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Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 3) 359

For the same reason as the SanFranciscans on high wages are subsidizing Tennessee's shitty economy. Remember - CA is a net contributor to the US economy, it takes out less from the tax pool than it puts in.

Consider how totally jacked up government is when you take that statement and combine it with California's state and local governments being heavily in debt.

Comment Re:T-Mo (Score 5, Informative) 208

I have to travel internationally every couple of years and the TMo international is no joke. Upon landing in Beijing you get a 'Welcome to China' text and service includes unlimited pokey 2G data speed data that goes straight through TMo's US servers so the websites blocked normally in China work just fine. Coverage is most excellent; pretty much any city or town, just not out in the countryside.

Comment Re:Oops (Score 2) 223

it's drunk by fat people.

You're going to need some real data to back that up. All the 'normal' sized people I know who drink soda drink diet soda.

My anecdotal response to your anecdote is that I mainly see obese people drinking diet soda... along with entire pizzas, supersized fries, etc.

Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 85

The second is more effective against somebody cloning your card - which around here is more common - but it means that your CC company presumably needs your biometric info

Don't they just need a one-way hash of your biometric info? But the second way is more likely since otherwise the card will need a battery to power that processing internally.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 359

Here I thought you would stick fruit containers in it, and it would pulp them up. But using bags of... juice? Did no one along the line wonder what the device was actually for?

It's hidden down in the article text; the bags of juice are sold only to people who bought the bag squeezer machine (I can't bring myself to call it a juicer) for $400. Brilliant if you can get enough people to buy in to that model.

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