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Comment Re:Test mode all the time? (Score 1) 123

The car in test mode probably has a reduced level of performance. The way to combat this is to test performance against the performance specs on a random sample of 1-2 year old vehicles at the smog test station using a dynamometer.

There's no "probably" about it; that's the whole cause of this mess; the emissions controls in test mode absolutely have lower performance. And all the news is that any fix is going to shoot the performance. So, anyway, back to my question: why isn't the fix just to change the software instead of this talk of modifications to the physical emissions controls? There must be some reason, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Comment Is this democracy in progress? (Score 2) 96

hijacking the livestream and derailing the GOP's message

Ah yes, the good old "if I disagree with them, I'll just shut them up" tactic. Works wonders in banana republics, let's do it in the US. The ends justify the means, the proles can't be trusted to judge for themselves, and all that. Everyone on either side needs to decide if this is really how they want their democracy to function before taking such actions.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 269

This is actually perfectly normal behavior from real-time priced power markets. There's a certain point where the consumers are going to become non-responsive

However, the end consumer doesn't get the price in real time, do they? I think the bill comes once per month. Consumers need a way to know the price in real time in order for this model to work properly.

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