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Comment Re:whose fraud??? (Score 3, Interesting) 188

I know it is not a popular opinion to have on Slashdot, but consider that without copyright we would not be able to have professional actors or musicians or authors among others.

Says you. I kind of agree with the implication that Kim knew he was on shaky legal ground and didn't really give a shit, but your assertion here is just not true - or you are at least going to have to back it up with something. People would still need actors and musicians, with or without copyright. Plenty of professional musicians make a living playing out of copyright music (most classical music). Most actors are reading someone else's words.

Perhaps you meant that music, TV and books might not exist? But even that isn't true - things would just work differently. Maybe it would be better. Maybe more people could make a living rather than those at the top taking the biggest slice (I don't know, when have we ever been offered another way). The value just wouldn't be in the 'creation process' anymore - it would be elsewhere in the chain.

Comment Re:Being a satirist means acting like a dick. (Score 2) 920

I came here to say more or less the same thing. In fact, from what I've read, both 'sides' are equally as bad (although perhaps in different ways). Basically, the story goes like this -

'Famous entertainer tries to be satirical and irreverent at the expense of some poor people. For money'
'Famous entertainment journal makes up own narrative at the expense of famous entertainer. For money'

Personally I think people defending one side or the other are either missing the point, or have an agenda to push.

Comment Re:Irreverent vs. Inappropriate (Score 1) 363

My objection is to the implicit approval of praising 'irreverence'. I really don't think PewDiePie meant any harm. But its precisely a culture that praises irreverence as a good in itself which leads to irreverent and, sooner or later, 'inappropriate' speech.

^ This. The last twenty years has seen a huge rise in the comedy/entertainment of irreverence. And when done well it can make an important point (Brasseye's celebrity endorsements being the best example I can think of). But the worst of it is when it simply exploits people for entertainment. Or when any 'message' is so obvious as to not need saying in the first place.

Comment Re:No man is an island (Score 1) 267

Yeh, thanks. You don't seem to know the difference between wild camping and a shanty town.

'Scotland's access legislation means that everyone can go camping wherever access rights apply, as long as it’s done responsibly. There are a few reasonable exceptions to where you can camp - you should avoid camping in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals, or near buildings.'


Any issue you have camping in Kelvingrove Park are down to Glasgow Council and their increasingly regressive park policies. Plus neds.

Comment Re:No man is an island (Score 1) 267

You know that wild camping is illegal in large parts of Europe, right?

Off-topic, sorry. I didn't know this. I just assumed it was England that had fucked up access laws. Just another reason for you all to come to Scotland where the 'right to roam' is enshrined in law - http://www.outdooraccess-scotl...

Now back to your regular programming...

Comment Re:Magic 8-ball says, "No fucking way" (Score 1) 123

Hey don't underestimate NASA, they are actually pretty clever. They keep the whole global warming thing going, cover up the flat earth, run a fake space station (including fake live feeds) AND launch all those fake rockets. If it wasn't for a few dedicated Youtubers we'd all still be in the dark, so I think they deserve full respect.

Comment Re:Not Ready for Prime Time (Score 1) 123

C'mon, honestly? You're comparing the Internet to lumps of metal hurtling overhead? Electrons rarely fly out of the cables and crash into houses.

More importantly though, the Internet only works for you because of the use of some tightly specced protocols (IP, ICMP). If you decided to use Random_Protocol instead it would disappear into the ether. So the question is -- when did you use your free will to decide which protocols to use?

Comment Re:And this explains... (Score 1) 145

The purpose of sleep is to allow your eye 'looking beams' to recharge. If you don't recharge them they will slowly lose power and your vision will become darker and darker (for an average person, this will happen in the evening). During winter the cold will also drain your eye 'looking beams' quicker - hence your vision will become darker earlier in the evening.

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