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Comment Re:Asian discrimination?? (Score 1) 417

French Asians are mostly Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, etc

LOL WTF? Those countries are in North Africa. (Hell, they don't even count as the "Middle East" either, because they're as far west as France is itself.) No way is the average French person that ignorant about geography!

Comment Re:Superdistribution of Content (Score 1) 203

Generally it's from some stupid millennial, or the mouthpiece of a social networking company that offers a messaging feature that, for all intents and purposes, is email (except with centralization, censorship, advertising and data-mining). What they really mean is "we wish email were dead, so everyone would be forced to become one of our users and we could become the new defacto email".


Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 1) 65

you don't get to save money by owning your own modem. The modem is "free".

It's entirely possible for that to be a lie anyway.

For example, when I had basic cable TV through Comcast (which I accepted solely because they refused to give me a lower internet-only rate than they would offer for the bundle), I was issued "free" cable box ("free" because it was the first one on the account). I later decided that if I'm forced to buy the service then I might as well use it and had them issue me a CableCard instead. When I got my next bill, I saw a line item subtracting the rental fee for the "free" cable box and another line item adding the rental fee for the CableCard. The CableCard fee was cheaper, so the total net cost actually dropped something like $2.50 below the advertised rate that I had been paying before.

Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 3, Insightful) 65

Huh??? DOCSIS requires backwards compatibility, both for the head end and the modems themselves. Any DOCSIS n hardware is compatible with n+k and n-k for all values of k. There's absolutely no reason for your cable company's head end to not negotiate a connection with your existing cable modem. You just won't get the faster speeds provided by the newer standard.

Maybe that's true, the same thing happened to me: alleged backwards compatibility didn't stop Comcast from causing my DOCSIS 2.0 (Linksys BEFC-MU10) modem to stop being able to connect. The DOCSIS 3.0 replacement (Zoom 6341j) I bought worked.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Comcast intentionally configured their network to reject connections from DOCSIS 2.0 modems even if they were supposed to still work, in hopes that some people who owned modems would start renting (or just to punish people for having the audacity not to rent). It's just the kind of thing those criminal, corrupt fuckers would do.

Comment Re:Work around? (Score 1) 222

Another European here going WTF at the implication that cities are considered corporations?

American here going WTF at the implication that Europeans still consider the alternative -- establishment by royal charter -- to be a good thing.

(FYI, a "municipal corporation" just means that the town was established by the free association of the people who live in it. The concept exists in parts of Europe too, by the way.)

Comment Re:"Security" (Score 2) 181

That's not a solution because it still relies on having someone other than the owner decide what's "allowed" to run on the owner's device.

A real solution would be to have a hardware switch allowing the owner, who has physical access to the machine, to turn the DRM off and replace the master encryption key with one of his own choosing.

Comment Re:Nor shipping (Score 5, Interesting) 110

Several years ago, everything I ordered off Amazon with "free super saver shipping" would arrive in a day or so anyway, despite my picking the slow option. Then after they started really pushing Prime, the super saver shipping got much slower (I think because they'd just wait for a week before sending it out). Funny, that.

Comment Re:Product Safety (Score 1) 117

Android usage terms and conditions probably need updating to allow changes which are necessary to ensure product safety.

Changing the system tray icon color might be the best way to indicate safety to the user, but it's hardly the only way to do it. Therefore, you can't really claim the changes are "necessary," which means Google doesn't "need" to do anything.

Comment Re:Shocker... (Score 1) 97

Well, at least one big difference is the encryption... if Google's updated app is served via an encrypted request, it's much more likely that only they can send the updated apk to the target's phone.

That's not the point. The point is that users are giving the keys to the digital equivalent of their house to random third parties, and 99% of them don't even realize they're doing it.

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