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Comment Re:Brainless politicians (Score 2) 153

The Tories are more than happy to sell out everything in the UK to foreign businesses and countries. They're little more than 'lucrative business opportunity arrangers'. (To be fair this applied the the Blairite neoliberals as well).

They portray themselves to the general public as the most patriotic, but they're really only loyal to the rich and the corporations that have the cash to give them nice consultancy fees and board memberships. Even our public services are owned and exploited by foreign corportions as well as the nationalised industries of other countries who take the profits abroad to subsidise their own country's services.

These jokers allowed Cadbury's to be sold off to Kraft (well, their parent company) with "promises" of jobs remaining once the sale went through. Nothing written down; sale went through; it was 'merely an aspiration to keep the uk factory open'.

They don't give a shit. Someone will scratch their back later on. They're happy for the UK to be little more than a client state for foreign businesses.

Comment Re:UK and CHINA (Score 1) 282

China is what the political class of the UK would very much like the country to become, IMO.

A rich, privelliged upper class, rolling in filthy lucre, lording it over an oppressed and uneducated, expendable and exploitable underclass.

I think that's the Conservative party's wet dream. A few of them have actually said as much. In public!

Comment Baked-in Toolbar Crap (Score 1) 25

Context Graph will naturally raise privacy concerns. Nguyen explains that Mozilla is working with a group of volunteer users to figure out how best to collect data and start building experimental systems for making contextual recommendations. He also promised that the tool will respect user privacy [...].

Yeah. No thanks. Just another 'helpful toolbar', but this time baked into the browser?

No thanks.

If you have something of value that you want to add to the browser, develop it as an add-on (or extension or whatever the fuck they're calling it these days, depending on where you look in the browser - let alone anywhere else).

That's the base philosophy of Firefox, isn't it? Lean and mean ... want something extra ... install the extension!

Otherwise you end up a bloated Mozilla suite, with everything and the kitchen sink in it ... and like every other piece of decent software that was ruined by its developers ... uTorrent springs most readily to mind; other examples on a postcard, please.

Maybe that's the problem. Gotta monetize! Monetize and ruin. The end-goal of every piece of software, it seems.

Comment Lack of Planning (Score 5, Insightful) 496

The idea that businesses should actually train the workforce that they need, such as with apprenticeships, sponsoring employees in education on the job, or whatever, seems to be lost on Spanish businesses, I guess?

"We thought there'd just be the employees we needed out there somewhere. We didn't think we'd have to take responsibility for any of it!" seems to be their take.

Comment Re:landlords aren't legally allowed to consider (Score 1) 371

I can forsee a world where everyone has an official Facebook/Twitter/social media account and a real one, so you can give access to the official one to scumbag companies like this.

And then shortly thereafter an official one, a dummy real one and then the *real* real one: give them access to the offical one, then the dummy real one (slightly more 'gritty' and believeable) when they say 'oh, we know this is fake, give us the real one'.

What they do to people who say thet don't do social media, I do not know. Straight-up deny service?

Comment Re:Only programmers (Score 5, Interesting) 172

This site depresses me sometimes. Look at this comment getting voted up. I mean, aside from the dodgy analogy housebreaking vs penetration testing (which may be similar or not, depending on the specifics) look at this: "Regardless of his objective, he broke the law." --- as if your intentions can not be an absolute defence - punching someone is illegal; punching someone in self-defence is **not** - but "regardless of his objective" is somehow a valid statement? C'mon.

Score:4, Interesting (at time of writing). Seriously.

Comment Re:Typical conservative machinations (Score 4, Interesting) 84

Yep, that's their modus operandi alright. They want everything in the hands of their party donors and to rule the UK (or what remains of it) as their personal fiefdom.

What gets me is how supine the BBC is. Surely they know the person beating them about the head and body daily is going to kill them as soon as they think they can get away with it? Yet they bow and scrape, acquiesce, and attack the Labour party following Lynton Crosby's agenda to the letter.

George Osborne, the chancellor, apparently wants to take a slice of the Beeb's license fee to prop up the newspaper industry. That'd be the champion of the free market, then, attacking the Beeb which operates on a public service remit by cutting into its revenues and using a bit of corporate socialism to prop up a newspaper industry whose loyalty is to its rich, tax-dodging proprietors and which has little or no interest to fair or balanced reportage (but generally loves the Tories).

Don't even get me started on the NHS. The Conservative party wants all of the post-war (II) settlement gone to be replaced with rampant inequality.

The Conservatine party: taking the Great out of Great Britain and selling it off for pennies on the dollar.

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