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Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

The problem is that they feel the need to investigate.

Its none of their business.

That's right. Crime is none of the justice department's business.


The government gets to define crime so hey, they can bust you for whatever they like!

Depositing money can be a crime in itself? Rubbish. No wonder you have libertarians in north america, they are practically encouraged by the rampant interferance in daily life from the government.

Comment Re:VP's CEO's need to due hardtime and not hide un (Score 2) 62

On the contrary. Civil asset forfeiture, as evil as it is, would have a much greater effect. In fact, this is exactly the kind of thing it is supposed to be used for. Tattooing "I am a thief" on their foreheads would be a nice supplementary measure to make sure that nobody forgets. Let's save the prison space for the button men and truly violent people who present a real danger to the public.

Most cops seem to think civil asset forfeiture is for taking small change from out of town folks driving through in their cars!

Comment Re: Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

Well, having a small enough amount of money that you're worried about if it is near $10k or not is definitely suspicious. Where did this poor schmuck get this pittance, anyways? And why is he paranoid just over people knowing that he has it?

Oh of course, I forgot; if you did nothing wrong you shouldn't be worried about privacy.

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

It's not illegal to deposit a big chunk of money, you just have to fill out a form explaining how you got it. Trying to avoid the form by splitting up the deposit is what gets you in trouble, but the trouble is just "gotta fill out the form". If you can't fill it out or you lie on it then you can find yourself in real trouble.

That kind of nosiness is the kind of thing that causes libertarianism... Please, get rid of the Nanny state and we won't have libertarians any more...

Comment Re: Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

Yep. When I worked in the industry ALL suspicious transactions that were over a certain amount were transmitted to FDIC / OTS. Suspicious could be whatever the compliance officer wanted to capture. Not sure how it was processed by the Feds but they had the data if they ever wanted to investigate.

HAVING money is suspicious!

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

It's really really simple.

Money laundering is the crime of hiding where the money came from.

Now, all the regulations may be screwed about it are screwed up and complicated. But the crime itself is simple.

Just because regulations about a crime are poorly written does not mean the crime is poorly defined.

And its not just money laundering thats illegal!!!

If you happen to have just $9999 to deposit into your bank account THATS ILLEGAL TOO! (because its 'structuring').

Comment Re: The streaming only part is a major problem... (Score 1) 450

Seattle has the early adopter problem. We got full Mbps DSL before most of the country but now aging equipment and wiring means that original 1.5 Mbps we had originally no longer often works. I have ISDN at home, and the per minute charges suck.

Its not just early adopter problem.

Its also that the city forbids upgrades.

Comment Re:real reasion (Score 1) 450

people left due to there shrinking library months of the same stuff may 1 or 2 new movies etc.

This story is not about people leaving. It's about them not getting as many NEW customers as they thought.

Of all the streaming services, Netflix has the highest member retention.

Rate of growth is slowing down. Market economy requires growth to accelerate. Slowing growth give investors the heebie jeebies and they get frightened and run away.

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