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Comment Re:I'm honestly blown away... (Score 1) 130

Funny you should say that. The Abbott/Turnbull governments instructed the CSIRO to run a marsupial-based alternative energy production trial, but due to the ferocity of the Tasmanian devil and various government health and safety regulations they were ordered to use a Tasmanian tiger (thylacene) instead. Since the only known remaining example of the thylacene is a stuffed exhibit in a museum no power was produced, thus proving the conservative government's argument that alternative energy schemes aren't effective, and both cuts to CSIRO funding and the approval of the Adani coal mine are justified.

Comment Re:Well, duh...! (Score 1) 171

An all-corn diet has virtually no protein... The body will eventually rebel against such a diet, and force a change in nutrient availability. I was born and raised in Iowa, so I love the taste of corn, but even I know that a man cannot live on corn alone... nor a rat.

Rats contain lots of protein, but true enough, one isn't going to last you very long.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 95

You're obviously a newbie. Before MySpace it was calculated by inverting the number of GIFs on your Geocities page, and before that it was based on how many AOL CDs you threw out. Going back even further, premiums were set by users themselves via Telnet (until the insurance companies figured out how secure their systems, anyway).

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 173

You mean my year old Nexus 5 that google stopped releasing updates for months ago is as secure as a year old iphone?

It is: both have an equal amount of confidence, though the exact nature of their self-doubts differ slightly. Windows phones, on the other hand, suffer a severe persecution complex and fear of rejection (which admittedly is well founded).

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