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Comment Re:Couple Thoughts (Score 1) 440

It's extremely unlikely that any Wii that's listed for $250 + $30 shipping now is going to actually finish the auction at that price. Around $400-500 dollars is cheap/typical, and some dedicated online second-hand sellers are telling customers to expect prices in the $560 range-- roughly $50 higher than last year's top prices. Even two weeks ago, I seriously doubt that $250 + $30 was anything but a starting bid for the Wiis you were looking at. It is certainly not as easy/cheap to buy one secondhand as you are trying to suggest.


Submission + - DS Games for Pre-readers?

ProfJonathan writes: My daughter just got a DS from the grandparents for her 6th birthday. She's only beginning to read, but wants a bunch of games of her own rather than just playing her older brothers' games. She got Nintendogs with the DS, so that's taken care of, but other relatives are asking what she might want. Can anyone recommend some good DS games that don't require reading skill, that might be age-appropriate and interesting for a 1st grade girl? Thanks. {ProfJonathan}

Submission + - The Device NASA Is Leaving Behind

iminplaya writes: After years of delays, NASA hopes to launch this week a European-built laboratory that will greatly expand the research capability of the international space station. Although some call it a milestone, the launch has focused new attention on the space agency's earlier decision to back out of plans to send up a different, $1.5 billion device — one that many scientists contend would produce far more significant knowledge. " would be a true international disgrace if this instrument ends up as a museum piece that never is used."

Submission + - The Dangerous Wealth of the Ivy League 1

theodp writes: "BusinessWeek reports that higher education is increasingly a tale of two worlds, with elite schools getting richer and buying up all the talent. Thanks to endowments like the one that netted Harvard $5.7B in investment gains just last year, the Ivy Plus colleges — which account for less than 1% of students — have been able to lift their spending into the stratosphere, including extravagances like $272,000-a-bed-dorms and even a $4M student-horse-housing rehab. 'People used to look at every penny,' says a Yale Dean. 'The mind-set is different now.' Meanwhile, reports BW, public colleges and universities struggle to educate 75% of the country's students in an era when most states are devoting a dwindling share of their budgets to higher ed."

Submission + - Hackers vie to Landmark the Hotel Pennsylvania (

Sidepocket_Pro writes: "Few seem less likely candidates for the super-local politics of historic preservation than Jones and his gang, most of whom go by their online screen-names (Jones' is "Pirho") and all of whom became interested in the Hotel Pennylvania because it hosts the biennial Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference, held by the international "techno-libertarian" network known as "2600." The bi-annual, international conference has been held at the Hotel Pennsylvania since 1994, focusing mainly on technology and civil liberties issues. But in January, when Jones posted, "HOTEL PENN THREATENED WITH DEMOLITION — HOPE CONFERENCES IN JEOPARDY" on the group's Website, the hackers swerved into action as best they could."

Submission + - Balloons used to develop hydrogen for automobiles (

The Great Pulgoso writes: A group of Philadelphia-based creatives known as the 20/2 Collaborative have designed a unique concept that enables on-site production and distribution of biologically produced hydrogen fuel for vehicles. This plan mixes algae ponds with floating balloons to integrate fuel production and distribution into the local landscape and allows the renewable fuel to be created and distributed from the same place. Is this technology feasible or just a wild dream?

Submission + - New 64-bit Operating System Released (

losethos writes: "LoseThos is a free, open-source 64-bit PC operating system written from a clean slate. It features graphics, links and trees in source code and at the command-line. The command-line feeds into a C compiler line by line so you don't have a crappy shell like linux — you have a real programming language at the command line. See videos for a truely unique interface. Instead of icons, you have unbounded scalable vector graphics which send a macro to the command line. Version 3.13 has been release. It has compiler optimizations and much faster disk access."

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