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Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 2) 227

In addition to bandwidth is free you forgot the one about how since the hardware infrastructure for networks is a sunken cost it should be free to use. I haven't figured that one out yet; apparently the underlying assumption is that the investors who paid up front ought to be robbed of their expected returns.

Comment Re:No? (Score 1) 375

Don't you know Patrick Henry was a terrorist. If he was alive today he'd definitely be on the no fly list.

Exactly how many Londoners died from Patrick Henry's (or George Washington's for that matter) legions of suicide bombers? Sometimes "freedom fighters" are terrorists, sometimes they're fighting to take the place of the current nobility, sometimes they're fighting for freedoms.

Comment Re:Won't work in America (Score 1) 630

You need a mobile with data plan to be in job search now. Recruiters don't wait, and neither do employers

Do you realize what the target demographic is in question? Recruiters don't recruit for McDonalds; all you do is as for an application over the counter and after you fill it out the shift manager will spend 10 minutes determining if you don't outright drool on yourself.

Comment Re:"could not recall" (Score 4, Insightful) 409

if Americans vote for trump it'll be simultaneously the saddest thing and the most fucking funny thing that has ever happened.

It will probably be more like when Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota except on a national level. Endless complaining by the establishment on both sides but not much coming of it by the end.

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