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Comment American Corporations are entitled to steal... (Score 1) 181

Its even more cost effective than advertising or anti trust and its been legalized by congress who are all bought and paid for with voters. Democracy really gets shareholders their money's worth. Citizens cough it up here since they don't spend enough on taxes. WE MUST MAKE THIEVES PAY MORE THAN THEY STEAL OR THEY WON'T STOP. Don't enable corporate or legislative scum balls.

Comment Online Triage Tags . . . (Score 1) 215

Another brilliant idea! For those who have never seen a triage tag:

The four color-coded groups at the bottom determine how long you can wait for treatment.

So think about doing this online:

Triage: Sir, are you breathing?

Patient: No, I am not.

Triage: Sir, do you have a pulse?

Patient: No, I do not.

Triage: Please print out the tag, select "Morgue," and tie it to your wrist. A hearse will be by to pick you up shortly.

Patient: Zombie gets ride in car . . . with braaainns!

Comment After a decade, its the bosses fault. Bogus. (Score 4, Insightful) 295

If there were so many resources squandered over a decade then the loss should have been apparent immediately. Since this fellow adequately managed the school districts IT resources all of this time, then clearly he should be the best judge of the demand. And since he works for executives and a school board that are responsible for the oversight of all resources, then either Seti@Home had little or no noticeable impact on the operations, or else it would have been an issue in a few weeks. To say that after 10 years of complete oblivion that now suddenly, this is grounds for dismissing a 10 year veteran, is total and complete political bull pucky. These ego-maniacal incompetent power trippers are simply embarrassed at the fact that they were completely clueless about their school districts involvement in something clearly present in any search engine: Their network listed as the number one seti@home support. Clearly this is an educational usage, was not an embezzlement of resources, and contributed to a very credible UC Berkeley experiment. One must bear in mind that when Seti@Home was first released that its appeal was how it functioned as an internet wide application that utilizes unused CPU headroom. That concept does pertain to IT management of resources, irregardless of merit of alien white noise. I think these jokers showed exactly how clueless you have to be in order to fix a decade long IT problem by firing the guy who demonstrated that its clearly not a problem.

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