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Comment Re:Oh :( (Score 1) 5

I've been thinking the same thing. We have the rise of populist demagogues, the resurgence of nationalistic tub thumping, at least two expansionist empire-building nations, one encroaching on a creaky defence pact in Europe...the area of major unrest has gone south (haven't we all?) from the Balkans to the Middle East, but otherwise conditions are very similar to pre-WW1. What concerns me the most is the glorification of dead soldiers without equal condemnation of the world leaders whose failings killed them; perhaps humans as a whole inherently can't see beyond their own experiences, and this lesson needs to be relearned every couple of generations.

And hey, lots of people do little significant things every day, it's just that the world rarely notices unless it's something destructive, or at the very least, crass. Taking care of business isn't news, but it makes the world work.

Comment Re:No, Not Good (Score 5, Informative) 361

Propylene glycol is also known as fog juice, the stuff that goes into stage smoke machines, and it's used as a food additive. It metabolises to lactic acid and is considered safe, which is why it's used in e-cigs.

Antifreeze is usually ethylene glycol, which is toxic. However, both salt and ethanol can also be used as antifreeze, and while they can be lethal in sufficient quantities they too are considered fit for human consumption. Calling something "antifreeze" tells you no more about its toxicity than calling something "natural" (i.e. snake venom) or "organic" (i.e. benzene).

Comment Re:Mine Research Papers. (Score 2) 255

Colour would be an improvement, but not as much as you might think. CMYK is no problem, but the RGB hues are limited by the quality of the inks/toner, paper, the mixing pattern and print resolution versus dot have a safe error margin you wouldn't want to use intermediate hues, so realistically that's three bits per dot. Since a scanner can't tell a halftone from a faded print it may not be a good idea to vary the print density, though this could be mitigated with reference colour bars, in which case each dot would be three bits plus a remainder which could be paired with an adjacent dot(s) to squeeze out some extra bit depth. On the down side, each dot would have to be large enough compared to the scanner's optical resolution to prevent colour errors due to aliasing.

(NB: deliriously tired, probably miscalculated the possible bit depth, but you get the idea)

Comment Re:Its useless junk (Score 1) 359

Fuel vapour inside a tank rarely has the correct oxygen mix to ignite. Rupture the tank and spray the fuel all over the place and suddenly it does. Aircraft fuel tanks (not to mention the rest of the plane) tend to rupture quite significantly on impact, while gas station tanks are usually underground and seldom fall out of the sky at a few hundred knots.

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