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Miyamoto Talks Wii-mote Logic 73

Mr. Miyamoto, in an interview with Nintendo's .jp site, explains some of the logic behind the Wii-mote. From the Gamespot article: "In the process of contemplating how to make a controller that was not intimidating but still allowed for traditional game play, Miyamoto had this realization: 'There's no need to use both hands.' He added that the idea was to break the existing conventions a little, but not too much. 'If you go too far off the deep end, the product will be eccentric for the sake of being eccentric,' Miyamoto said."
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Miyamoto Talks Wii-mote Logic

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  • Either the linked article is intentionally short, or Miyamoto didn't want to go into any great detail on the Wii-mote until after tomorrows event.

    Really hoping the system gets released by next month in any case.
    • by rwven ( 663186 ) on Wednesday September 13, 2006 @05:08PM (#16099286)
      Regardless...the more this guy talks, the more he makes sense. He really seems to understand what gamers (and people) in general WANT out of an entertainment device. I remember when the "Wii-Mote" was first announced back before "Wii" was ever heard...people thought it was ridiculous... Until, that is, developers started showing some of the things that could be done with it. He really brought game control from a veritable stone age to the 21st century. I'm impressed...and that's saying a lot from me concerning consoles...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 13, 2006 @04:32PM (#16098945)
    Just so you all know, dramatic amounts of information [] about the Wii are going to be revealed in the next 24 hours, coinciding with September 14 as the fifth anniversiary of the release of the Gamecube. In about three and a half hours (5 PM pacific time or so) Nintendo of Japan will be holding a press conference, and in about fourteen and a half hours (6 AM pacific time or so) Nintendo of America will be holding another. Nintendo of Europe holds a press conference the next day. While all of this is going on, Nintendo has scheduled a bunch of "secret", by-invite-only parties in America and invited a bunch of bloggers and such, starting at the same time as the American press conference.

    Something big is going down. We can expect that during all of this we'll be getting the release date and price of the Wii, and maybe some announcements about games and software.
    • Nice to see that someone else mentioned that.

      The Japanese one is tonight? Hot damn! I thought it was tomorrow, and that the three were taking place at the same time (but technically on different days, thanks to time zones).
    • Breaking info:

      September 13, 2006 - According to an article at the Seattle PI that is reporting on an article in the New York Times, Nintendo plans to announce the Wii will debut in North and South America on November 19 for $250.

      Thursday's announcement should also reveal that Nintendo plans to provide gamers with more than 25 new titles for the Wii this year.

      The NYT reports that every Wii will include Wii Sports. Additional games for the Wii are reportedly priced at $50 each. About 30 classi
  • I'm surprised that we didn't get this information in the original post. Nintendo is holding three press conferences tomorrow - one in Japan, one in the US, and one in Europe. The Japan conference is actually happening today at 8:00 pm EDT when you account for timezones. The US conference is in New York at 9:00 am EDT.

    It's expected that Nintendo will release launch specifics, including price and launch date, for the three regions during their respective press conferences. This is big big Nintendo new
    • Hell, if they pack in extras... i'll go up to $250 myself. But, hopefully $199-$219 for the base system.
      • Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll be buying one of these on launch day (and at least 3 games for it) even if it costs my first born son. If Nintendo launches with what I said above (Console, Wii Sports, controller/nunchuk) for $199 then they will have cemented their place in this generation.
    • Check out gaming sites (Kotaku is a good one, or any mainstream one like IGN or Gamespot) for breaking news from Japan tonight - I'm sure they'll be up and reporting the Japanese press conference as it happens. Plus those sites don't pull the sensationalistic "get page impressions at any cost" crap that Joystiq does.

      Kotaku was right beside Joystiq with that stupid IBM chip production pre-announcement.
      • The actual editors just said

        Expect to hear some kinda interesting news about a very interesting upcoming console at 12:01 a.m. EST Friday...
        While I'm sure you will all find it endlessly fascinating, in the end it really won't get you any closer to the news most people want to know.
        The people commenting on it were the ones that hyped it so much. Can't really blame the site itself for that.
        • While I'm sure you will all find it endlessly fascinating, in the end it really won't get you any closer to the news most people want to know.

          I mean, that's not as unhyped as you think it is. It was mostly the people commenting on it and acting like rabid... rabid people, but I'm just saying. They're none of them innocent of some of this.
        • Can't really blame the site itself for that.

          Sure you can, when the original poster of the "tease" and the final reveal (Robert Summa, who has since left Joystiq) was trolling the thread for the hours between the tease and the reveal. He kept encouraging people, giving clues, saying "Some people got it right" and "It has something to do with three letters" and egging the people on. He also made it sound like a Joystiq exclusive when it clearly wasn't.

          He knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew that

      • Yes, they mentioned the midnight announcement and - in the same story - declared that it was not going to be anything major. Not hyped at all.
    • Yeah, well Joystiq still isn't cagegorized as "Games" by Websense, so it's one of the few decent game news sites I can still visit at work. I wonder how much extortion money Weblogs, Inc. pays Websense every month...
    • by 7Prime ( 871679 )

      If this were any other console, I'd be VERY surprised if they bundled a game on launch, which they haven't done since the SNES days, and even then, it was intermitant. The GameCube got a few later in it's life, but not at launch, and the N64 didn't at all, to my knowledge.

      However, this is a very different beast, and Nintendo wants to make SURE, if at all possible, that the users first experience with the Wiimote is a positive one, with them at the helm. Wii Sports isn't exactly a "hot" title, although it

      • Later on the N64 did have bundles - I distinctly remember seeing Pokemon Stadium bundles in a few Best Buys, but again that was years after the launch of the console.

        And you're exactly right on the reasons why Wii Sports should be bundled with the system - the graphics are simplistic, they're essentially mini-games... but they are perfect at showing off the possibilities of the new control scheme. They're the perfect "get Mom and Dad into the action" games as well as "hey, dude, come try this" attention
  • Cynic (Score:5, Funny)

    by CrazyJim1 ( 809850 ) on Wednesday September 13, 2006 @04:57PM (#16099191) Journal
    I like the Wii mote, its so bad.
  • by stormy24 ( 1002318 ) on Wednesday September 13, 2006 @05:02PM (#16099237)
    Nintendo Wii - Finally servicing the demands of pr0n gamers.
  • Wii Egg (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Spookticus ( 985296 )
    I think it would be an awesome easter egg if they released duck hunt from the NES built into the console, kinda like what sega did with the master system and the maze game. I would love to shoot some ducklings with my wii gun.
    • Something like this might not be outside the realm of possibility. If you look at the Xbox 360, the system came with a copy of Hexic pre-installed in the Live arcade section by default.
    • "I think it would be an awesome easter egg if they released duck hunt from the NES built into the console"

      You know what Nintendo would think would be even more awesome? Selling Duck Hunt in exchange for money =D
    • by Bobartig ( 61456 )
      This conflicts with the duck hunt remake they've been showing off already. although its not yet clear how/when they'll release that.
    • Yeah awsome alright! For something from 1985 that you could have played for the last 21 years! Everyday if you were so inclined.

      I don't get why people are so hyped about playing old games when they are all still readily available in thier native form...

      just me I guess...
      • But they're not always readily avaliable. You need to go through eBay, which can be risky, and some of the rarer ones (ever try tracking down a copy of FFT, or Radiant Silvergun, or Lunar II, or Panzer Dragoon Saga, or...) go for big monies.
  • For one thing, it's not incredibly big and requires that I memorize long strings and remapped control sequences.

    Secondly, it's intuitive and fun.

    Thirdly, it's white. I mean, white is death in Japan, right?

    OK, maybe they'll sell it in hot pink or pikachu electric yellow, but right now it's white.

    So, give me those incredibly complicated controllers that I have to keep being told "No, the left button, not the left toggle!" by my son.

    Oh, and don't throw me into that briar patch either!
  • If you go too far off the deep end, the product will be eccentric for the sake of being eccentric,' Miyamoto said."

    You mean like the Virtual boy?

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