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Submission + - Clearwire Customers Complain Of Throttling (

An anonymous reader writes: Clear isn't getting specific about exactly how much usage is considered excessive, or how far back users should curtail use if they're looking to avoid the throttle monster. We've contacted Clearwire in the hopes of getting more specifics from the company in terms of what they consider excessive use, and/or what triggers "ISDN mode," but have yet to hear back

Comment Re:... Film from a game... (Score 1) 298

Warcraft mythology is very unique and involving. There are so many angels that they could come from such as starting early in time when the titans were molding azeroth to the first great war by the burning legion through the well of eterntity. They could start with the more recent storyline started by Warcraft III or create a story in between WC3 and WoW. The only other franchise that has as deep a story behind it would be Magic TCG. Any who, if blizzard is going to be involved in production then I think they will fine tune it to give the impression they are shooting for as they have done in each of their games. I would also be interested in if they movie is going to be CGI or live-action. Blizzard has done some pretty nice looking cut scenes for their games that I would be interested in seeing how this works out. Also you can read up on Warcraft mythology on WoW's home page.

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