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Comment Re:Absolutely (Score 1) 379

I think Microsoft is doing the right thing here by making it an optional update in Windows Update. Silverlight does open new vectors for attack, so I applaud Microsoft for not forcing the install. So if you control the patch schedule for your users (aka internal sites), then Silverlight would be the way to go. I wouldn't rely on Silverlight for a public website though. Flash is ubiquitous.

Comment Re:Work Experience (Score 1) 834

This is the best way to do it. Find a job near the university that you want to get a Masters from. Work super hard for 1-2 years, then let them know that you want to go get your Masters. Work during the day, classes at night (or maybe your firm is more flexible). It will be a painful existence, but you will graduate without debt (your firm is paying for this right?), and some of your classwork will be more relevant as you have actual work experience.

Comment View from the suburbs (Score 1) 1137

I live in Reston VA. (Suburbs outside of DC). The Metro works nicely for me, there is a park & ride that has an express bus straight to the Metro station. (I could ride a bike there, but I work in a suit & tie every day). It makes the commute about 15 min longer, but far more enjoyable. Parking (alone) would run me $24/day. For weekday commuting, train & bus wins by a long shot.

In addition, the last two firms I've worked for have offered a private bus from the train straight to the office. I think this should be a required benefit for companies that call themselves "green".

The city of Reston is great about having sidewalks and paths. Many of them do not run next to the road and provide a great way to walk places on the weekend without sucking down exhaust fumes. I hated suburban living before I moved here, but I think they really provide the best of both worlds.


Submission + - OWASP Spring of Code 2007

Dinis Cruz writes: "Last Fall, the OWASP Foundation gave $35,000 in grants to worthy application security projects. This Spring, OWASP is using current membership fees and profits from past conferences to fund a bigger round of projects in the OWASP Spring of Code 2007.

All applications are due by March 30th. The OWASP Spring of Code is not connected to the Google Summer of Code."

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