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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Order of the Stick Reprint Drive Breaks Kickstarte (kickstarter.com)

kylus writes: The author and illustrator of the popular D&D spoof webcomic Order of the Stick recently began a drive to fund reprints of previously-released trade paperbacks. Originally seeking to fund one reprint, Rich Burlew's effort has skyrocketed; having opened the drive 12 days ago, Burlew has already raised close to $390,000, enough to reprint all six of his previous books. The drive is now easily in the top 10 most funded projects in Kickstarter's history and looks to be the most funded creative effort on the entire site. The best news? There are still 18 days to go!

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 244

So explain to me how this works. You register at the government website and say I don't want to be tracked. So how do the law abiding companies use that information when you are logging into cnn.com to read the news? Do you, perhaps, get a token from the government that you have to send to cnn to prove you are on the list? Is this token unique to you? Hmm, so a unique token is given to all websites that is "not used to track information about you." Ri-i-i-iight!

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