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Comment Re:Ask Slashdot (Score 1) 600

"It doesn't matter that he doesn't have ALL the knowledge in his brain to do this from scratch. He's researching"

Exactly. Just about all professional jobs require learning new skills on an ongoing basis, and many require actual R&D. IT is probably the most research-laden profession around, that isn't actually labeled as such.

Comment Re:I hate software patents... (Score 1) 128

A patent for this should not exist. To me, it's pretty obvious any time you open an IM client and someone isn't on, that email should be chosen instead. It's the simple next step you take as a human, so automating it is a simple, obvious step too.

Also, IM clients like pidgin do something very similar when you merge the same contact's accounts on different networks (including non-IM networks like IRC and Facebook) and double-click to send a message.

Comment Re:Low-res game font (Score 1) 280

If you click through a few links around this story, you'll find a guy who made a smaller font without subpixel rendering, for a MUD client, and other people talking about how old games used 4x3 fonts in some cases -- I forgot that 8 pixel fonts where NORMAL, not the small ones, on old systems. There's NOTHING new here. Even the subpixel rendering stuff was obvious at the time subpixel rendering was invented. One of the first things people discussed was how subpixel rendering would reduce the need for font greeking.

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