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Comment Re:Short answer ... (Score 1) 173

Seriously though.....when did the USA political "system" get so out of whack like this? There are a ton of good things they've done for the world but the balance is starting to tip to the point where you have to wonder if a giant vortex swept Washington into the ocean......it might not be a bad day. (sorry to all the deathstar plumbers that drown because of it but seriously.....the union guys ought to be thinking its a good time to take annual leave).

Comment Re:Exports? (Score 1) 443

I often worry about the route Australia is taking in "aligning itself" with the USA (eg the 5,000 marines in Darwin). I sometimes wonder if I should just take the blue pill but I often wonder does Julia know something I don't that means we need them there....or should we really be pushing for them to be expelled asap and for us to stand alone like the Switzerland of the pacific?

Comment ..and these are the people that lead us (Score 1) 856

Yet another lawmaker who doesn't understand guns and how easy it is to "fire" a projectile. ..and these are the people that lead us and make decisions that affect our lives. I think in the future elected officials must answer a pop quiz (multiple choice to make it easy for them) in order to make their vote on a political motion. - http://www.livepoliticalchat.com/

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