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Comment Waiting on reviews (Score 1) 71

Since I don't have a 4K HDR television (planned for next summer though), I'm not likely to pick up a Pro immediately. However, reviews can sway me, based on a very simple criterium: does it significantly improve PSVR. I've been extremely happy with my headset so far, but I do notice that some games look better in it than others, especially when it comes to anti-aliasing. I'm not expecting the Pro to improve upon the best experiences, but if it raises the median and average quality towards the best ones, it's day one after all.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 917

The bigger problem with this article though is that it really doesn't belong here. This is not a technology issue, or even a science issue. This is an economics issue, and a monetary issue.

It fits "news for nerds, stuff that matters". Slashdot isn't strictly about technology.

Comment Re:Viral (Score 1) 134

Developer previously stated numerous times that it would take "hundreds of hours" to reach the "center of the galaxy (he misspoke and said Universe earlier...)".

Murray said that for typical players. This guy is by definition not the typical player and quite likely rushed towards the centre to reach the bragging rights of that particular goal, after all finding a planet isn't exactly a unique feat. Thereby skipping most of the discoveries, lore or sheer "it's just an interactive screensaver but damn it's pretty so I don't care" moments.

Mind you, people watch train footage. I've built the same repetitive, mundane, boring mob farms and whatnots as everyone else in Minecraft and I enjoyed every single block of it. So I'm pretty sure I will love No Man's Sky.

Comment Not anymore (Score 1) 301

I ditched Facebook, it was a nice piece of groupware for consumers but the content has shifted to clickbait and nonsense. Also, Messenger turned into MSN/Myspace. Still use Whatsapp though. That said, when I used it, I tend to go for real name more these days than before. I'm all for anonimity where required and privacy where desired, but most of my internet presence doesn't require a pseudonym and there are actually benefits as well in using a real name: I controla far larger share of the information available when searching for that name.

Comment Re:Bad headline (Score 2) 35

Agreed. "Exposed ports" != "vulnerable ports".

True, but unnecessary exposure is still an extra risk incase of a vulnerability.

I wish I could stricten access to services such as IMAP, can't wait for my LTE provider to roll out IPv6 so I can open it up to just me and not the whole world (or everyone with the same provider).

Comment Re:Private sector will always do it better. (Score 1) 352

If we allow the government to socialize internet access, we'll wind up with a system that is constantly in need of repair, upgrades, and endless red tape to get even the slightest thing done, along with constant pressure to charge rich people more and give access away for free to poor people in the name of 'fairness...' We need to be stopping the relentless growth of big government, not find more things for them to get their paws into.

So basically we'd end up with the same system corporations offer us, but (according to TFA) cheaper and faster. Sounds good.

Comment Well, he's not entirely wrong (Score 1) 275

Here in Europe many people are calling for closed borders as if radicalism only occurs through immigration, while a lot does indeed occur locally with the help of literature that is - what isn't? - spread through internet. Shutting down internet is foolish, as I hope most of Slashdot will agree with me, but it is hardly any more foolish than the cry for isolation through border controls and closures.

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