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Comment Re:Sorry to be frank but what did he think (Score 1) 308

I'm honestly a bit stunned so many people hate it on Slashdot, beyond the obvious Microsoft bias, because it actually supports Flash. That's something that even Android cannot say ever since Adobe stopped supporting "mobile" platforms.

It only supports flash in for certain "whitelisted' sites which can actually end up providing a worse experience than other mobile platforms. I believe there are some hacks to get around this but for the average user it is only going to amount to more confusion and a perception that it "doesn't work".

Comment Re:Downgrade rights (Score 1) 671

I still work at the place you used to work and while I'm sure that Windows 8 would be a nightmare to roll out to the entire corporation, I do have hopes that Windows 8 tablets will be able to provide our execs with playthings that are easier to manage than the iPads they currently have. Even that hope is somewhat dulled by the fact that WinRT won't be domain joinable.

If you go back and look at the blogosphere predictions for the iPhone they are comically wrong, so really nobody knows what will happen until it happens. One engineer I work with is convinced that Windows 8 will mark Microsoft's return to dominance and they will crush iOS and android. I think it could go either way. Their strategy of forcing the interface formerly known as Metro on everyone could pay off. If everyone adapts to metro then the halo effect will help sell Windows Phone 8 handsets and encourage developers to finally update their VB6 apps to something better suited to this millennium. On the other hand if a negative opinion of the interface formerly known as metro takes hold with the masses then they have another Vista situation and they will never stop the iOS/Android juggernauts.

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 1091

While I'd love to have something like ssh for Windows standard, the fact of the matter is that Windows is a GUI environment, and ssh access to that just doesn't make sense - especially when compared to RDP (which, btw, is quite secure).

Actually I regularly use psexec to launch a command shell on remote windows systems. There are plenty of things that can be fixed remotely from a command line without interrupting users like an RDP session would. I would very much like to have both an ssh server and client included as part of windows by default.

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