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Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 204

even the double equals of C is one of the least "beautiful" design decisions ever made.

It's not because some not so good programmers confuse '=' with '==' that '==' is not "beautiful". On the contrary, I think this is one of the many genius ideas K&R had at the time ('a = b', 'a == b'... think about it!)

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 0) 204

if ("0E54321" === "0E12345") { echo 'equal'; } else { echo 'not equal'; }

Too bad your example is useless (like 80% of PHP's doc examples anyway), since if ("0E54321" == "0E12345") (only 2 '=') yields also 'not equal'. A more relevant example is if ("123" === 123) (yields false but '==' yields true).

Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 1) 123

Why anyone uses it I'll never understand

Actually few people understand. The ones who understand are CEOs and deciders. SAP is a gigantic ERP that deals with almost anything. It's build on a solid architecture, has its own system, language and database, and is highly customizable (people do SAP customization for a living).

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