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Comment Native Hawaiians (Score 1) 75

I recently visited Hawaii for the first time a few months ago for business purposes. I ended up staying on the main island (Oahu) in Waikiki for a week which from my observation was the main tourist area ?

Once you get out of the cities and on the interstate(?) the island is very beautiful. I really enjoyed all the scenery, the fauna and terrain were a spectacle to gaze upon and were unlike anything my eyes have seen before. Really enjoyed the various tunnels and elevated highways that run along the mountainside.

However, just from my observations I was a bit saddened how the land of the native Hawaiians has been seemingly exploited by Japanese and American business interests at the accommodation of tourist goers. I assume this is because Oahu is where you land when travelling commercially

So many expensive buildings have been constructed, yet for a lot of those who construct these buildings they will never be able to afford being able to enjoy them with their families. I think this is probably due to most of the unskilled/slightly skilled laborers being filled by Native Hawaiians. Which only makes sense considering the local population. To me, it just didn't seem right that their ancestral home has been moved in upon because of conglomerate interests.

Regardless of that though, It is defiantly an interesting place to visit. Just have to get out of the cities to really feel what is left of the magic that still exists. I really wish I had time to visit the other islands. If I ever go back, it will be to go camping and hiking. Hopefully with the approval of the Hawaiian Gods.


Submission + - Clearwire Customers Complain Of Throttling (

An anonymous reader writes: Clear isn't getting specific about exactly how much usage is considered excessive, or how far back users should curtail use if they're looking to avoid the throttle monster. We've contacted Clearwire in the hopes of getting more specifics from the company in terms of what they consider excessive use, and/or what triggers "ISDN mode," but have yet to hear back

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