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Comment Shamir Secret Sharing (Score 1) 381

This (the parent comment) bears repeating and expounding-upon.

Use Shamir's Secret Sharing you can arbitrarily choose the number pieces into which your secret will be broken (N) as well as the minimum number required to reconstitute the secret (M). It is referred to as "M of N."

For example, you could perform the 3 of 5 operation on your master password, distribute 1 piece to your best friend, 1 piece to your lawyer, 1 piece to your sibling, and keep two pieces for yourself in your home safe. Or distribute those two to other trusted persons. Whatever. Any combination of THREE of the five pieces will reconstitute your master password.

You can build in any level of redundancy you wish.

Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 0) 1103

I feel like basic financial management (what is a bank account; why should you save?) is the kind of thing that should be taught in primary and/or secondary schooling. Certainly for a large percentage of people it would be far more useful than (for example) certain mathematics or science classes, and far more beneficial to society as a whole -- and I say this as a person with a degree in mathematics.

Comment Re:Oddly... I have a clue about this stuff lately (Score 1) 138

If I could add a little bit about CNV -- yes, it can be detected from ExomeSeq and yes you can infer it, to some extent from sequencing depth, given adequate depth. BUT there are a few caveats. First, exomeSeq is typically amplicon based and not all amplicons have uniform amplification. Second, while you could make gross calls (heterozygous deletion, 3x or greater amplification) from Exome data alone, it would be hard to say that one area had 1.6x (for example) amplification without really massive sequencing depth. To make better CNV calls with exome data it is useful to have control DNA (as in the arrayCGH technique which has heretofore been the standard for detection of CNV) sequenced under exact same conditions at exact same time in order to do a better genome-wide* circular binary segmentation procedure.

* actually you would probably only want to simulate probes at the center of each exon target region in your whole-exome sequencing kit; this should be available from the kit vendor

Best of luck to you and your family.

Comment Re:I don't want them making money out of my earnin (Score 1) 430

...As has been stated before, it's a question of backing. Government-issued currencies are backed up by a promise from the government that they will accept them in payment for taxes and, often, by a legal requirement for merchants to accept them within the relevant country's borders. This guarantees that you will be able to exchange them for goods or services in the future, for as long as the government survives, although it does not guarantee that they will retain the same value.

(emphasis mine)

I wanted to make the very important point that promises can be and are broken.

I would highly recommend the short book Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew D. White, the founder and first president of Cornell University. It can be read online for free at: but I would encourage you to purchase a print copy (for cheap) here:

Regarding the assertion that governments and merchants will accept a currency as long as the government survives, I am glad you added the caveat about no guarantee of value, for that is important, but more importantly governments have and most probably will in the future completely change currencies. You may or may not have an opportunity to exchange.

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