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Comment Re:So how is this any different than before? (Score 2) 209

A large part of the problem is likely consumers just not knowing about it and the carriers not enabling the chips to drive business to their subscription services. A proper efficient market requires accurate information on both sides of the transaction.
Back when I had a Note 2 I hadn't even know it had come with an FM chip in it. After I found out I called Verizon to complain it wasn't enabled and their support in turn didn't even know anything except to tell me I need more data plan if I wanted to stream radio.

Comment Re:Obviously (Score 1) 382

Buses that run on predictable routes and timetables ought to be electrified by overhead lines, as they are in Beijing since you mention China. I would hope the extra weight of batteries would be only for a tour bus or a commuter bus that serves a far flung suburb.

Comment Re:That's a lot of wasted water (Score 1) 457

considering the state is in a drought half the time. If only there was a way to build a wall or something to hold the water until it was needed.

You forgot the part about: if only there was some way to move the excess water about 500 miles south to where the drought problem is centered.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 120

Auctions are not unrelated because show tickets are not a commodity. A certain ticket is for a certain seat for a certain show. Some shows may be general admission, but then a ticket is still reasonably distinct as it is for a certain show.

Comment Re:Yo dawg (Score 1) 71

Are Samsung engineers just bad at battery design, or was there something more in play here?

It's in Tianjin. You may recall last fall a couple of warehouses exploded and killed 100 or so and injured who knows how many. Cause: inadequate material handling and storage. Apparently that just means the payments to safety inspectors went up.

Comment Re:WTF Time (Score 1) 101

They are both directly comparable to communism because every nominally "communist" revolution ends up a brutal dictatorship. Communism works great when its about the size of a large farm and everyone there participate voluntarily. Larger than that and, well, More's Utopia pretty much nailed it hundreds of years before Marx was born.

Comment Re:Alternatives (Score 2) 476

Do they have broadband in these countries - Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, et al? They'd need that to run Skype. I support the ban - our safety comes ahead of their convenience, but they could have relocated them to Turkey or Dubai and continued from there

Washington State's tax base is suffering because of a 120 day hold on issuing refugee visas to Somalis and Yemenis?

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