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Comment Re:Leaving the EU was a huge mistake. (Score 1) 315

In what way is it anti-democratic? People in the EU vote for their MEPs. They also vote for their national Governments who then send representatives to the Council of Ministers. Between them they are the legislature of the EU.

It is actually more democratic than the UK with its completely unelected House of Lords. And you do know that the UK is also run by unelected bureaucrats, in the form of 500,000 civil servants who do all the day-to-day work.

Comment Re:Best comment on the thread ^^ (Score 1) 410

I think its pretty safe to say that Ireland knew exactly what they were doing. Either that or they are signing up to major treaties without reading the contents.

I think Apple's defence also suggests they were fully aware of what was going on. Going into full PR attack mode does not scream innocence to me.

Comment Cry me a river (Score 5, Informative) 410

It is illegal in the EU to provide state aid to entice companies to setup in one country over another. It has been this way since EU year dot, to create a level playing field. It is pretty much the point of the EU. If you don't like it, don't join the EU.

If Apple funnel all their EU profits through Ireland without paying tax in the country of sale, but only pay tax on sales made in Ireland (because Ireland conveniently ignore the rest), then that is state aid. Ireland know this. If Apple didn't know this they should sack their lawyers.

All the rest is PR and bluster.

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