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Comment I really don't care how they did it. (Score 1) 116

I really don't care how they did it, I'm just glad they did. The government is saying that Russia is interfering in the 2016 elections. Where the government says "interfering" I say "informing". I, for one, am glad they are letting us know just what kind of crap Clinton is trying to pull on us. I am glad that we finally have a first-hand peek at the underhandedness of our elected officials. I mean, if she tried this stuff before the election, just think about what she would feel privileged enough to try if she gets elected.

Comment What about the OPM Hack? (Score 1) 64

In that hack, the Chinese got information about thousands of people (and their relatives and friends) who were applying for security clearances. All that was done was the government said "sorry" and offered some free credit monitoring for a few years. These people willingly handed over their information to the government.

What is going to happen when the government collects all of this information on your average everyday Joe and Jane, and that gets hacked? These people absolutely did not willingly hand over their information to the government. What will the masses say when their information is then stored in databases spread throughout the world, being held by friendly and unfriendly countries alike?

What will the government say to us when this happens?

Comment Re:Long life (Score 2) 156

If you want to die a short life in agony, you go to the extreme at either end.

I worked with this girl who was, in my opinion, running herself to death. She has bad knees and feet anyway, and she was constantly training for marathons and 5Ks. She would come into work in pain so many times that I lost count. She is young, mid 30s, looks great, and is in great cardio-pulmonary shape, but her frame is breaking down. I asked her if it was worth being this "healthy" now and being a trainwreck when she is in her 60s. She said it was worth it.

I'll just try to, like you said, stick to a balanced life with diet and exercise. I may not look as good as she does now, but I'll catch up when I'm older.

Comment I saved by switching (Score 1) 78

My wife and I had the AT&T Family Share Plan with 2GB/month of data. Here lately, we came very close to to 2GB cap, and ran over a couple of times. So, after the AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plans came out, we switched to a 3GB/month plan and are saving $15.00/month on our bill. Say what you want, but this was a good, money-saving, deal for us.

Comment Re:Free speech (Score 1) 163

100% freedom would mean allowing arson, rape, murder and a thousand other behaviors that we currently ban.

Who said anything about wanting any of that stuff? Freedom of speech, however, should be unlimited and without exception.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 1) 250

Problem is that the way many companies price things, you don't save that much by cutting the TV. I have TWC and it's only like $20 cheaper/month if I cut TV and keep high speed internet.

I use COX in Northern Virginia. My monthly bill is $190.00. If I take cable TV off and keep only high-speed internet, then that drops it down to $80.00. That's a nice monthly savings.

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