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Comment Using PayPal in the domain name (Score 1) 250

And? You may also get a wildcard certificate from whoever (even net sol) for *.mydom.com then create a host 'paypal.mydom.com' in DNS having paypal in the name, and covered by the certificate. If this article tries to discredit Let's Encrypt because they're free, paypal in the name is not the right argument.

Comment Re:A way better solution (Score 1) 258

The maybe best solution ever I've seen in Austria. their lights flash green 5 times before they go to yellow

So what's the purpose of the yellow light in this case?? When green switches to yellow you're supposed to stop if distance and speed allow, and pass otherwise. If the time allotted to yellow is to low, increase it!

Comment Re:$75k? (Score 1) 122

I wonder if they just compromised enough accounts via other means in the hopes of passing light scrutiny and $75,000 was the most they thought they might possibly get away with asking for without anyone bothering to take a closer look.

Or they request 75k for starters, then after being paid, they do make another request, of 10 times that amount.

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