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Comment Re:Not going to work (Score 1) 73

Oh fuck off you blithering moron. Advertisers have been pushing around their weight for fucking ever. Jesus fucking Christ, you couldn't even show an interracial kiss on TV in the 1960s without most of a network's southern affiliates refusing to broadcast the fucking episode, because their advertisers would freak out and pull their ads.

It's like people like you have lived in some weird bubble where you know absolutely fuck all about how the actual world fucking works. In an advertiser-supported platform, the advertisers are God, and if they decide that a topic is going to harm their brand, then they, as God, have the power to yank the advertising. Sometimes they do it for evil, such as trying to keep interracial kisses off the air half a century ago, and sometimes for good, as when they don't want their products associated with ISIS beheading videos or Neo-nazi fruitcakes. But they have the absolute authority to it, for better and for worse, and if you don't like it, start up your own video sharing service.

Comment Re: Children and bathwaters (Score 1) 73

So we have this measure which is iffy at best, and in most cases hopelessly biased towards certain socioeconomic groups, but hey, it's a great meme "Blacks are dumber than whites, and it's not racist because this groovy Intelligence Quotient test says so!"

In general, psychology and neurological sciences have long past moved away from IQ, simply because it's absurd to imagine that something as complex as human cognition can be fit into one number, considering cognition itself seems to be the product of multiple processing and memory systems in the brain.

So promoting "whites have higher IQs than blacks" *MAY* be true for some kinds of intelligence tests, that kind of testing is so flawed that it's hard to see how proponents of the claim aren't just racists once again using the cloak of pseudoscience to try to bolster their hatred.

Comment Re:Children and bathwaters (Score 1) 73

I love it when people invoke their own reason for using a specific tool as the only reason anyone uses it.

Youtube became big because, basically, it's just easy to find videos. It has nothing to do with trying to avoid "family values", that's just your own rationale (and honestly, I don't actually believe it's even your's, you're just trying to show your weird alt-right street cred).

And if Youtube is going to be supported by ads, then advertisers have some considerable right to demand that their products not be associated, even accidentally, with violent or otherwise unsavory videos. You may not like it, but tough shit. Until Google finally allows for a paid subscription service for Youtube which allows people to skip ads entirely, the advertisers still have an enormous amount of muscle, and you don't.

Comment Children and bathwaters (Score 4, Insightful) 74

Advertisers were successfully bullshitted into believing that their brands would be tarnished by appearing next to "offensive" videos. The problem is that YouTube went overboard and now considers everything "offensive" that's not basically cute kittens playing with yarn, not just extremists videos demanding the execution of everything who follows the wrong delusion.

The problem here is that the reason people went from traditional media and to YouTube is exactly that they're fed up with having "family friendly" bullshit shoved down their throats. If that's all that remains on YouTube, people will simply move on.

And then nobody sees your pretty ads either.

Comment Re:If the article is as stupid as the summary (Score 1) 188

Aye, at a minimum we can certainly make A.I. as smart as the smartest human that ever existed.

AND that A.I. at a minimum would be able to at least plug in super genius sub-A.I.'s in every field. So it might not be good at everything at the same time but it might be able to be good at many things when it needed to be good at them.

My main issue is just that we consider the risk of a failure of friendliness and take suitable steps.

Comment Re:Neither can most humans (Score 2) 188

You know... every super genius is a master of Go, higher mathematics, english literature, Chess, Poker, and can use power tools easily to build cabinetry as well as solve physics and advanced computational theory problems. They are also really good at selling, writing song lyrics, mystery novels, television shows, and science fiction... and flirting.

And I left out the entire class of skills that relate to their physical body.

It's amazing how good it is to be a genius.

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