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Comment Re:You know.. (Score 1) 113

Now they just need to do the same for drivers.... move the traffic lights and road signs so that they can be seen while still looking down at your phone...

This, actually, isn't a bad idea. Have a mandatory smartphone app on every phone sold. Whenever a driver is approaching an intersection, have the app, which is always running in the background, alert the driver about the intersection. I think this would be awesome.

Comment I hope Sarek isn't part of Discovery's crew. (Score 1) 164

Because, if I remember correctly, Sarek was opposed to Spock joining Starfleet. Many things can be said about Vulcans, but I don't believe "hypocrite" is one of them. Although, I suppose he could have opposed Spock's joining because he, himself, had a bad experience as a member of Starfleet.

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