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Comment I don't know ... (Score 4, Insightful) 128

For some reason this sounds to me like one of those situations where we say to ourselves, "What could happen if we cede control of the internet's technical management to the global community?" Then, six months, or a few years down the road, we look back and say "Ah ... that's what could happen; wish we hadn't done that."

Comment Re:How many apps? (Score 1) 198

> If i were a Verizon customer i'd consider paying at _least_ $10 extra to avoid having all the extra crap installed on my phone.

FUCK THAT!!! I bought the phone and I pay heavily for the service. I should absolutely NOT be required to pay even more money not to be annoyed or spied upon. Just another example of the rich getting richer off of hardworking Americans' backs.

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