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Comment Re:cost reduction (Score 2) 595

You're thinking like an Engineer and not a CEO. The engineer only sees the opportunity to save a nickel per unit, but the CEO sees an opportunity to see millions of Lightning or USB C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapters for $19.95 each. Or, better yet, an opportunity to sell a $99 of "premium" headphones with a USB C or Lightning jack.

Besides, it's going to be tough the reclaim the title of "thinnest phone ever!" with that damn headphone jack in the way.

Comment Re:Relevant xkcd comic (Score 1) 637

Odds are at least one of passwords were used in the LinkedIn or MySpace hack, and are now in a password bruteforce list somewhere.

The real advice I have on passwords is to make sure that each one is unique for the site you're visiting. We should be going with the assumption that it's not IF the site will get hacked at some point, it's WHEN.

Comment Re:data caps are a business decision...motivation. (Score 3, Insightful) 91

I think that Comcast's goal is to make you watch less streaming content from Netflix and the like, and watch more cable TV instead.

So, yeah, I guess that it "influences behavior", but in a completely self serving manner for Comcast.

Frontier doesn't seem to care what you use their broadband for. Hell... they have Netflix built into the IPTV boxes, and offer Amazon Prime subscriptions to new customers.

Comment Re: Reasonable expectations. (Score 1) 135

"Emergency" as in the production web server is down, or "Emergency" like the boss needing a question answered ASAP on a Saturday afternoon because they have no social life?

I'm be willing to work OT to fix the former, but the latter can wait until Monday morning. Odds are they will find another ass kissing employee to answer the question by then, anyway.

Comment Re:What about the cost? (Score 1) 382

What will USB-C headphone jacks do? Allow the phone manufacturers to sell $29 add-on USB-C to headphone jack adapters, naturally. That's good for their profit margins, but not good for consumers.

The third-party accessory suppliers like Belkin will like it as well, since they'll be selling these USB-C to headphone adapters as well at a slightly lower price. I'd imagine that the $9 Chinese knockoff products will soon follow, with all of the quality and reliability problems we've come to expect with third-party knockoff adapter products.

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