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Comment Restructure gone wrong (Score 4, Insightful) 299

One morning, we were all called into the boardroom. The I.T. director started by saying that the division was being re-organized and everyone in the room still had a job.

He then put up the new org. chart, with our new job titles, and reporting structures.

Some managers were demoted to frontline positions, without any prior private conversation with that manager.

And, one guy's name wasn't on the org. chart. My director forgot to pull him out before the meeting. So, turned out, everyone in the room did NOT have a job. And that guy went from "Whew, I still have a job" to "you're fired" in a very public way.

5 months later, the I.T. director was fired after the re-org proved to be a disaster.

Comment Just another fad... (Score 1) 489

To eventually be added to the heap with:

- Flash intros
- Putting "e" on the front of every word (eService, eGovernment, ePay)
- Blinking text
- QR Codes
- Hit Counters
- Frames
- Dancing Jesus

And followed later by:

- Share buttons to social media sites
- Large photo homepages with no text / lots of scrolling
- Hamburger menus

Comment Re:Direct from the Luddite in Chief (Score -1) 635

mindful that each flush & brush costs him about 43 cents to his privatized water provider

So, Joe reduces his water usage to save costs, or digs his own well, purifies the water, and sells "Standard Water" to his neighbours

he drops his 12 year old daughter off at the clothing factory she works at

Thankfully, there is no income tax deduction, so she receives all the value of her work.

After 2 years of working hard, she is the youngest employee to move up in to management, where she assists her fellow co-workers with receiving better pay by improving their skills

Comment Never, unless we learn to write for online reading (Score 3, Insightful) 260

My co-worker (in our in-house printshop) once told me, "I love the paperless society. I've never been busier".

Having been in the web industry for 15 years now, working for 3 different 4000+ employee companies, I've seen several attempts to "go digital".

In each project, I warn the C*O that success of the project does not rely on million-dollar document management software or high-speed scanners, but on creating original documents that are easy to read/understand online.

And I am ignored. And I watch the project fail.

Online reading (reality is: "online scanning") is a whole new world to the office. It's a huge-culture change that needs to happen.

We've all been taught to write the hamburger essay. That doesn't work online. Online requires getting to the point quickly, chunking information with headlines, short paragraphs.

-- If you don't create documents that are easy to consume online, then people will print them off to read them --

Another important success factor: a robust search engine and proper architecture. Again, more things that are ignored and not taught to make paperless a reality. The whole self-service "everyone can add their own document" feature is a horrible idea. Dedicate a resource to manage search and navigation of your document repositories.

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