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Comment Re:What kind of nuclear test was this? (Score 1) 270

How much TNT did it take to simulate this nuclear test?

What is the evidence that North Korea set off a nuclear bomb? There was an earthquake, and we theorize it was caused by an explosion that was "6 to 7 kilotons." That is entirely feasible to do with conventional explosives. There have been accidents with coal trains and ships colliding that have produced explosions equivalent to over 2 kilotons. Doesn't this seem more likely? Or is there some evidence that this really was nuclear?

How is it that Iran can't get enough centrifuges to make a nuclear bomb, but North Korea can? Iran is much more advanced as far as I know. (Please reply and enlighten me if I am wrong here). If they really do have a nuclear weapon in NK, it seems most likely that they bought old soviet surplus or got it from China.

Good point. I don't see any measurements of fallout.

Comment Re:What ferocious act? (Score 1) 270

What ferocious act is NK claiming the US did against it? Are they claiming we shot down their satellite?

That's valid.

What do stupid idiots do when they do something that effectively destroys their reputation? Blame it on someone else and threaten them openly, then make sure they act on said threat to prove that it wasn't just a personal image defense.

Fits that model perfectly.

Well, then there's the more simplistic development of a false scenario in order to have a semi-valid excuse to execute an action that would be otherwise 100% scorned and retaliated against. I digress.

Comment Re:Making Peace? (Score 1) 270

I suggest you go to your local government office or branch and "demand" that you have better health care, "demand" that the TSA ban their backscatter x-ray machines from airports. See how long it takes some off duty cop or LAPD officer to shoot and taze the shit out of you for being a "terrorist."

Americans complain about this stuff all of the time, often loudly and rudely, both to government bureaucrats and anyone else who will listen, and they're not usually shot. North Koreans, on the other hand, get shot if they want to leave the country.

You're right, they're not usually shot. That's ridiculous.

They're just given carbon-copied "I care" letters that their staff lackeys send out. I've seen it tried with a group of three people with completely different opinions, and each one was answered with a letter stating that the representative completely agrees with them.

Comment It's been done for years with different RF devices (Score 1) 102

Ask an amateur radio operator how to do it.

They've been actively helping in disaster situations since the early 1900s, digitally since the 70s.

So unless someone wants to patent an idea, just ask old HAMs for excellent working designs and units; it's a quick set of technological changes to use WiFi handheld devices.

Comment Re:Alternatives? (Score 1) 148

Even though I would say use patent trolls as the new mice, how do you try out potentially lethal compounds in humans with good conscience (that is humans who are not patent trolls?)

How about suicidal ones that want to die and have been reasoned with repeatedly to no avail? Wait, that makes too much sense. Disregard.

Comment Re:From the comments on TFA: (Score 1) 148

Without this narrative, there wouldn't be hundreds of slashdotters reading this. This is a great non-story... I think everyone knows that there isn't a high correlation of what works in mice / works in humans and vice versa, but it's the best we have. It's not like you can just give people random drugs and see if it kills them.

You *CAN*, scientifically. You just can't morally. Death penalty should be expanded upon a hair, IMHO. Not to 'go Hitler' or anything, but hey.

Comment Re:Better than the alternatives (Score 1) 148

Researchers already knew that mice models were far from perfect. Anyone paying any attention to biomedical research knows that if some amazing cure is demonstrated in mice, it will likely never be heard of again since it didn't pan out. It's important to realize if one hadn't already that mice weren't perfect models for humans, but it's also important to realize that drug testing in mice IS necessary.

This isn't directed at you, but I don't understand the logic, and never will, where you can use an animal with a DNA model that is different from the animal that will be using the drug. Sure, it can show some serious negative effects or positive ones, but the DNA difference can also give you a laboratory set where one animal has 130 side effects (including death or worse), and the other has zero or one.

Chemistry is a little more complicated with animals than it is with test tubes.

Comment Re:TFS... (Score 1) 148

So, any word on how we managed to get from 'researchers identify class of conditions for which mice are an unexpectedly lousy model' to 'drug testing in mice may be a waste of time'?

Honestly, that sounds like another way of saying "we don't know what to effing do now. We have no test Humans!"

You know, capital punishment should include the obligatory 'island of murder/rape/pedophile criminals', but instead of serving time ad nauseam, you get to be randomly picked for drug trials.

Comment Re:Drug testing on mice (Score 1) 148

Is so-called 'objective reality' also a social construct?

The parent comment is why teachers want you to "show your work", objective reality is where teachers lose consciousness with a bottle of booze in front of the television, or, you know, just give you a C- for the hell of it because they TOTALLY understood your non-linear thought. ;)

Comment Re:How many (Score 1) 148

I often wonder how many drugs we reject long before human trials because some researcher used the wrong animal to test.

Also an obligatory SMBC comic

No kidding.

Trial Drug 1035832B:

Side effects in mice: Congenital defects, swelling of the urethra, kidney failure, liver failure, seizures, heightened blood pressure with occasional heart attacks, loss of vision and motor function, death.

Side effects in Humans: Occasional diarrhea.

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