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Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 1) 113

Roddenberry wanted to skewer religious sensibilities as well cultural ones, so he gave one character green skin and pointed ears to make him look like a demon, and would have given him wings and a tail if it had been in the costume budget.

Not to mention, he was supposed to be red instead of green. It was nixed because it didn't work in black-and-white (it would have looked like he was wearing blackface or something).

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 279

Then look at the actual POLICIES each candidate supports.

I did that and then decided to vote Libertarian or Green. The Democrat/Republican policies (which, in terms of the policies that actually matter as opposed to irrelevant wedge issues, are both the same) are way too authoritarian.

Comment Re:It'll only get worse (Score 5, Informative) 158

I'm glad I don't use AT&T and dropped Verizon a few years back. Can't be sure, but I bet CREDO will be very unlikely to do this sort of thing.

Credo is an MVNO running on the Verizon network. Therefore, Verizon can do exactly the same monitoring of your calls as they do with those of their own customers.

Comment Re:how about 4A (Score 3, Interesting) 430

force them to arrest you

So, effectively ruin your life? By doing that, you not only get into databases that you might have had some chance avoiding otherwise, you also fuck over your chances of ever having a decent job again (unless you happen to be in a career such as activist or journalist where getting arrested is respected instead of condemned). HR departments are too stupid and lazy to know or care about the difference between getting arrested because you're a criminal and getting arrested because the police are criminals.

In the totalitarian police state of America, it's injustices all the way down.

Comment Re:Budget and Timelines (Score 2) 343

Would it have been possible for the Congressionally-approved design to have specified "steel meeting the ASME SA316 standard as it existed on X date" to head off the problem at the beginning? Also, did the ASME committee really care about the structural weakness or did some anti-nuclear member(s) of the committee realize it would screw over the reactor construction and do it on purpose?

Comment Re: Great way to kill the competition by making it (Score 2) 305

My VW runs on 100% biodiesel and is therefore closer to carbon-neutral than even the average electric vehicle. Keeping an old car in service also avoids the gigantic environmental cost of manufacturing a new one (which is even worse for modern EVs because lithium mining is a particularly nasty business).

So who's the assknob now? Pretty sure it's you, not me!

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