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Comment Re:It's a RENTAL, not a purchase (Score 1) 136

That's a silly statement. I can't legally disable the emissions controls on my car nor can I legally modify my router to use banned spectrum bands, but that doesn't mean i don't own both things.

Of course you can. You can legally disable whatever you want on your vehicle. What you won't be allowed to do is have it pass inspection, or drive it on public roads.

And as the other poster mentioned, (and I actually do have an amateur license,) I can modify my router to transmit on any band that I have privileges on, that allows that particular emission type, (60-meters/5MHz is the only one I can think of that would completely bar something like that.) For that matter, I could modify it to transmit on bands where I don't have privileges, and you could, too. What neither of us would be allowed to do is transmit on publicly owned airwaves not allocated to that use.

In both cases, it's not that you can't modify your own equipment, (car, wifi router,) it's that you cannot use uncertified equipment on a public owned resource, (public roadways, public airwaves.)

Comment Re:And the cost of such design flubs ... (Score 1) 99

A lot of businesses give their employees a choice only between either the current Samsung flagship products or the iPhone. It's IT policy where I work for sure. Maybe the everyday consumer can walk away, but many professionals are going to be hit hard if/when such a thing occurs.

Furthermore, this battery issue isn't just limited to Samsung if you RTFA.

This is ridiculous. If your employer's IT is saying they can only support the latest Samsung flagship, or an iPhone, (you didn't specify latest,) then they need to be fired. Even in the "worst case" scenario of having to support Exchange, ActiveSync has been available Android, and hence Samsung's phones, for a VERY long time.


Christmas Tree Made From 70 SCSI Hard Drives 248

Trigger writes "At our work we were decomissioning six old HP/Compaq servers to clear up space for new servers and, naturally, each server had a fairly large raid array. Instead of formatting every hard drive (would have taken weeks performing a DoD level wipe) and disposing them all together with the servers, I decided to disassemble the hard drives and recycle them into something neat. With a lot (a lot) of patience, I made this shiny Xmas tree. In total there are around 70 old SCSI hard drives, between 9gb and 18gb in size each. They were nice and chunky, oldschool style. There were quite a few different hard drive models, which is good because they each had different bits which I could use. The Xmas tree is made with parts from hard drives only except for one nut which I had to purchase for $0.39." It's good to see that this guy has plenty to do at work.

AMD Shows Upcoming Phenom II CPU At 6.0 GHz+ 159

Vigile writes "Today during a press briefing at AMD's offices in Austin, TX the company showed off some upcoming technology that should be available sometime early in 2009. What was most impressive was the overclocked speeds of the pending Phenom II X4 45nm processors. On air cooling AMD showed the quad-core CPU running at nearly 4.0 GHz while with much more extreme liquid nitrogen cooling help the same CPU reached over 6.0 GHz! It looks like AMD's newest processor might finally once again compete with the best from Intel, including its recent Core i7 CPUs."

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