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Comment CC Number would be better. (Score 1) 76

I've never had to provide the CSC number for any in-person purchase. Any time my CC number has been snagged and used somewhere, it's been used at a physical location and not online. This doesn't really put a stop to that, unfortunately.

I'd love a CC that changed the actual card number after every purchase or swipe. :P They'd run out of numbers pretty fast though. They'd need a new scheme.

Comment Re:Burning cash (Score 2) 177

My gripe with the platform has always been the quality and selection of apps. I personally LOVE the phone interface. It's so slick and feels so great to use. I've had major issues with every single major app I've ever tried to use.

It sadly doesn't matter how great the platform itself is if there are so few apps, and those that there are are terrible.

It's now become a story of too-little, too-late. They're simply never going to make WinPhone successful...

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Sony did not develop No Man's Sky. It's also fairly accurate to say that if someone invests 50 hours into a game and then wants a refund...calling them a thief isn't too far off base. That's the same for any retail business out there. If you bought a game and want a refund after an hour or two of trying to get things to work right, that's perfectly fine. 50 hours? No way.

Comment Applications? (Score 2) 241

I'm curious what percent of applications come in from minorities comparatively, and what the reasons are for declining those who are declined. I think it's important for the debate/argument (in either direction) to know how many people of each minority are TRYING to work there, compared to which are accepted, as well as the reasoning behind those decisions and the qualifications of each.

Comment Used to... (Score 2) 151

I used to get the fast track insider builds on my work machine, but I got tired of constantly having to troubleshoot stuff that got broken along the way. It became really annoying to constantly have to reinstall visual studio problems, troubleshoot vbox issues, etc.

Ultimately I just formatted the machine and went back to the standard production build.

Comment Re:This series has run its course anyway.. (Score 5, Interesting) 173

I gave up caring about the characters a couple seasons ago. It's devolved into a constant barrage of idiots making dumb decision after dumb decision. None of these people would be alive at this point after alienating every person they come across. They also haven't come up with a single new or inventive plot device since season 2.

Comment Re:Even if you force me, I won't Bing anything. (Score 1) 361

MS got itself in hot water last time over its browser integration and forcing users to have IE installed while discouraging use of competing browsers. This doesn't seem like a very big departure from that behavior. They just got out from under the antitrust watchdogs w/in the last couple years and this move looks like they're trying to earn them back.

Comment Re:$300 to read books? (Score 1) 171

I suppose. I have a kindle voyage. I used to have an ipad mini but the reading experience isn't as good so I replaced it with the voyage for e-reading. The ipad was harder on the eyes and required you to jump through hoops to buy books since apple's ecosystem would require amazon to destroy their book profit margin in order to fully integrate.

Ultimately I ended up giving the ipad away to a family member as I didn't use it anymore.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 0) 171

Honestly this seems like a significant step backwards from their current offerings. The lopsided design with page turn buttons on one side is a headscratcher. I read in bed before I sleep every night, laying down on my side, with the kindle aligned to my sight-line. I swap side to side and my hand rests on which ever side of the kindle is pointing at the ceiling and that's how I turn the pages.

This kindle wouldn't allow that convenience.

The button design is pretty clunky as well. The buttons should have been flush with the surface and larger.

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