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Comment Re: Baby Goes Whaaaaaaaa! (Score 1) 172

No, I'm a grown adult who has made that decision when I needed to on several occasions. I'm just not entitled and whiny when things don't go my way... Know what happens when companies lose their good employees to greener pastures? The companies either learn from their mistakes, or they go under. A strike is a temper tantrum, nothing more.

Comment Re:Possibly good news (Score 2) 99

This side of Valve annoys me to no end. It ends up as a super secretive organization that has one of the slowest development release cycles in the industry. They release a piece of software at about 1 every 5 years at this point.

For instance, their refusal (or inability) to produce HL3 or episodes of HL2 is just flabbergasting. They have literally millions of people clamoring for it, willing to pay just about any reasonable price for it, and they can't get together the internal organization and direction in order to actually produce it. From the outside, as well as from the stories that have leaked out, it appears that Valve is one of the most dysfunctional and disorganized major companies in existence. A "do anything you want, and no one is your boss!" work environment is every bit as productive as it sounds.

I understand that business is about money, but it should also be about continually producing something you can be proud of, or something that makes an impact on people's lives. At the moment it seems like they're just sitting back with a couple absurdly slow dev teams working on CSGO and DOTA2, and raking in the money from Steam.

Comment Re:Pro Shareholder Agenda (Score 1) 182

Sorry, but you can't piss off and alienate a PRODUCT. A product does what you designed and built it do. They built a PaaS. The "customers" are the "owners" in that we are providing the time and effort producing all the content as well as financing the operation by impressing/clicking on ads. (No, we're not the product being sold to the advertisers...becase they're only advertising because it's profitable for them to do it with OUR personal financial investments).

Without the accounts and efforts of the end-users, you have no one financing the operation (because no one is seeing those ads or clicking on them and buying stuff), and none of the content or interaction would take place. Facebook has stayed in business by giving us, the end-users, what we want.

Comment Re:Pro Shareholder Agenda (Score 5, Interesting) 182

Yup. Any agenda put forth by share holders with political goals in mind should be shut down hard.

Being political with your business is a great way to win over the worst kinds of customers, tick off governments, and offend/lose your core user base.

How about Facebook sticks to being a social network?

Comment Re:SMS? (Score 1) 75

If it's so terrible it certainly hasn't assuaged Google, Github, and a huge number of other big services from using it. Many of they are still ADDING support for it. If you're afraid of the government pretty much nothing is going to stop them. If you're just looking for general "good security," SMS will work fine.

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