately fertilized zygotes can (egg+sperm) themselves fuse, producing a chimera. (they'd be fraternal twins if they didn't fuse). The result of fusing though is that some of your cells have one set of DNA, some have another... and as should be obvious, some of your cells may not even have the same parents; if the sperm came from different individuals...)

And then not even all your plain jane "XX" are female...

And some females only have a single X...

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 2) 503

The fact is that there are some people here who sit some distance along the autism spectrum, probably more than a few people with Asperger's, who are neurologically wired to view the world in very narrow and rigid ways. They need to define gender in the simplest form possible, it's just the way their brains work. They don't want to see the world as nuanced, it's too hard, and it's just much easier to demand, no matter ludicrously, that the world fit into the confines they are emotionally comfortable with. Stack that group along side the religious nuts for which sexuality is something to be feared, and you have a social movement who insists that if you have a penis or a vagina or XX or XY chromosomes, then that's the beginning and the end, and doubtless where the sex chromosomes don't jive with the external genitalia, I'm sure they'll just insist that that person is a freak.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 503

Because he's a fucking asshole, and wants the whole world to know that he's a fucking asshole. This is the Age of Asshole, where freedom of speech means freedom from consequences, where being rude and demeaning must be celebrated, and where anyone who thinks there should be some decorum is an SJW warrior whose trying to keep the Asshole down!!!!

Except of course we know these brave warriors of assholeishness probably aren't talking to their landlords, loans officers, bosses like that, or their coworkers, or their moms and dads, because if they did, they'd be unemployed and homeless, which is where people who don't have the emotional control or wits to moderate tone and speech often end up.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 2) 503

So decorum and manners are of no value at all to you? You basically feel entitled to be as rude and awful as you please? Well go for it. Yes, the government won't haul your ass into court for being an asshole, but I think you'll find your life will be worse for it. Because of course even someone like you knows there are social rules.

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