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Galactica Commentary Podcast Available 147

Kichigai Mentat writes "Apparently SciFi channel is pushing the bounds of your average TV viewing experience with "Battlestar Galactica." First came a full, uncut stream of the first episode, now a full episode commentary podcast available as a Podcast stream, episode-length MP3 file for download, or invividual MP3 files for each "Act." The podcasts are released a week in advance, and listeners are warned about spoilers."
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Galactica Commentary Podcast Available

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  • podcast... (Score:2, Insightful)

    ok, nothing annoys me more then someone renaming a technology, and then everyone jumping on the bandwagon of this new and great thing! it is called a webcast. as in broadcast combined with the web. there is no (i)pod in this stream whatsoever...
    • I don't think it's "pod" as in "ipod" but more like a peapod - something encapsulated. That said, it is still a webcast by a different name.
    • That is a bad name (Score:3, Interesting)

      by AtariAmarok ( 451306 )
      That IS a bad name, considering that the vast majority of those who would listen do not even have iPods (those with PCs or Macs with sound cards and MP3 player software, or those with non iPod portable digital sound file players).

      The iPod sure is popular, but it does not dominate everything.

      • by TomHandy ( 578620 ) <tomhandy@gmail.3.14159com minus pi> on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:38PM (#11859192)
        The reason for the name is that the original Podcasting software was designed with the idea of synching the files to your iPod. Of course, it works with other mp3 players, but that is where the original name comes from, and it's just happened to stick.

        And re: the first person's comment, this isn't a webcast. A webcast would be the idea of something broadcast over the web. The "unique" aspect of the podcasting stuff is supposed to be using the iPodder software to automatically subscribe to podcasts and sync them up to your portable mp3 player to listen to whenever. Which is different than just listening to a webcast online.


        • Mod that parent informative!

          "Of course, it works with other mp3 players, but that is where the original name comes from, and it's just happened to stick. "

          Apple might eventually get uneasy more and more references to ANY portable sound/music players use the term "pod" or "ipod". They could conceivably end with with the brand name going soft. It has happened before: "While you are at the store, pick me up some coke. Pepsi-brand coke might be ok. Also, a box of kleenex. Puff brand kleenex will do just fin

    • ok, nothing annoys me more then someone renaming a technology,

      What is it? Prince 'o Darkness -casting?

      Your host tonight is none other than Lucifer himself!

      • by yotto ( 590067 )
        I think you have to be one of the Pod People to listen to it. I guess I'll have to wait until after I've been taken.
    • Re:podcast... (Score:4, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:38PM (#11859194)
      It's not streaming, so webcast really isn't the right term for it. Podcasting is RSS with downloaded MP3 enclosures. IMO, podcasting is a fine term, much better than "blog", at any rate.
    • Re:podcast... (Score:3, Insightful)

      by gl4ss ( 559668 )
      well.. it's not a stream. just a file that gets synched to your mp3 player(be it ipod or whatever). conviently and semi-automatically.

      in other words.. it's just an audio track.

      can't blame them though, just by going with the podcast trend they'll get shitloads of (podcasting)bloggers to mention it.
      • Seems a bit pointless.

        Why didn't they just link to the MP3? You have to download *yet another* frikkin app just to listen to it. Personally I'm not going to bother.
    • by node 3 ( 115640 )
      everyone jumping on the bandwagon of this new and great thing

      I get the notion, AmigaAvenger, that it takes a while for you to warm up to new technologies...
    • Re:podcast... (Score:4, Informative)

      by ExampleUserAccount ( 763086 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @02:07PM (#11859346)
      Yes, webcast could be used to describe these audio RSS enclosures but that term is really too broad. There are distinct properties of something labeled a "podcast" which make the term useful. Podcasts are always downloadable in a format you can use on most MP3 players. Webcasts are usually streamed with in a format to prevent you from downloading them. It's difficult to listen to a webcast if there isn't a computer nearby. Webcasts are often low quality audio due to bandwith constraints. Podcasts currently use higher bitrates more often. Podcasts have special RSS feed reader software that automatically downloads the 'casts and adds them to a playlist on a digital audio player. The 'casts are always waiting for you so you don't have to visit a bunch of different sites to listen. The best podcast clients manage disk space like a Tivo. They delete older files according to rules like max number of files or max drive space. Podcast is handy shorthand for these properties. I would hate to have to wade through hundreds of webcasts to try and discern which could easily be added to my RSS MP3 enclosure feed reader.

      On topic -- The Battlestar Gallactica commentary feeds are a great use for podcasts. I'd love to see someone add support for these to Tivo and MythTV. I eagerly look forward to someone using this to add MST3K type commentary to state of the union addresses.
      • I eagerly look forward to someone using this to add MST3K type commentary to state of the union addresses.

        Those are, uh ... live. Allegedly.

        Adding commentary to a live-broadcast television event via (what I understand to be) a pre-recorded, non-streaming technology might prove just a little difficult to effect.
    • It's not just a webcast, really. It has some extra mojo. It also has an RSS XML file that has entries for new audio tracks. That way you can have this little 'podcasting' client that can check feeds for new tracks and download them automatically and have them put right on your portable MP3 player. It's a great new way of using existing technology, so the new name is fine IMHO.

      The 'pod' part of the name is indeed from iPod, as that is the most popular MP3 player out there.

      Check out ipodder.org and podc
    • I know! Remember how firewire took off when they renamed it to IEEE-139.. uhh whatever..? ;)
    • Re:podcast... (Score:3, Informative)

      by Leo McGarry ( 843676 )
      it is called a webcast.

      Um, no. That's not what this is. A podcast is an encoded audio file, MP3 or similar, that's delivered via an Atom feed as an enclosure. Your client program, if you choose to use one, downloads it straight into iTunes for syncing to your iPod. Hence "podcast." It's a very specific thing.
      • I said it was an Atom feed. I got too specific. In this particular instance, it's an RSS 2.0 feed. Whatever. Same thing, for all intents and purposes.
    • No, but we're all listening to it on our iPods. Care to join us in the 21st century?
    • Maybe it's a podcast if the person who posts it on their web page chooses to call it such. I differentiate the two by the fact that a podcast doesn't leave me tied to the computer the whole time, but rather lets me take it with me for later viewing. Do you refer to recorded shows on Tivo as broadcasts, even though they're recordings?
    • Yeah, I know what you mean.

      These things get named, and you think, "Wow, someone is broadcasting from their iPod, that's cool!" [Reads article] "WTF? Why do they call it a Podcast?"

      I remember when I first heard of 'bots, your friendly little program buddy that will go wandering around the 'net, doing little things, then coming back with information, or whatever. I thought, "Cool! I'll start one of these 'bot things going, log off, come back in the morning, and see what it's found!" [Reads more about

  • Isn't it great... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by anti11es ( 167289 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:29PM (#11859142)
    Isn't it great when somebody [scifi.com] actually get's it...unlike some [mpaa.org] people [riaa.com].
    • Scifi and esp Comedy Central are the only real innovators in cable television. I'm glad we have at least 2...out of the clonecast 400 others.
      • by Wyatt Earp ( 1029 )
        Oh, I don't think that Sci Fi and Comedy are the only real innovators in Cable, at least in North America. HBO reinvented the miniseries, Discovery-History reinvented the documentary/educational series and later on the whole home and auto improvement genre. ESPN totally redid sports reporting and news as well as creating events like the NFL draft which had gone from a non-event to 3-4 day round the clock event with very high ratings for cable.

        And of course Cinemax created a whole new market for softcore po
        • the only thing that Discovery-History have done is to lower the quality of the documentary. In fact there style is now being copied by the BBC (esp Horizon). This thing of making every documetary a tug-of-war between two ideas with every scene a cliff-hanger ("will the neutrions be discovered in time...or will slip pass his detectors" Dun dun daaaaaaaa)


    • I think it's fantastic that there's finally a decent sci-fi show on (no offense to the trekkies but since TNG they've all sucked). Not since Firefly has a show had 'the big three'(good cinematography, great scriptwriting and good acting). Before that, Space Above and Beyond. Kudos to Micheal Rymer (sp?) for making a mediocre (at best) original series and making it compelling. Scratch that, addicting. After watching the first few here on the space channel (CAN) I had to watch the rest within that week *
      • Not since Firefly has a show had 'the big three'(good cinematography, great scriptwriting and good acting)

        For me, it's the scriptwriting and the acting that make the new BSG. I really dislike the drunken-cameraman style of cinematography. I don't find it "realistic" since I don't wobble half that much when standing around talking to people. And while Firefly had a few quick-change focal lengths that would fuzz the focus on CG shots and it was a cool effect, BSG does it constantly. It seems every CG s
      • This new-fangled BSG is IMO total rubbish.

        I saw '33' and found it irritating and boring.

        I just downloaded episode 11 and found it exactly the same, or maybe worse.

        The wobbly, nausiating camera isn't half of it; they may as well call the Galactica 'Spaceship One' because its just yanks in space. Ms President... ewwww

        The imaginary 'cylon' girlfriend is really stupid; that guy would have been spotted as unstable in the first episode and put away or maybe just drugged and allowed to perform janitorial dutie
        • by Alejo ( 69447 )
          I bet you don't read newspapers or watch the news.
    • Re:Isn't it great... (Score:5, Informative)

      by Minwee ( 522556 ) <dcr@neverwhen.org> on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:46PM (#11859235) Homepage
      Yes, it is [baen.com].

      In any field.

      • It is sad that the publishing house is not a decent one but Baen... When was the last time I read a good Baen book? I have to sit here and think a while, go and grab a cup of coffee, this might take some time.
    • The RIAA and MPAA are industry associations. They do not produce content directly.

      Sci-fi is owned by Universal, who are (ultimately) members of both the MPAA and RIAA.

  • Podcast? (Score:5, Informative)

    by Svenne ( 117693 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:32PM (#11859161) Homepage
    Wtf is a podcast?

    Ah, Wikipedia to the rescue! [wikipedia.org]
    • Re:Podcast? (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Spoing ( 152917 )
      1. Wtf is a podcast?

        Ah, Wikipedia to the rescue! [wikipedia.org]

      To add to that, (and re-using a previous post of mine);

      1. 1. Blog/show format vs. radio. While podcasting is referred to as a type of radio...it's not. It's an audio blog. If you don't like blogs, and could care less about talk radio or public radio, podcasting is a waste of time for you. NPR btw has a few podcasts. I suggest listening to IT Conversations as well...even has non-IT specific content that I haven't heard elsewhere.

        2. You can take podcasts w

      • Great post, Spoing. I think you just have one glitch in there.

        If you don't like blogs, and could care less about talk radio or public radio, podcasting is a waste of time for you.

        My two favorite podcasts are music shows and they don't sound like talk radio at all. I highly recommend Coverville [coverville.com] and The Sounds In My Head [thesoundsinmyhead.com]. Both are very well produced and showcase fantastic music with very little talk between songs.

          1. My two favorite podcasts are music shows and they don't sound like talk radio at all. I highly recommend Coverville and The Sounds In My Head. Both are very well produced and showcase fantastic music with very little talk between songs.

          Agreed. For a while I listened to the 250 Million radio show -- http://www.acmenoise.com/temp/250millionradio.xml -- though it seems to have slowed down or has been cancled (or maybe I'm impatient).

          If you dig through everything I wrote, there are quite a few other erro

          • You nailed the idea, that's what's important. The talk/NPR quote stood out to me because that's how I felt about podcasting when I first started listening. There are a ton of boring blah-ggers in this stone-age of podcasting.

            I subscribe to the $250 Million Radio Show, too. A new show just popped up about a week ago.
    • It's an XML file that you can extract urls from and feed to wget ;D
    • I like the idea of Podcasting, but it doesn't seem to be automatic enough yet.

      Is there any Podcasting software (ideally for Mac OS X) that will automatically download new podcasts, transfer them to iTunes with special tags of my choosing (so that I can filter them and put them in a special playlist), and then automatically tell iTunes to initiate an iPod sync? Without those features, I'm not totally sold on Podcasting...
      • Re:Podcast? (Score:3, Informative)

        by Leo McGarry ( 843676 )
        I don't mean to be snide, but I'm pretty sure all podcast client software does what you describe. That's exactly what podcasting is all about.

        I use NetNewsWire 2, personally. (It's in public beta.) There are other clients, but this is the one I'm familiar with. Under the preferences are settings related to feed enclosures. You can tell NetNewsWire to automatically download audio enclosures and load them into iTunes. You can have it add them to a named playlist, or to put them in their own playlists corresp
  • Great stuff! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by agentZ ( 210674 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:48PM (#11859242)
    I've watched the episode with the Podcast and it was great! I had already seen the episode, and seeing it again with the Director's Commentary definitely added to the experience. I've seen the Director's Commentary for other television shows like CSI, but then I had to pay upwards of $60US per season for the privildge. Giving this kind of material away is fantastic and I applaud the SciFi channel for doing it! Granted, I'm sure this promotion is designed to get me hooked so that I end up buying the $60 DVD set when it comes out, but so be it. I'd like to know that I'll like it before I buy it!
    • I've seen the Director's Commentary for other television shows like CSI, but then I had to pay upwards of $60US per season for the privildge.

      Upwards of $60? Jeez are you ever watching the wrong shows. Most Fox owned series top out at $60 MSRP, and retail for $10-15 less than that.
    • Anyone have any idea when it does come out on DVD? I don't have cable and so can't see the show :( Note: if sci-fi were to stream the show on-line, I'd pay the associated fee (so long as the feed was TV quality.) They can put whatever DRM software they like at my end (linux version of course), I don't mind that. I do mind paying vast sums of money to a cable company for 399 channels that I don't watch. Instead, let me pay the one tv channel directly for the stuff I want to watch and I'll stream it over my
  • The actual MP3 is here. [scifi.com] It's not even on a streaming server; you have to download the whole thing. This is a step backwards to 1999 technology.

    It's one guy, talking. And he's boring. This isn't Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's more like "shut up, I'm watching the show".

    Incidentally, if you're shipping out voice recorded with one microphone, both channels are the same and there's no reason to send it in stereo. Just bloats the file.

    • Have you even the faintest idea what joint stereo is? The difference between left and right is encoded seperately, and last I checked, zero compresses quite well.
    • Stereo? mpg123 reports this when playing:

      Playing MPEG stream from bsg_ep109_FULL.mp3 ...
      MPEG 1.0 layer III, 64 kbit/s, 44100 Hz mono

      Doesn't look stereo to me.

    • Some valid points. However, I think I'd rather see both a streaming AND a downloadable version. Some of us prefer to download the entire thing so we can listen to it whenever. Being downloadable != backward technology, just a different choice.
    • Yeah, every single person downloading the entire file from a single server? Bleagh! Cross this with Bittorrent, and you'll have something worthwhile.

    • The actual MP3 is here. It's not even on a streaming server; you have to download the whole thing. This is a step backwards to 1999 technology.

      Dude, you got this so wrong.

      A 'podcast' is where you have a program which automatically downloads mp3's by checking an RSS feed, and copies them over to iTunes for your iPod (you don't actually have to have an iPod, but the whole experience is designed with the iPod in mind, hence the name). This is like TiVo for your Internet broadcasts, this is far superior to s
    • But you aren't supposed to stream it. This was realeased earlier this week so that in the US you could download it before the show was on. Maybe I'm just have slow reaction times but I had to pause and fast forward the mp3 a few time to get it in sync with the episode, especially after commercials. With a streaming mp3 that wouldn't really be practical with buffering and such especially since there are part where you can hear the show in the background of the mp3 and so being off by a fraction of a second
      • If they want commentary like that why not broadcast it one one of the other language tracks? Sure, those with analogue TV wouldn't get it but as slashdotters keep telling people on this forum 'this is the 21st century dude'.

        Seems a bit strange offering an MP3 (downloadable via another app... I can't say this enough... WHY????) - I mean who has an MP3 player on when watching the TV???
        • There's this neat new gadget. You might have heard of it. It's called an iPod. You should check it out.

          And as for why the commentary isn't included in the broadcast, the answer is obvious: Because the episode was shot and finished months ago, while the commentary was recorded Thursday.
        • My tv is so ancient it doesn't handle secondary audio, so i'm glad they do it this was. I have a laptop and listened to it on my headphones while watching it on tv.

          The main advantage to having it being downloadable via another program is that it is kind of like the old push technology so that you can subscribe to it and forget about it so that next week's episode will be downloaded automatically.
  • by minairia ( 608427 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @01:51PM (#11859263)
    We've seen lots of BSG stories lately on Slashdot,and with the quality of the show plus forward thinking initiatives on that part of the producers such as this "podcast", there will likely be many more stories to come. So, when will BSG gets it's own icon ?(Instead of that StarTrek TOS looking bumpy headed alien.)

    There really hasn't been anything like it on TV in a while, and it is obvious that the producers pay attention to what fans think. I rememeber last year, there were postings on Slashdot about why after all the nuking Caprica didn't have nuclear winter effects, radiation. Now, 2nd season, the characters need radiation shots and the weather is awful (although shouldn't it be cold and icy instead of rainy?)






    And the Baltar character is hilarious. Like last episode when Starbuck caught him and his imaginary(?) cylon GF doing it doggy style. It was sexy without being UPNish and funny without being stupid and, well, UPNish. I like how they introduce an edgy, troublesome character like commander Ty's wife and don't just send her off at the end of the episode StarTrek syle. Or it was cool when Boomer started getting hot and bothered over the Cylon fighter ship. I could go on and on. I wish the people who were doing Enterprise had had 1/10nth of the creativity. The one episode where they came close to the human level BSG gets is when they had shoreleave on that one planet, and Hoshi got bent over by that big alien guy. It was funny, totally unexpected from that particular character and made them seem like real people.

    • Dont worry, the series just gets better and better.
    • - - --POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT -- - - My favourite line in the entire series.. "No more Mr. Nice Gaius!"
      • mine too, up until Friday.

        So, you've invented a Cylon detector that always results green?

        Yes, avoids too many awkward questions. A time saver, really.

        ...or something along those lines. He has completed two tests, both positive for Cylon. Both times he has lied about the results.

    • I believe the Star Trek head is used, because it is of the Aliens on Menagerie(season 1), which is based off the pilot. I cannot remember if they used that same head in "The Cage" though.
    • by Illix ( 772190 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @04:55PM (#11860419)

      In a nuclear winter, the first effect of multiple detonations would indeed be a ton of rain, as all the fallout in the air seeds tons of rainclouds. Then, as the dust blanket spreads around the planet, temperatures would plummet and the ozone layer would disintegrate due to the effects of the nitrous oxides released in the explosions. I'm fairly certain most of that constant rain has cleared up, so it should get very dark and cold soon.


      Baltar really is great. He's a perfect example of a character who toes the line between the "good" and "evil" sides, without committing too much to one or the other. Unlike a lot of "renegade" characters who never do anything truly objectionable, even though they might work for the other side, Baltar does things we like and things we hate.

      I also like the fact that the Cylons are monotheistic and the humans are polytheistic, insofar as they are religious. There's a tendency in our society to see monotheism as a more sophisticated or advanced philosophy, and usually when we see a polytheistic society fighting a monotheistic one, the monotheistic one is the more advanced and "good" side. Mixing it up like this really gives one an insight into how we unconsciously bias towards societies with religions similar to our own.

      • I'm fairly certain most of that constant rain has cleared up, so it should get very dark and cold soon.

        It's not widely known, I guess, but the breathless predictions of nuclear winter in the 1980s have been called into question by new simulations. While nuclear detonations certainly would put a lot of dust into the air, it's not at all clear that a full-scale nuclear war would result in the kind of planet-altering catastrophe predicted by Sagan and others. The planet is big, bigger than most folks realiz
        • A full-scale superpower war would probably only target cities in the superpowers, though. Did the Cylon invasion target all cities, or just the major strategic sites? I suppose they would have only targeted strategic sites, to preserve as much as possible for their own use...but if they're after extermination, they might have just carpet-bombed the place. In that case, it might be better to compare the Cylon invasion to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

          I can't find a screenshot, but I do remember

          • Did the Cylon invasion target all cities, or just the major strategic sites?

            We know that it didn't target all cities with heavy weapons. At least one (unnamed) city were left basically intact but for broken windows. Later, we'll see Delphi, a city that was attacked but clearly not hit with a large nuclear weapon.

            the planet's atmosphere looks extremely yellow and cloudy

            It looked like that before, I think. I think that's just the "Caprica look." I won't swear to that, however; it's just my impression.
      • I haven't seen the whole series yet, but I think part of what makes Baltar so compelling is that he is very human. He's not sympathetic as he's a pathological egoist (not an egotist, mind you, but an egoist), yet his frailties makes him strangely approachable.

        I think the Baltar character is evidence both of the sophistication of the writers and their belief that their audience is sophisticated enough to appreciate such a three dimensional ambiguous character.
  • by dean.collins ( 862044 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @02:00PM (#11859307)
    this is a great idea, and I do think it's pushing the boundaries. Cheers, Dean
  • I really hope these extras SciFi is providing pays off for them in the end. This sort of thing is exactly what so many people have been asking for, the fact they are willing to take the risk and go for it is very impressive. I hope it generates some profit for them and they can take it to the next level and maybe influence how every channel does TV.

    My personal hope is they end up allowing downloads for all the previous season's episodes. Maybe in a lower resolution and without extras to provide incentiv
    • by Ohreally_factor ( 593551 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @06:56PM (#11861159) Journal
      What they're doing is smart, and I think it will pay off for them. A TV program lives and dies by ratings, which determine the price for advertising for the network or channel. BSG is attempting to grow a fan base to insure that they get high rating. They've already succeeded enough to get a second season.

      The little extras they're giving us are just part of their overall campaign. It's a small part, but the attention to detail (such as the behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew) definitely adds to my enjoyment.

      I join you in your hope that they will continue to release online versions of all the episodes, but I don't think it will happen beyond a very limited basis. FWIW, I got the miniseries off of BT and watched it last night and ordered the DVD from Amazon about 15 minutes ago. I don't like to think of myself as a pirate, but I'll accept the title of "illegal previewer". =)
  • by fm6 ( 162816 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @02:10PM (#11859365) Homepage Journal
    I often think that the people who run the SciFi Channel are more creative and imaginative than most of the programs they air. The cute little CGI-intense promos are a lot of fun. (Though they tend to get worn out by overuse.) And their web site never fails to impress.

    I was never a fan of Sliders (corny and illogical), but the SciFi web site tie in was a true gem, with its clever contests and imaginative episode tie-ins. My favorite was the tie-in for the ep where the good guys are captured by the evil Cromags and thrown in a prison camp. The tie-in for that ep was the camp newsletter. Great stuff!

    • I remember how they treated MST3K before it was canceled. Unlike Comedy Central, they seemed to know the audience.

      The write-your-on-caption feature on the Sci-Fi website was very cool.
  • Torrent (Score:3, Informative)

    by TorrentNinja ( 846388 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @02:10PM (#11859367) Homepage

    Here is a torrent of the Full PodCast. It's 20MB.

    bsg_ep109_FULL.torrent [simplecache.com]
    • Hmm. Methinks maybe you're not quite wrapping your head around the whole "podcast" idea.

      Here is the podcast URL:

      http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/downloads/podca s t/ podcast.xml

      I'm not making a hyperlink out of that because it doesn't point to a Web page. It points to an RSS feed. You copy and paste that URL into your podcast client. Once subscribed, your client downloads each new audio file as it's available (in this case, each Friday) and sticks it straight into iTunes, where it automatically syncs to yo
      • Re:Torrent (Score:1, Troll)

        by Tony Hoyle ( 11698 )
        Still sounds like a silly idea.

        Firstly you have to have an Ipod... probably a lot of slashdotters do... they don't seem to be that common in 'the big blue room' (I know one other person with one out of maybe 200 I deal with in a week).

        Secondly that Ipod needs to be constantly connected to the PC - which *completely* defeats the object of the ipod. The point is you load your music collection onto it then you're sorted unless you buy some more albums (rare for me).. Hell, mine has only seen a dock twice si
        • they don't seem to be that common

          They are by far the most common music player in the world. Something like nine out of ten music players sold is an iPod.

          Secondly that Ipod needs to be constantly connected to the PC

          No, that's not how an iPod works. If you don't own one, it's understandable that you should be confused about this, but it's really very simple. You plug in the iPod, iTunes syncs either your entire music library or a subset of it, depending on how big your library and your iPod are. You go
      • Sure, I get the idea. I just wanted to mirror the conent so when 10,000 people hit the site all wanting to listen we all can.
        • Re:Torrent (Score:1, Redundant)

          by Leo McGarry ( 843676 )
          But all you're "mirroring" is an MP3 file. That's not what people are going to want. What people are going to want is access to the RSS feed in which the MP3 file is enclosed. What good is that?

          Besides, the Sci Fi server cluster that hosts both the feed and the enclosures can handle the traffic with aplomb. Your help was (1) not needed and (2) not remotely helpful.
  • Did anyone else see that "IF" promo last Friday during BSG with the guy blowing into the dog's ass? That was a serious 'WTF? Did that really happen?' moment. I generally like the Sci-Fi channel's little promo spots, but geez... they need to change dealers or something. That, and those "Mansquito" ads...
  • WOW!!! (Score:5, Funny)

    by brokencomputer ( 695672 ) on Sunday March 06, 2005 @03:30PM (#11859890) Homepage Journal
    This is phracking awesome!
    • frakking (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      There is no P or C in frak, and H is right out.
  • If anyone is interested, there's also a new behind the scenes video [scifi.com].

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