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May Ten Quickies 159

Paul wrote in to point us to the GNU Jobs Page. ^BR wrote in to say that the may issue of Daemon News is out for your BSDies out there, and CaVi wrote in to say that the Linux Gazette is out (sorry that these took so long to announce... moving was a bitch). Bitscape sent us a Salon story about Coding in Vampire Mode. Mikesch noted that is selling colored Palm Pilots rsn. Looking for new backgrounds? President John F. Kennedy wrote in to tell us that the Volume 7 of Propoganda is up. And for those who are curious, he actually did send me beer! sent us this art gallery with fodder and dayeight sent us a photomosaic picture for you Lara Craft Perverts out there. HighJack noted that the latest version of JWZs X Screensaver distribution contains a new one that looks like those funky falling charachters from The Matrix. And finally for some crazy fun stuff, dave sent us hilarious proof that Star Trek is Satanic, and chrisd sent us one of the best ebay auction items in recent memory. Psst-this is Hemos. It was Rob's birthday on May 10-he thinks he escaped. E-mail him and tell him how much you love him.
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May Ten Quickies

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    It's gotta be. For one thing, the "Conservative Christian Web Ring" doesn't work. For another, there's a link to "Sporks cause transsexuality" page which is just too out there to take seriously.

    Either that, or someone is off his meds. WAYYYY off his meds.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Rob - if you want women to use slashdot - quit posting pornography. Its pretty simple - mostly they aren't into it.

    And you guys wonder why you never get laid...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Spoken like a true nerd! Here's a whole mess of porn, and you thinking, "What program does that?"

    Unfortunately, I also had the same thought.:)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    if we pulled our resources and bought the ark of the covenant and sent it to Bill Gates? ***sizzle sizzle***
  • Are you kidding? ... You're completely insane.
    ----------------- ------------ ---- --- - - - -
  • You know, I've always wondered...

    That catfood quote is from the episode where Lisa is friends with the Smart Girl. They play a game where one forms anagrams from a famous persons name that describes the famous person. They ask Ralph to play and he responds, "my cat's breath smells like catfood." Is it an anagram?

    BTW, if you have no idea what I'm talking about turn on sigs and look at PHroD's sig

  • Well, you can always leave negative feedback for someone who renigs...

    Recently I saw the Star Wars HMMV being re-sold on ebay, so apparently whoever bid on it like a year ago never bought it. Or that Cool Site of the Year award, last I looked it was up to like $100k.

    It's cute though.
  • Coincidentally, there was a bit on TV this weekend by a guy said he created this prorgam that does this. It was on either those CNet style shows on SciFi before MST3K, or maybe Discovery channel's Discovery News. It just takes an archive of pictures, gives them like an average color value, then takes a big picture and starts plopping the pics in place roughly matching the colors. It's a neat idea, but I don't think it'd be too hard to re-make it as say a Gimp plugin...
  • They've already cancelled both auctions, so what was the other auction about?
  • Cool article. Been there, done that. Both the coding till sun-up, and the mystical, magical, spiritual state of mind you get into during the deep hack. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, watch out world, here comes some crazy, hairy code that just works. It takes a long time to understand the resulting code afterwards:)
  • You obviously don't have the soul of a programmer (I'm not saying you don't have a soul, just that yours is not suited to programming), otherwise you would have understood the article. Nobody was comparing device drivers to any musical artist (I've never before heard of Mingus, anybody care to clue me in?). Instead, the author was reffering to the fact that hackers have a certain style of music to help them get into vampire mode as such (that spiritual state that causes code to just flow from ones fingers), in Steve's case, Mingus, for me, Sisters of Mercy usually does it.
  • Sounds like my wife's feelings about SoM.

    Anyway, thanks for his full name. I'll see what I can find locally. Sounds like he has to be heard to be talked about meaningfully (kinda like Bones asking Spock what death was like:)

  • Hmm, do you possibly mean Charles rather than Jeff? I just did an online search of the local library and found a Charles Mingus (1922-) doing jazz CDs (ie listed under jazz in the CD section).
  • Dange, the local library doesn't have "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady", but they do have "Ah Um", so I'll give that a try. Thanks for the recommendations. As to being into jazz, dunno, but I'll give it a go (I do love the Saxx if that's any help:)
  • Well, I managed to get hold of "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady" from the local library (thanks to mrPalomar), so I should have some interesting listenning for tonight.

    I grabbed the MP3 (thanks for the link), but my 486 probably won't do the job (motivation to get that freeamp hack done, I guess), so I don't know when I'll get to hear it.

  • Actually, the library did have it (bad search params, I guess) so I borrowed it. "Ah Um" was not to be found (somebody got it between my search and arrival at the lib). Should be interesting.
  • Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the MP3 (size) and get freeamp to either speed up or output waves. The results on my 486 vary from vary skippy to slightly skippy, depending on the MP3. Thanks anyway.
  • "Magic Eye pictures of the 90's"? But Magic Eye pictures _are_ from the 90's!
  • >>>
    Porn = inexhaustible supply of images

    Only problem is, there's not that much variation in color...
  • Oh, come on.

    First, the links says "for you Lara Croft perverts." Did you seriously not brace yourself for the possibility of something pornographic when you clicked it?

    Second, as previously mentioned, it's questionable as to whether the image was pornographic.
  • I dug a little deeper and found out it was a spoof! []

    He does warn you in advance though...

  • Posted by Tempt:


    Sporks -do- cause serious Satanism - I saw one the other day, and I thought "Damn, I feel like eating babies and running around in little circles saying ".

  • People, please. Shorten the URL and look at his
    homepage. This is satire, and good one, since you
    almost fell for it or could not decide if it was
    for real.
  • see subject. Hope you had a good one.
  • Photomosaics are ascii-art or ANSI art, except that they use little images instead of text. The same concept applies: make up a palette entry for each tile, dither the picture to the palette entries, and look up some good tiles. That's really it.

    Actually, I just got a TV card, and I've been capturing pictures... I could do it from porn movies, but I'd rather do it from Transformers: The Movie. :) Yep, a photomosaic app for Linux sounds good right about now. Who's with me?
  • Whether or not you call it pron, I would prefer that links to nekkidness be clearly labeled so that I don't click on them at work. Generally, I never read the quickies at work because I never know if have to worry about cow-orkers seeing it.
  • The Ark of the Covenant... hmmm...

    Makes you wonder, what happens to these folks selling crazy stuff (like the Russian space shuttle test article) if someone actually bids on the item and they can't deliver? Does EBay take action or can the purchaser sue for fraud? EBay doesn't strike me as the best place to fool around.
  • (I feel dumb. I posted this under someone else's comment when I meant to post it at the first level. No, Preview doesn't prevent this. How about a "Delete Post" button, Rob?) The Ark of the Covenant... hmmm... Makes you wonder, what happens to these folks selling crazy stuff (like the Russian space shuttle test article) if someone actually bids on the item and they can't deliver? Does EBay take action or can the purchaser sue for fraud? EBay doesn't strike me as the best place to fool around.
  • That's the last time I ever look to Ebay for an auction. With kids like that auctioning on there, who knows how man of their other products are real frauds.
  • The silicon follies series i found to be highly patronising. if you read the rest of them, the reiterating theme is "professional engineers are sad and pathetic" mixed in with a large dose of "useless liberal arts majors are good and wonderful".

    basically, it's just another dig at techies, which is a pity as salon's content is often interesting.
  • It was not pornography. It was humor. Anyone who manage to get offended by it has serious problems, unrelated to slashdot.
  • I agree... I have no sympathy for people who are offended by the naked body, or the act of sex. You are naked underneath your clothes, people! We are born naked! I hate overboard puritanical conservatives... You ruin things for everyone else.

    AND, this particular item was not pornography, it was art (there's already a fuzzy line). Can you imagine someone masturbating to this picture? Unless someone really likes Lara Croft, but, even so, there are better, clearer pictures of her to be had... Is the statue of David pornography? You can see his THING !
  • From the Cygnus job description:
    "Stock options and benefits are part of the employment package"
    So, does this confirm the rumours that Cygnus will be going public?
  • Not necessarily. Any corporation has stock: it just may not be traded publicly. Usually the founders start with 100% stock, then sell some stock to investors to raise cash, then sell some to venture capitalists, then eventually more stock gets sold in an initial public offering. Or, all the stock gets sold to an acquiring company, or it all becomes worthless when the company fails :-(
  • Those colored pilot cases look kinda cool. The problem is they don't provide a colored IR-memory door for people with older, upgraded pilots (ie ME).

    If any of you have older pilots with the IR-memory upgrade, then email them and let them know that you're interested in this option. If we slashdot them they'll have to do it! =)

  • This guy is clearly a loon. Most Christians do NOT believe the nonsense he spouts, and I suspect that it is a spoof.

    Christianity is about God himself dying on the cross so that we might have divine help to overcome Sin in our lives. That is, first God accepts us as His children, then he makes us more worthy of that acceptance (we're never really Holy enough.)

    It is not about proclaiming who is saved and who is not, and it certainly has nothing to do with rating TV shows.

    Even moreso, It's not really about avoiding Sin -- although we do try to avoid Sin because we love God and he hates Sin. What this guy seems to believe in is a kind of ritualistic purity and legalism which is more Muslim or Jewish than Christian.

    I thank God that I don't have to live under that kind of system. Don't think that's what God is about.
  • Only difference I can see is one of form vs. function, code having a side effect of being extremely functional (well some code anyway). The line between form and function gets pretty damned fuzzy sometimes though, and it seems odd to categorize art as purely non-functional. That would rule out this garth brooks tape I have been using as a doorstop (jk).

    Besides, jazz improvisation and hacking have a lot in common, the main difference is that jazz is done realtime while programmers get a little more time to think. (Most hackers would disagree with that around code freezes i bet)

  • Check out "Mingus Ah Um," if you're interested. "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady" is better IMO but might be harder to get into if you're not into jazz much.

  • Rubbish, I know several women who are into porn. You're just buying into the whole tradition Western women-are-assexual myth. The more women stop believing what they have been told about their own sexuality, the more they realise that they're not just empty vessels for men to project their fantasies onto.

    On the other hand, it is true that most porn these days is targetted at men, and is something of an "acquired taste". I think it's reasonable for Slashdot to give a warning when linking to stuff like that. It's not everyone's cup of tea.

  • i disagree-- i think the previous AC was saying that putting stuff like that up here will only disgust the minor 4% of women who /do/ read Slashdot, and discourage others from starting to do so.

    What my post was trying to say was, it's reasonable to say that links to porn should have warnings attached, because it is offensive to some people. But to say it's offensive to women specifically is not only factually inaccurate, but the sort of dangerous generalisation that leads to oppressive behaviour.

    A) one might assume that women who /are/ into porn, (on the majority, just so i don't alienate some people) aren't into Playboy or the like, for example, and...

    Actually, bizarrely, I've known more women who like Playboy than men. But that's probably just a statistical blip, I think Playboy would be a rather different magazine if most of its readership were female :-) Personally, I can't stand that airbrushed crap. Anyway, if you look closely at the Lara Croft pic, the pictures clearly aren't the sort that appear in Playboy.

    B) yes, sex sells, and women's bodies tend to be the ones selling it, but finally,

    Supposing for a moment this is still true in an age where every second TV ad has a "hunk" taking his shirt off, how is it relevant to this discussion?

    C) just because women don't like porn doesn't by *any* means mean we are a-sexual. I find it to be a somewhat ridiculous assumption; perhaps it's only that women exhibiting their libido are subjected to a double-standard of what's permissible to show. Either that, or we try to be more tasteful and keep such things (as feeling 'sexual' or being something other than mere reflections of male fantasies) out of the public eye, and instead letting them be displayed in a the intimate, private sphere.

    I agree, I wasn't at all saying that not liking porn made anyone assexual. What I was saying was that the widescale acceptance of the idea of female assexuality was a major cause of the belief (and hence the reality) that women didn't enjoy porn. I considered it too obvious to be worth stating that women are no more assexual than men.

    Your argument seems to revolve around a very limited idea of what it means to be a woman. And you seem to be implying that men are all tasteless sex-crazed exhibitionists. Trying to understand your homogenous idea of the world is making me depressed. I refuse to conform to any predefined pattern of behaviour on the basis of on the configuration of my genitalia!

  • That Tyler photomosaic app looks great. I was really eager to try it out but it's Windows only...

    Although, recently I saw someone accurately describe photomosaics as the Magic Eye oictures of the 90's...

  • I haven't tried it yet but it's here [].
  • by Pixie ( 4501 )
    No, I think that this [] is even better and lends great credibility to the "Ark of the Covenant" auction:

    Pixie / GeekChick

  • i disagree-- i think the previous AC was saying that putting stuff like that up here will only disgust the minor 4% of women who /do/ read Slashdot, and discourage others from starting to do so.

    Either way,

    A) one might assume that women who /are/ into porn, (on the majority, just so i don't alienate some people) aren't into Playboy or the like, for example, and...

    B) yes, sex sells, and women's bodies tend to be the ones selling it, but finally,

    C) just because women don't like porn doesn't by *any* means mean we are a-sexual. I find it to be a somewhat ridiculous assumption; perhaps it's only that women exhibiting their libido are subjected to a double-standard of what's permissible to show. Either that, or we try to be more tasteful and keep such things (as feeling 'sexual' or being something other than mere reflections of male fantasies) out of the public eye, and instead letting them be displayed in a the intimate, private sphere.

    My $.02. Happy Slashdotting.

  • I don't think we disagree as much as it may seem. So you're basically saying women shouldn't conform to the already widespread myth that we should be/are asexual. I agree-- I find it just as frustrating to make generalizations (apologies for those that came out like that when I posted last night) restricting the roles of men and women. I don't consider either men or women any less (or more) sexual than the other.

    Regarding conforming to a predefined pattern of behavior on the basis of a configuration of my genetalia-- ditto. I find it very frustrating to be judged one way or another just because I'm a woman. I guess i'm also just not used to people who conform to any sort of stereotype ("But we must be conservative and reserved!") for the sake of the stereotype or because they think they 'should'... I'm very used to an open-minded environment, where that sort of self-repression is exceedingly offensive.

    We seem to be agreeing-- pardon the misunderstanding.

    Long live open-mindedness and clarity,
  • From the RH Announce List:
    Ryan Weaver has made an RPM and a SRPM of xscreensaver 3.11

    Should be available on: creensaver/

  • by aok ( 5389 )
    I didn't notice that 3.12 was out since 3.11 was just released a couple of days ago. But I expect the new RPM's will be in the same locations.
  • The item you requested (101092904) is invalid. Please check the number and try again. If this message persists, the
    item has expired and is no longer available.

    Now I don't get to view the infamous items....
  • > Anyone else tried ttyquake? Just get the version
    > of svgalib that is a hack over the aalib (?)
    > char cell graphics libraries, then use
    > LD_PRELOAD to grab them... Weird.

    Alternatively, use LibGGI via the svgalib wrapper with GGI_DISPLAY set to "aa".

    That way, depending on what GGI_DISPLAY is set to (if unset, it autodetects), you can use the same rig without further modification to display on X or on a monitor wall or on console with fbcon or all kinds of other really freaky shit (see -- these people are EVIL&#*@^$*#&^

  • I have no objection to "porn" in a generic sense, as long as it's in good taste, or shows at least an attempt at cleverness or elegance. The Lara Croft photomosaic didn't meet these tests, IMHO.

    Maybe I'm just incredibly picky...


  • There wasn't anything on the original Star Trek in there, only this Next Gen / DS9 / Voyager rubbish. That's a bit disappointing, really.
  • How ridiculous. And I thought I was pathetic for wearing the suit at conventions.. I guess some people are messed up in a much worse way. *no Star Trek/Wars flames here, both are cool*

  • eek! poagpacks [] on /.!

    Go Poag! ;)

  • Whenever I see a URL pointing into the middle of a site, let's say: e69/satantrek.html []

    I click the location box in my web browser and hit backspace until I end up with something like: []

    Which often helps to get things into context.

    Sometimes I end up in a directory listing, which is a great way to explore a site. Unfortunately, some sites are rude enough to leave directories without index.html and block directory listing. Bad, bad webmaster. No cookie today.
  • is there a GIMP plug-in in the works for this? this would be damned cool. if we didn't have to buy a WINDOWS program to do this
  • anybody wanna put xscreensaver-3.12.tar.gz somewhere I can get it, (or point me at a mirror that has this version?) I'm getting about 200 bps for a few minutes and then it just stalls.
  • If you wanna hear a little bit of Charles Mingus' music click here []. The song was featured in a recent VW commercial.. this is off their website, and perfectly legal (well, if it's not, then it's VW's problem, not mine.)
  • I've played MP3s on a 486/75 with 12 MB ram, and windows 95! I was I think I was using the 16 bit version of winplay3.. I had to turn on all the CPU saving stuff, but it played em as well as one would expect anything to sound out of the 25 cent speaker on a ThinkPad. I'd bet you can get it to play on a 486 linux box if I could get it to play on a 95 box. Anyway, there are actually wav's and AIFF's on that site as well, if those'll work better for ya, the page is here. []
  • I went over to look at this...


    I hung out on a non-Xian newsgroup for a bunch of years, and was one of the proponants of a Big 8 version of it. This, unfortunately, looks all too real, like the kind of post we used to get every Sept. and Feb., when the new students got their Net account, and discovered that Everyone Does Not Think Like They Do in Rock City, TN, or Podunk, IL.

    File under the heading of "people who ought to live on a farm, and never look at tv or a computer".

    The scary thing is, of course, that these fruitcakes *are* out there, and not only can get guns, but get organized, as witnessed by the birth control clinic murders and bombings over the years

  • by NYC ( 10100 ) on Monday May 10, 1999 @07:33PM (#1898349)
    http://cgi2.e dibona []

    How do some people make this shit up? :)

    --Ivan, weenie NT4 user, Jon Katz hater: bite me!

  • Why should it have to be an attractive woman?

    Some of the most attractive women I know are also the most sexually repressed.

    OTOH, some of the less attractive ones have a sex drive that fare surpasses mine. I would also keep in mind that the taste in sexual desire is quite different from men to women. Just because some guys might like it all hot and nasty, doesn't mean all or even some sexually driven women do too.

    Hell, Hustler is hardly my ideal for porn.
  • Actually, it's not Arcsoft Photomontage, it's Tyler, a Win32 program that's available for free download on the site []. I fired it up and it seems to work fairly well. I don't have such a large image gallary to work with on my machine, so my results weren't as well crafted, but I could see it producing some cool pics givin a large enough base of images.

    BTW, does anyone know of a large web based repository for photos and images (not porno, just anything)?
  • I wonder how many people noticed that those were actually about half numbers/letters and half backwards katakana (Japanese phonetic characters usually used for foreign words, like italics in English).

    I did.

    I was wondering if those were Unicode streams or something...

    Jay (=
  • A) one might assume that women who /are/ into porn, (on the majority, just so i don't alienate some people) aren't into Playboy or the like, for example, and...

    Actually, Playboy is a bad example, since only about 10% of the magazine has "nekkid wimmin" - the rest are mostly insterviews and articles, very well worth reading.

    Not to mention that their models are healthy and well-formed, and very little focus is given to genitalia - unless you count the "mammalian portruberences" (Zappa-term) as genitalia.

    What it boils down to is that men's sexuality is more driven by the visual aspects than the female sexuality, and porn is normally expressed using visual media.

    (Hum. Could musk-based perfume for men be called porn in the sense that its purpose is to arouse women? :-))

  • Nobody is except for christians lacking in humour... Ah, well, dying at a cross is no fun. Hm,I see.


  • Well, looks like it's not a matter of religion...


  • it's a spoof.
  • I thought this was a wonderful parody, but as I read it, I kept having nagging doubts that maybe this person was serious.

    Oh please, anyone who can come up with the "36 of D" line just can't be serious. Religious nuts like that simply don't have this type of a sense of humor.

  • As far as I can tell, these cases do not exist yet. (And there's been some speculation on the Pilot newsgroup that they never will.)
  • I'm glad that your religious experiences aren't like the ones that are spoofed in Satan Trek. I agree with you - I hope that's not what god is about either. However, there are some people who will tell you to your face many of the "truths" which were put forth satirically at this web site, and those are the people that the author is really poking fun at. I don't think that god cares too much about TV shows or who has been "saved" either, but there are plenty of people who do care about this sort of thing and who will take god's name and authority to pass judgment on other people.

  • there are women who like porn, but not many. men are much more visual than women when it comes to sex. most women prefer more romantic erotica.
  • So I'm a few minutes late. But you're in Central time anyway right? So enjoy the 50 or so minutes you've got left.

    Happy birthday!!

  • Those of you interested in Matrix-type stuff should check out 'cmatrix', built using ncurses. It's really cool and yours truly added the colors other than green.

    I don't have a link for it, but you can look it up via freshmeat.

  • I don't think it's serious.
    The Chruch of the Mighty Lamb gave it away.

    But it is extremely well made. I almost fell out of my chair, laughing.
  • Yes, it's silly, but it does show there is an honest problem that it is very easy to perpetrate fraud on E-Bay, and, of course, a good deal of it isn't in such obvious absurdities
  • Much of what is said on that site is sadly true. I know that many horrific things have been done "In the name of God". However, I believe that this should not be confused with Christianity. If there was a group of Homosexuals who went out to kill all Heterosexuals, would you be so quick to mock and attack Homosexuals?

    Even in the New Testament Jesus attacks the current "Religious leadership" as hypocrits. (This is actually what got him in so much trouble). Christianity, which is based on Jesus' teachings, teaches Tolerance and loving. (Hate the sin, not the sinner). It is my belief that Homosexuality is a sin. However, I have had homosexual friends. I never made any direct attacks on their lifestyles, and if asked, would simply answer: "I do not believe in your lifestyle, nor do I believe in MY right to choose your lifestyle". Jesus teaches that each person has to make thier own choice.

    Let there be no mistake about it: Those who kill abortion doctors are sinners, and NOT CHRISTIANS. They are not doing ANYONE any good. On the other hand, Planned Parenthood (and other associated groups) explicately attempts to arrest parental controls away and talk teens into abortion without giving other options/choices. They are even more wrong, they are preying on the weak, and taking advantage of a bad situation.

    Also, for those who threatened to Sue the site: You are really confused, The Bible explicitly tells Christians not to sue people. (I wish I could remember the verses, but alas I do not have my Thompsan-Chain(tm) Reference with me).

    For those who have been ridiculed by those who call themselves Christians, for those who have been looked down on by those who call themselves Christians: I am sorry, it is wrong, Jesus loves you, and so should we.

    "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"

    Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."
    Matt 22:36-40

    -- Keith Moore
  • Yes, it is a spoof...
    from the root page (
    "Jesus came ##### times and stained the sheets."

    the scarier thing is that people like this really exist in the world...


    even scarier is their polar opposites (just as conservative, just as scary, but a-religious/"a-theist")

  • don't you find the idea of religious zealotry just a bit frightening? someone who could irrationally pour all of their faith into an unverifyable belief and then twist its definition over and over again to make _you_ the good guy and someone else the bad guy....

    I think it's frightening that a human being can stoop so low..
  • Try The Force=Satan [] to see why.

    IMHO, once again the Star Wars stuff is superior

    I disagree. The Star Wars page is much more cartoonial with the edited images. The Star Trek page seems much more sinister, and a much more convincing parody. It actually resembles some of the web pages I have seen around the 'Net. But the Andy Gibb-esque depiction of Jesus on The Force=Satan [] had me laughing more than anything else on either page.

  • Exactly.. In fact the entire series "Silicon Follies" was a welcome intrusion on work tonight.

    The coding installment was so on target, I wasn't quite sure if it was fiction or documentary material. A more palatable, less sensationalized John Katz article if you will.

    As to coding in vampire, is it just me, or does it just seem easier to code through the night?
  • Nah. The network had broken down, not the web server :)
  • i was actually thinking it was real, until i readthe part about Data being a walking vibrator, that is something that I am pretty sure an ulta-conservitive-religious-type-person would say. Also if you looked at the URL it was tzimisce69, another hint that the site is a fake, buause I am thinking that the samre religious type people would not have sucha blatent sexual referance. just my thoughts. but i am sure that the rest of you already picked that up......
  • mine? thanks!
  • by lisa ( 19611 ) on Monday May 10, 1999 @07:15PM (#1898373) Homepage Journal
    we all love ya...
  • Can't really explain his music. You'll have to hear it to understand it. It's a real bitch to play for the untrained player, and a real bitch to listen to for the untrained ear.
  • indeed i was. i was talking to a co-worker named Jeff at the time. Charles Mingus is his name.
  • Many happy returns, and may you also find a Rickenbacker 12-string with a Fender Pro-Reverb Tube amp under your Birthday tree as well
  • I could be wrong, but I'm betting it's NOT a spoof.

    I've been exposed to several examples of extreme fundamentalist religious fanaticism that were every bit this ludicrous.

    Check out the homepage [] of the group that takes credit for creating the site.

    Sadly, it looks like a legit ultra-fundamentalist group.

    The wording and syntax of their rhetoric is exactly like that of other such groups I have seen. I saw no blatant giveaways that it was a spoof, even in the "spork" page.

    Actually, I HOPE I'm wrong about this...
  • The bible unequivocally says that HATRED is a sin.

    Any group that expresses hatred against another group (as this group is doing) is committing as severe a sin as they are accusing the group they hate of committing.

    Sadly, I am afraid that this is NOT a spoof, their rhetoric is just too much like other hate filled ultra-fundamentalist groups that I have unfortunately been exposed to that hate others in the name of God and Christianity.

    What about the "Christian" values that the world within Star Trek seems to place as worthy high values. Values like love, respect, honor, courage, and TOLERANCE of others. This group seems to lack all of these qualities.

    I just checked out the guy's root page.


    Actually, I'm releived!
  • Well, I've done painting, drawing, theater, played several intstruments, sung, written songs, written poetry and prose, but I've never found an art more beautiful (or expressive) than computer programming. That's why I love to do it every day, and most of it I do (the non-homework stuff) is simply for the love of it.

    To me, art is working within a set of constraints (the medium) to express a thought, idea, or emotion, or to solve a problem. With painting, the constraints are your paint, brushes, and canvas. With drawing, it's your pencils and paper. With haiku, it's words and the 5-7-5 pattern (truly one of the most constrained, yet expressive art forms). With computer programming, it's the machine's instruction set, and the capabilities of the peripherals (yes, OS constraints, memory constraints, and other things too..). It's constraining, yes, but also quite liberating. It's the most interactive medium I've found.

    Many people who are programmers don't take programming this way, but I really think it can be thought about in this manner, and makes sense to.

  • Funniest thing i've seen in a while. I think I will make a Bill Clinton one out of the same materials ;)
  • I thought this was a wonderful parody, but as I read it, I kept having nagging doubts that maybe this person was serious.

    When I saw the Inquisition graphic I thought, okay, definitely parody. Then after all the bible quotes I began to doubt that hypothesis.

    If this guy is serious, he is a poster child for intolerance and religious bigotry. Thank God I'm an atheist!

    I think the best thing about the site is its ambiguity. Real or parody? Does it matter?
  • read this sellers comments. and look at his other auction: m&item=101249405

    Quizbekistan, a former province of canada hehe

  • Oh, puleeeeez! Calling that porn is laughable.

    WWWebster defines pornography as:

    1. the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement
    2. material (as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement
    3. the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

    If the miniature images on that page were seen in their original full-size form they might qualify as pornography. At a size that small, they simply don't. How could anyone would find any 27x27 pixel image as "depicting erotic behaviour intended to cause sexual excitement"?? The only reason that we humans are able to recognize that the images in that mosaic depict women in erotic positions is that our brains are amazing at filling in missing information. If you don't believe me try blowing up some of those images to 5 times their original size.

    But the real issue isn't the 27x27 pixel tiles, it's the image itself, which is undeniably art. It may be art that nobody finds interesting, it may even offend some, but it is art, and while it might be considered erotic art, it's not pornographic.

    Was Rob wrong to post this? Well it isn't news for nerds and it surely isn't stuff that matters but I'm sure I'm not the only one who found it interesting and, yes, I admit it, cool. I'm glad Rob chose to share it with us. I don't even think there's any reason he should have to warn people about the image.

  • Actually, I got mail from someone today who wrote a GIMP plug-in that does essentially what Tyler does. I'm sure you can find it easily enough..

    (Chris, author of Tyler)
  • The hard part is getting a source library of a couple thousand tiles (10s of thousands?). This is probably why porn was used.

    Yes, as the creator of that image, I can confirm this. And, honestly, for a picture of a face, you do need a lot of flesh tones, if you want to avoid having to modify the output tiles. So, that porn CD finally got some good use.

    The whole thing took less than a minute on my P-pro 180.

    There are other images there : Click me []
  • That way people can filter it out if they don't want. Pretty sensible.
  • It's a really simple program to make. You can get bigger tiles and finer detail by dividing the tiles into smaller squares.

    1) Grid the source image and computer the avg color for each square.

    2) Grid each tile into 9 smaller tiles (3 by 3). Find the color values for each subtile.

    3) For each 3 by 3 section in the source image find the tile with best match. Use the normal sum of squares of differences.

    The last section is the most compute-intensive (for large tile libraries). It's extremely easy to parallize though. Clever people can also sort the tiles ahead of time somehow.

    The hard part is getting a source library of a couple thousand tiles (10s of thousands?). This is probably why porn was used.

    Porn = inexhaustible supply of images

System checkpoint complete.