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Comment Re:Economics is hard (Score 1) 168

The cost of a decent chair over its 10-20 year lifetime is even smaller. Yet somehow companies refuse to spend 1% of a salary on something that will make people 5% more efficient.

I am currently sitting in a chair that absolutely sucks, and I have no hope that my telling my boss will have any effect whatsoever.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

The radio controls typically have some sort of tactile feedback that you can use without looking at them.

Apparently you haven't used many of the new infotainment systems, or environmental controls, lately. They give almost none of that "tactile feedback" that you speak of. I wish they did, because I miss the "old days" of knowing the feel of turning the volume up/down, changing stations, adjusting the AC, etc. I look over WAY more now than I ever did with my older vehicles.

Comment triggers a feeling that you should laugh, too (Score 1) 370

What if I don't want to laugh?

For example, when I was watching The Lord of the Rings, I believe it was The Two Towers, there was a scene where Gollum was having an argument with Smeagol. The entire theater was laughing at the back-and-forth between the two. It seemed to me that I was the only one who recognized the seriousness of the moment at hand, the severe mental illness and psychological stressors that brought about that exchange. Sometimes the rest of the audience is dumb.

Comment How can they justify the suit? (Score 1) 209

I would like for somebody to explain to me exactly how a publicly funded government entity can copyright, register, trademark, etc. anything that is paid for, like I said, with public money. If you live in Georgia, you paid for all of those laws being constructed with your hard-earned tax money, they are [partially] your property, and you are entitled to do with them what you will; barring, of course, changing them or claiming the work is your own. If I am a legal resident of Georgia then I should have every right to, say, print as many University of Georgia Bulldogs t-shirts I want to and sell them. How can they legally stop me?

Comment How much is re-used vs. how much is replaced? (Score 1) 260

Is there some source out there that says how much of the rocket is re-used and how much is replaced with new parts? I would like to know what percentage is "original equipment" vs. how much is new. I would also be interested in knowing what the regeneration process is like in general.

Comment They may already own the books they are pirating. (Score 2) 153

Older people tend to have more books than younger people. I know I would feel completely within my rights to download a digital version of a book that I already own a hard copy of. For that matter, I would feel within my rights to download a digital version of a movie or music I already own, rather than go through the trouble of finding, then ripping the media.

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