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A Contrarian Stance On Facebook and Privacy 160

macslocum writes "Amid the uproar over Facebook's privacy maneuvers, Tim O'Reilly offers a contrarian view. He writes: 'The essence of my argument is that there's enormous advantage for users in giving up some privacy online and that we need to be exploring the boundary conditions — asking ourselves when is it good for users, and when is it bad, to reveal their personal information. I'd rather have entrepreneurs making high-profile mistakes about those boundaries, and then correcting them, than silently avoiding controversy while quietly taking advantage of public ignorance of the subject, or avoiding a potentially contentious area of innovation because they are afraid of backlash. It's easy to say that this should always be the user's choice, but entrepreneurs from Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg are in the business of discovering things that users don't already know that they will want, and sometimes we only find the right balance by pushing too far, and then recovering.'" Facebook has confirmed it is working on more changes to its privacy policy in response to feedback from users.
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Submission + - DirectX 10 Gaming Performance Review (

Vigile writes: "DirectX 10 has been the big (and only) dangling carrot that Microsoft has been holding over PC gamers' heads with their Vista OS since its debut in January. Even though the hardware to run DX10 was out before that, the games that actually use it are just now starting to trickle onto shelves. Now with both the hardware and software available we can determine whether AMD's or NVIDIA's most recent generation of graphics processors is best suited for DX10 gaming. The results that PC Perspective have compiled on the currently available DX10 games might surprise you, as NVIDIA's cards dominate in both single and multi-GPU benchmarks."

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