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Cowboy Bebop on TV This Fall 100

da3dAlus writes: "Anime Tourist has a confirmation about the fall programming on Cartoon Network, as mentioned at the San Diego Comic Con. Of greatest note is the mention of Cowboy Bebop: "It was disclosed that Cowboy Bebop will air this fall in the Adult Swim block on sunday nights. The source was unsure as to how much editing would be needed and admitted that it was 'something of a stretch for them.'" The 'Adult Swim' block begins September 2nd, and is geared towards the older Cartoon Network audience." If this is true, this is great news. Cowboy Bebop is one of the best science fiction tales that has been animated ever. I just can't explain it, but I hope they don't have to butcher it to put it on U.S. TV. Also worth noting is that a trailer for the Bebop movie is online if you can watch quicktime.
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Cowboy Bebop on TV this Fall

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    If you have broadband and have not gone to that site you should check it out. High bandwith streams of some pretty good anime movies for free and no nudity or violence seems to be edited out. I recommend the Angel Cop series.

  • See this billboard [] spotted along the 710 freeway in Los Angeles. Yep. That's Rio from Burn Up W.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 22, 2001 @06:56AM (#69357)
    Is anyone else scared about how much they'll alter the story of the episodes? Especially that episode about that guy with crazy hormone problems? Experience shows that they'll do crazy things to cover up nudity. Remember that horrible episode in Tenchi Muyo that was supposed to show the tattoo on evil washu's butt? Even though it was essential to the storyline, they covered it up, and the episode was one huge mess. Oh what fun.
  • Even the regular cartoons are butchered. Remember Wile E. Coyote drinking the entire bottle of "earthquake pills"? Your kids won't. How about the fish in "Horton hears a who": "Now I've seen everything *blam*". Not there. At least not the *blam*.

    Sad state of affairs.

    On the good side, I have seen some anime on cinemax, and "Ghost in the shell" is on frequent circulation on one of the Starz channels.
  • They used to show anime movies for a while, usually Saturday mornings, but I don't think it ever came back after the summer of 98. This is taken from their FAQ []:
    We air an anime movie every Saturday morning in our Saturday Anime block (temporarily preempted for Summer '98). Acquiring the U.S. TV rights to anime is difficult and expensive (compared to other programming) so we only add new movies to our anime library during our annual Festival of Anime theme week. This theme week usually runs during the spring or summer months. We have no plans to acquire the rights to anime series - we only run anime movies.
  • eva DVD's aren't that bad, are *excellent* quality, and are a blast to watch with friends. 4 ep/dvd.
  • by Glytch ( 4881 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @06:56AM (#69361)
    Am I the only one who would really like to see their respective production companies get together and have Ed meet Lain?
  • by Laxitive ( 10360 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @08:15AM (#69362) Journal

    Thankfully, the dubbing on CB is actually passable.

    But I'm still afraid of massive cuts that'll leave the show a bleeding gutter carcass. The first episode features drug trade, and a seemingly pregnant woman shooting her own husband (fiancee? boyfriend?) in the head before being killed herself.

    Redeye, toxic mushrooms, crossdressers, hermaphrodites, blood, little boys (I know, I know, he's not a little boy dammit) that kill, death, organized crime syndicates, sword+throat and sword+eyes action, cigarettes. And they're gonna fuck up the ending I BET, I mean, how can the hero not live happily ever after?!?!

    It's low on the explicit sex factor, so that may tender it some goodwill from Toonami.

    But remember people: Cowboy Bebop has violence where people end up getting hurt, and where several people die.

    North American media only tolerates violence where no appreciable consequence comes of it. A million bullets are fired, a thousand bombs set off, but everyone comes out alive in the end (and really, isn't that the way Jesus would want it?).

  • Sounds like half a dozen or more of the standard TV sci-fi shows from the last 30 years.
  • Having only watched the first 10 episodes, I'm not sure where the "sex" comes in. Aside from gratuitous shots of Valentine's bikini in ep 9 or 10, I can't think of anything I've seen along those lines that I'd expect someone to object to.... I suppose some of the more risque outfits, but that seems a mighty stretch. Without giving spoilers, does it get more explicit?

    I am hoping that since they are relegating it to a "more adult" time slot, that they'll do it late enough on Sundays that they won't have to chop it too badly. But of course if it gets more explicit then what can you do? Bah. Good news/Bad news.

  • Cowboy Bebop, the name actually makes sense. In the future of 2071, there are about 30000 bounty hunters all over the Solar System, and by trade, they are sometime known as cowboys. Hell, even the bounty hunter TV trade show "Big Shot" which lists the biggest bounty available is shot with an exaggerated Western theme. Bebop is the name of the space ship that housed the crew of the show. It's named by the ex-cop owner who also happens to be a jazz lover, and the soundtrack to the show is a mixture of jazz and other music.

  • Aren't we the elitist. Did you actually watch this show's dub track before you make your comment?
  • This image is here due to a coding error of this web page.
    Please contact the webmaster of this site to have this fixed.
    Brought to you by, the premie=r source of images on the web.

    So Taco didn't pay the images bill again, or is it just a bad link? []

  • Seems to be fixed now, please disregard.

  • That's a good point, and I've thought of that at times as well. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it can't contain some amount of realism or provoke thought. My girlfriend isn't a big anime fan, and can't see why I enjoy DBZ. But when Cartoon Network aired the Tenchi Muyo series, not only was I hooked, but she took a liking to it as well. I ended up purchasing all 3 movies and the OVA boxed set. She watched the movies with me and even enjoyed them, but hasn't seen the uncut OVA yet. As a note, she's 3 years older than me ^_^
  • Honestly, as far as exposure is concerned, what does it matter if a series is censored? It's nice to see more diverse anime series on TV than just the kid-friendly type (ie Pokemon). Yeah, CB may be a more mature series, but if it needs to be formatted to American TV standards, then it's fine with me. For example, Sci-Fi channel aired Fatal Fury and Armitage III a few weeks ago. I had thought about picking up the Armitage DVD on several occasions, but I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. After seeing it (edited of course), I decided that I liked enough to get the DVD afterall. As for Fatal Fury, I deemed it not worth my money. It too was severely edited for nudity, but Sci-Fi just blurred out those specific body areas on the characters on several scenes, instead of deleting them altogether. However, the Card Captor series has gotten a severe re-edit, which completely changed the story and plot of the series--that's taking things too far.
    I think my point is that as long as it's just censored and not re-edited, it's still good to see it on American TV. Pardon my rabling, but that's my $0.02.
  • by da3dAlus ( 20553 ) <> on Sunday July 22, 2001 @07:05AM (#69371) Homepage Journal
    Just as a note, I didn't include that link to AnimeFu. I think that's CmdrTaco's own brand of 'smart tags', added pre-posting to the homepage of course...
  • Lots of geeks learn japanese, he might actualy speak it...
  • I started watching the Dubed version of Cowboy Bebop, and I was still blown away. Japanese with subtitles is great, but the English versions Aren't that bad. The acting was good, and the words actually 'fit' English pretty well
  • Yea, on disc 2 or disc 3, (Vicious makes a reappearance) Valentine is following some bounty and ends up busting in on two guys in the sack... not exactly Cartoon Network material... and one of the episodes on disc 3 has a hermaphrodite as one of the main characters. There's probably a few other small scenes, but those are the big two that I can remember off the top of my head.
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  • by British ( 51765 )
    I'm no anime freak like a few of my friends are, but I borrowed all 6 of my friend's DVDs of this and really got into it. The redtail ship is very cool looking. The hammer head ship? Eh. I'd rather fly Spike's ship.

    Interestingly enough, in one of the episodes, a Betamax VCR was featured that looked like exactly the one my family had 20 years ago(a Zenith top loading model).

    The hacker kid "Edward" is interesting since she talks in riddles not unlike "Wheelie" from The Transformers, but less annoying.

    Look for crazy Internet references, including, but not limited to a website url that features .MR as the top level domain. I'll let you figure it out where it leads to.
  • You're both right and wrong at the same time.

    Only 12 episodes of Bebop aired on TV Tokyo in Japan, and the episodes that did air were lightly edited.

    Bebop was later picked up by WOWOW (satellite network in Japan) and aired in it's entirety.

    While I won't be watching the CN showing (don't like dubs, and I've got it all on dvd), I do hope they don't hack it.
  • Video Feed straight from Japan? No problem!
  • Considering the cost of putting everything on DVD, is it REALLY that much more expensive to hire good voice actors instead of hacks?
  • But we DO have the technology! The entire series is availiabe on DVD here in the US. It's produced by Bandai and is availiabe of 6 DVD's with 4-5 episodes apiece.

    It also (of course) includes both English and Japanese language tracks.
  • If you want to view Eva ultra cheap, and don't mind the quality, you can look at some import legitimate VCD distributors. You can get all 26 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion for about 50 bucks with shipping and handling.

    In asia, VCDs caught on much more than in the US. Maybe it's because the Asian market has some fascination with having the absolute newest thing as soon as it comes out. Anyways, as a result, you can get imported VCDs ultra cheap, since there are now DVDs out that provide much better quality and content of the same material. The only down part is that the video is MPEG 1, and the entire series is subbed. If you can handle the lower quality, there's no beating the price.

  • by tentac1e ( 62936 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @08:49AM (#69381) Journal
    Cartoon Network is a pretty cool network (almost as cool as Sci Fi) for importing anime. My main gripe is how they edit some of their anime.

    A couple of months ago, they aired a two hour movie version of Blue Submarine Number 6, which was basically all four parts of the series. This is nothing short of incredible on their part, given that each episode goes for about $20 to $25.

    The problem was, in the Cartoon Network version, not only did they cut out all blood and swearing (which is understandable), but they went so far as to digitally replace the main character's ciggarette with a toothpick. This seemed weird during scenes where smoke came from it.

    What I find much worse than that is the decision by Cartoon Network to bastardize the series Big-O. In the Japanese version, the phrase that appears on the viewscreen of the giant robot as it activates is, in plain English, "Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty." The Cartoon Network execs decided that there was something vulgure or offensive about this, so they changed "God" to "Good." From what I've heard, virtually the entire series has a religious overtone to it, with a whole Robo/Chariot of God theme.

    Cartoon Network is cool for giving everyone a daily dose of anime, but to me it feels like only a sample. I almost want to buy uncut copies of a few of their series, just to see them as they were originallly intended.

  • Obviously CN is a kid's channel based mostly on "classic" and kid cartoons on a perpetual loop. Great to plant a 4 year old in front of, but not exactly a killer formula for adults.

    Sci-Fi on the other hand comes with every basic cable package and has still to figure out that anime, preferably uncut, would be great programming for their viewers. Imagine how much money could have been translated into bringing anime to the states instead of producing that horrendous Dune remake. Yes Sci-Fi, you put David Lynch in his place.

    I'm sure they're too busy coming up with another great Outer Limits episode to bother with something as trivial as cartoons. "Okay, check it out: this alien comes down and infects this dude..." Or even better getting the rights to air the Knight Rider movie last night.

    Yeah i know they used to play some anime during the day but I don't think it was very consistant and way too early in the day for me.

  • What does this have to do with anime? The CSICOP style evangelism here helps lower the signal to noise ratio. Thanks for contributing.
  • i agree. If you like the eclectic nature of Kanno's music, and not just the jazzy part, you might want to try some of her other stuff []. I like the Macross Plus music, personally, although Turn A Gundam is very Copeland-esque...

    One of theys days, i'm hoping all of the mixing fuses into a single sound...

  • by EXTomar ( 78739 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @07:48AM (#69385)
    Something has frozen over because I would have bet real money that although COWBOY BEBOP is probably one of the most influential Anime to have been released in the last 5 years, there was no possible way that it could get released on the ever popular Toonami!!!

    The reason is that its just to "adult" for Toonami to handle. The Big 3(sex, drugs, and violence) are all in full force in COWBOY BEBOP which would make any one who censors squirm.

    Cartoon Network/Toonami has chopped up shows that have had far less of the Big 3 than Coboy Bebop to make them presentable on their network. There are some episodes that have so much "questionable material" how much is going to be left to air?

    I can't recommend COWBOY BEBOP to enough people whether they are Anime fans or not. On the other hand I'm not sure if I can recommend watching a very heavily modified verson that is more concerned with being presentable than persenting what was originally intended.
  • Can't seem to find it. :-|.

  • Actually it being in Japanese is more of a plus than a minus in my book. A constant fresh source of Japanese would be a big help in my efforts to learn the language :-)
  • by Greyfox ( 87712 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @06:42AM (#69388) Homepage Journal
    The attitudes towards cartoons being what they are in the USA, I'm sure they will butcher it. Wish I could get a video feed straight from Japan. It's not like we don't have the technology...

    On a side note, remember all those Warner Brothers cartoons that you don't see anymore because they're not politically correct? You can still find that lot on Cartoon Network UK. For what it's worth.

  • Here's the direct link to quicktime movie file as well: []
  • The trailer should be on this page: ml []
  • IIRC, some of Cowboy Bebop was so explicit that it wasn't allowed to air unedited on Japanese TV. So I'm betting that an American release is going to be heavily butchered.

  • Actually, a channel straight from Japan would be a huge disappointment to the average otaku, because they'd finally be force-fed the reality that anime is mainly for kids. What's published in the US is just the relatively mature shows, but on Japanese TV, you get 90% mindless kiddie fare.
  • Posted this once but it seemed to get lost in Slashcode ;)

    Link to trailer [] in quicktime format.

    The hint on the page is the big ole Quicktime word ;)

  • I haven't seen the cartoon yet, but I've heard the soundtracks, []. If you get a chance to pick these up, DO IT! The music is amazing. Some of the tightest downtempo jazz/funk I've heard in years!
  • The reason most people wouldn't want a feed straight from Japan is because the anime would be, suprise! in japanese! ( whouldathunk? ). What most of us would want ( speaking for everyone, of course .. ) would be a network that showed anime either subbed or dubbed in english. But since this isn't likely, Cartoon Network is our best bet.

    Cowboy Bebop is a great series, and one that would likely attract a more mature audince. Chance is, if it is highly sucessful, they will add more programming, and if it is large enough, spin off a channel -- remember Boomerang?

  • On a side note, remember all those Warner Brothers cartoons that you don't see anymore because they're not politically correct? You can still find that lot on Cartoon Network UK. For what it's worth.

    Actually, the Cartoon Network in the US just showed some WWII era cartoons that they usually don't show. This was late at night, but that's fine with me. These were very full of propaganda, and some of the clips they showed were certainly not politically correct. I wish they could have shown more, since there is some interesting history in them, but they only showed 4 full length cartoons. As far as I know, the ones that showed in full were not edited.

  • to be completely and utterly ruined by what will most likely be terrible dubbing, it's quite sad really.

    Want some indy electronic (and other) music?
  • They also skipped an episode of outlaw star which, while almst completely a fanservice episode contains one of the most crucial details about Gene's Castors that he fires at the end, oh, and that he has them.

    Want some indy electronic (and other) music?
  • Maybe there is a good reason not to have cable *grin*. I am set anyhow cuz I have the entire Cowboy Bebop DVD collection, so Cartoon Network can eat my dust cuz I'll be lapping up miles of time in front of my DVD Player.

    As Ed would call Cartoon Network - "Lunkhead, Lunkhead!"

    Personally, I think there should be an All Anime Station... :) Unedited, Uncensored, and totally Dub Free 24-7; This would be my only reason to subscribe to Cable or Satellite TV.. If you can import BBC & Much Music... Why not Anime? Got Ed?

    PS. If you haven't seen Final Fantasy, its a real treat despite what the Slashdot crew said.
  • The real question is, when is CowboyNeal going to be on TV?
  • Can't seem to find it

    Bottom left. Wave your cursor around until one of the graphics gives you a "QUICKTIME MOVIE" alt tag. (Or just look at the source, or whatever.)

  • A couple of people posted corrections to my original post... and since they haven't been modded up or anything, I thought I'd quote them here so more people see them. :)

    "Only 12 episodes of Bebop aired on TV Tokyo in Japan, and the episodes that did air were lightly edited. Bebop was later picked up by WOWOW (satellite network in Japan) and aired in it's entirety.
    "Um, it wasn't just the first episode that was cut. Almost half of the entire series was omitted when first broadcast on TV. Later on, they played an uncut version on a satellite channel which had less restrictions than broadcast"

    OK you can mod this post down as redundant or whatever, I wanted people to see the corrections. Thx all :D

  • With all the talk about censoring Bebop, it's interesting to note that Bebop was censored in Japan, too! At Otakon in 1999, the director of the series was there, and it turns out that the very first episode of the series was considered too bloody to be shown on TV by the network. Apparently, Japanese fans didn't get to see episode #1 until much later, possibly until the home video release.

    Of course, only episode #1 was blocked, and as far as I know there weren't any cuts made from the rest of the series. Which is kind of odd, since I didn't really think episode 1 was much bloodier than anything else in the series.

    I've watched a lot anime, and I'd have to say Bebop is in the top five of all anime series of all time, IMHO. I also have to say that it has the best animation, hands-down, of any anime television series ever, by a wide margin. I don't even think that's a matter of opinion. The animation is as good as many theatrical and direct-to-video (OVA) anime releases I've seen.

    God damn, I hate censorship. I also hate the English dub of Cowboy Bebop. Spike is one of the coolest characters ever, but the English dub actor sounds like he's trying really hard to sound cool. Sorry. If you have to try to be cool, then you're a thousand miles away from cool.

    So what American audiences are going to see is one of the greatest series ever, hacked to bits, with a shitty dub that makes the characters sound retarded. And non-anime fans are gonna say, "what the hell is the big deal with anime? This is supposed to be one of the greatest series ever, and it's pretty lame. Anime is so over-rated, guess it must have some hidden appeal for geeks".

    So I'd just as soon not see Bebop on TV under those circumstances. Ideally, I'd like to see HBO or something pick it up, then at least it would only have the shitty dub to drag it down, not the censoring. God, I hope I'm wrong, and they don't censor it too badly. I really want to be wrong.

  • My understanding is that the first ep wasn't included in the original Japanese TV run because the plot involves drug trafficking -- a very sensitive subject in Japan, but no problem for most American prime-time dramas.
  • But another space show recently aired, Outlaw Star, was barely edited at all. All they removed was foul language and one episode that was completely inappropriate for tv (it was basically just a public bathouse pervision comedy episode).

    Actually, they removed a lot more than just foul language; they removed just about all sexually suggestive content (the appearance of nudity without any real nudity (airbrushed bathing suit), any mention of nudity, homosexuality, "inappropriate" contact between characters, etc.), as well as all blood (which got rather confusing when the blood was important to the plot) and various other instances of violence/death/suicide/etc. Most of what was taken out wasn't critical to the plot, but there's a lot of important character information that was lost. And the part where they changed the word "body" to "car" just made no sense... Of course, none of this even comes close to the sexual content of last night's episodes of The Man Show on Comedy Central (or South Park either) or the raw violence of last week's Robocop miniseries (which was probably edited itself) on Sci-Fi, so this just seems really silly. On the other hand, I think I watch far too much television...

  • Actually, one episode was originally not shown in Japan because it dealt with illicit drugs, an extremely sensitive topic in Japan.

    You are correct that the entire series was subsequently shown in its entirety on the WOWOW premium cable/satellite channel there. In fact, a lot more more adult anime series are showing up on WOWOW in the last few years.

    Good thing Cowboy Bebop is available on DVD here in the USA, so I don't have to worry about what cuts Cartoon Network will make. ^_^
  • Far Superior to the ORIGINAL Japanese? Isn't it impossible to surpass the original intended voice? Dub by definition is're dubbing OVER the original creator's chosen character/voice.

    That's the fundamental problem with dubbing, the creator's vision is somewhat tarnished. I mean take Evangelion, did Hideaki Anno come down to ADV in the states and help in the casting of voice actors? No, he picked Megumi Hayashbara (spelling?) as Rei because he felt that is how Rei should sound.

    I don't understand why people want to watch dubs when all they're really watching is a portion of the original idea and feeling. In some cases, they just change lines to fit the mouth movement. And don't make it seem like it doesn't change the story. I'm positive they'll change some of the more 'questionable' lines in Bebop which are essential to the story and for what? To match an animated mouth?

    Then again I guess the 'right' way to watch is to watch in raw japanese because then a translator can't mess you up, but at least with subtitles you HEAR the original voices and feeling.

  • I couldn't agree with you more on the dubbing and censorship issue. The same thing happened to my favorite anime series: Escaflowne.

    Lots of people I know saw the Fox's version and said the exact same thing: "What's the big deal with anime?" It's a damn shame that Bebop is next to be slaughtered since it is definitely in my Top 5 Anime as well.

    Do US companies really think that only children watch these 'cartoons' and that we aren't capable of reading subtitles? God forbid we have a show in another language that doesn't sound like crap.

  • No, it's "Tank" composed by Yoko Kanno and I THINK the band is the Seatbelts. The Soundtrack for Bebop is quite good.
  • I agree that it's nice to see a more diverse selection of anime now instead of just Pokemon and Dragonball Z. This type of exposure is great because more and more people will see anime and hopefully like it and in turn more anime from Japan will be imported.

    However, the real problem is that anime isn't just censored it's totally re-editted so that children can watch it. Like you've said, sometimes the plot is even re-written and that makes no sense. Why even bring a series to the states if you're just gonna change the important stuff?

    I just hate how US companies still think the primary audience for anime is children. Bebop is certainly not for children. Is it that hard to believe a 'cartoon' can be geared toward an adult, that it can contain serious ideas and be just as well made as a motion picture?

    Sorry for the rant, but this topic just gets me fired up ^_^

  • Also, I'm skeptical that they could find a good voice-actor for Sana-chan.

    Yes, I don't think human beings were supposed to talk that fast ^_^

  • ...more crap cartoon drawings of prepubescent girls so that sad morons with no life can wank off to the closest thing they will ever get to a real "woman".

    If that's all you see in anime well then, you're really missin' out, looking in the wrong places or just messed up.

  • Since when was this dub sanctioned by the creator? I think this is a complete lie. If you look on IMDB the credits for Spike is David Lucas for the dub and Koichi Yamdera for the original. This is hardly the same person. And I seriously doubt the ditz on the dub is Megumi Hayashibara.

    WHICH IS BETTER FOR IT. No clumsy interpretations of cultural in-jokes or speech patterns. You're not "running away from the original interpretation" like that idiot said, you're expereincing the film from the POV of YOUR culture

    You know I hate it when people say that dubs are better purely because it 'americanizes' it. I hate to break it to you, but it's not an American product. It's a Japanese product and the fact you watch it is because you enjoy JAPANESE product. Even if it has cultural reference that you may not understand, you as the viewer chose to watch a Japanese product. It's pathetic that people find THEIR OWN culture far superior than another's and thus feel that they must be catered to in their own culture.

    A VERY interesting thing is that I've heard in some countries, they DON'T dub over American movies. They show them with subtitles with the original actor's voice. Why? Because it's an American film and it shouldn't be made "Japanese" or whatever other country to cater to their people. It's a respect for the other's culture to keep it in the purest form possible, as true to the original as possible. Now I know subtitles can also be mistranslated, but I find that a lot closer to the original. I find it hard to believe that a group of no talent dubbers try and get the 'original feel' when the director/creator isn't even there.

    I guess this analogy will illustrate my point better since I'm sure there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there who can sympathize with it ^_^. How would you feel if in Japan, they took Empire Strikes Back, dubbed Darth Vader over with a woman's voice and changed some of the dialogue to fit the mouth movements like say: "Luke I'm your Uncle." Now you can't argue that this significantly changes the plot and characters. It is the same case with "americanizing" a Japanese product.

    Now that may be a bit extreme, but this stuff happens all the time in anime. In Evangelion, Shinji Ikari's VA is a female in Japan. It is used to convey his well...'wussiness' ^_^, however in the US dub he's quite a bit more masculine.

    Wanna know how much better the dub is than even the orinigal translation? Try watching the DVD's with the english dub AND the subtitles turned on. There's significant POSITIVE differences

    Yes there are changes, as in...they changed dialogue that was originally closer to the subtitles. How does this help your point? In fact, my friend was the translator on the US Cowboy Bebop DVD and his translation is quite accurate to the original dialogue. If anything, you've proven how dubbers change the dialogue to fit mouth movements or US culture.

    so stick it up your "more otaku than thou" ASS

    I think someone needs to just 'chill.' It's not a "holier than thou" philosophy. If that was the case, I would watch in Japanese in the purest possible way. I just believe that things should be watched as closely to the creator's original vision as possible for the audience. We're all capable of reading aren't we?

  • Oh don't remind me. I think this is a great example of how an American Company can ruin a great show. I thought it would be pretty hard since Escaflowne is just that damn good, but I guess it's easy when you delete the plot, the characters and even the well orchestrated music by Yoko Kanno.
  • eva DVD's aren't that bad, are *excellent* quality, and are a blast to watch with friends. 4 ep/dvd.

    Just a minor correction, 4 episodes per disc on the first two discs. The rest only have 3, making a grand total of 8 discs for the whole series. A lot of people complained about the way ADV films cut the number down, cause.. yeah, that's $60 more (roughly) you end up paying. That being said, I totally think that Evangelion is worth the money, although you might want to wait or plan to finish getting the dvds around the end of October when the movies come out on dvd. Be thankful you no longer have to wait 6 months between discs! - rew

  • Wish I could get a video feed straight from Japan
    Does your cable system get the International Channel? You may have programmed it out of your remote, but there's original stuff on late-night Wednesdays (schedule grid at []. I'm not an anime fan, but checked it out for a friend who likes his Dragonball Z subtitled. DBZ is raw (as in not subtitled or dubbed, but Armored Trooper Votoms and Irresponsible Captain Tylor are subtitled in English.
  • In some Outlaw Star episodes the language edits can get annoying. They either put in "heck" or "darn" depending on the context. This is fine normally, but in the heavy swearing scenes it gets stupid. Example: Gene dramaticly yells "Darn it!" when the pirates kill Hilde. It loses just a wee bit of the drama.
  • I just love Cowboy Bebop, only things that have to be done now are: + Buy a TV + Immigrate to US Anyway, I expect anime to be higly successful in Germany, because I noticed that the mainstream-people around here are getting attracted to NGE, Golden Boy and stuff .. ByeBye, Roman
  • The Problem with spinning off a channel is that cable companies might not carry it. It's not like every channel is available everywhere.
  • There's a big difference between porn and lack of censorship.
  • CN has a fairly consistent record in regards to their editing. Let us begin with Tenchi Muyo, where bathing suits magically appear in hot tub scenes [understandable, but an edit is an edit]. Similar editing appears [I believe, I could be mistaken] in Outlaw Star [the black thing Melphina wears when 'part' of the ship... looks out of place and edited in to me]. From what I've read, the editing done to Big-O was relatively minor [the God/Good thing was probably so they wouldn't piss off some obnoxious religious group or another]. All in all, yeah, it's hacked up a bit, but not as bad as what Fox tends to do [feel pity for Slayers, should they ever get around to it. Slayers without the flat chest jokes just isn't the same], and besides, it's a good way to preview anime before shelling out $20 or more per tape/disc [I wish someone somewhere would run Eva... I've heard good things, but at $25 per tape it's just obnoxiously expensive]

  • Even the most diehard of anime anti-dub fans must admit: Bebop's english dub is far superior to the japanese. The voices match the characters better than has been achevied before. This isnt' some kind of cultural limitation of mine either. It's considered the ONLY way to watch the film.
  • This isn't an issue of cultural superiority. It's an issue of:

    -Personal preference (which I sought to share) -Actual quality (Bebop's dubbing is far superior than most American anime dubs AND the japanese version of bebop)

    It just so happens that the dub WAS sanctioned by the creator, and I didn't say that SPIKE had the same voice actors, but that there were several other charactors who did. David Lucas has worked on several other american dubs and (along with the other voice actors) nails Spike (hee) better than the Japanese. It's unreasonable to think that no dub could possibly do anime justice, that's simply pretentious. Yes, I got irritated in the previous post. I'm rather quick to defend Bebop's dubbing, because I consider it the superior version. Again, it is possible (though your thick wee brain seems unable to pick up on the point) that a film's original take is not always the superior.

    BTW, your "friend" may have done a decent job translating for the subtitles, but it's the American voice actors that REALLY brought the film alive for millions of fans. If you'd like anime to be taken more seriously, you've gotta understand 2 things. 90% of anime out there is crap (Yuna, DBZ anyone?), the 10% that's left deals with thematic strains that communicate across all cultural boundaries. I can get into the bad donburi jokes with the best of them, but the themes mean JACK to the rest of the world.
  • The English dub rox. I can't say it enough. The actors nail the characters on the head far better than their japanese counterparts... so there
  • Keep your John Williams, this is some of the best soundtrack work I've ever heard. These guys can sound like Duke Ellington, Ry Cooder, Vince Guaraladi, half a dozen other styles, in the space of 24 minutes. Great stuff.
  • See you, space cowboy...
  • Here is the news page translated by my favorite fish. oybebop.htm?mtbrand=AOL_US It starts of with this "Completely, rain something the blowing Á, this time of kind of today which it flies is, but everyone how you probably will pass? " I love it.
  • Ed and Lain joining forces would result in a serious mind fuck. The net would never be the same again. Sign me up!
  • by DragonPup ( 302885 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @07:37AM (#69429)
    is the editing that will probably be done, even in the 'adult swim' block.. For those who have not seen it, Bebop is disturbingly violent at points. Especially eps 5(Ballad of Fallen Angels),16(Black Dog Serenade) and 20(Pierrot le Fou). But as long as they can avoid editing them, and keep the voice acting intact(the Bebop dub was surprisingly good), I'll be happy

  • Cowboy Bebop has no nudity.
  • Or "Ranma" when it comes down to it. Lots of nudity with no sex and lots of violence with no-one really getting hurt (like road runner), but they would still be cut. There would probably be no coherant story left, and it's difficult to work out what's going on as it is.
  • Ugh, that is NOT true. Just look at the names of the main characters! How can anyone use natural english to talk seriously about people named "Jet" and "Vicious"?

    This is a general problem whenever you have to translate something from language A -> B. If the source already included occasional terms from language B, then if you leave those terms in B, you lose the author's intended foreignness of those phrases. They were supposed to stick out from the surrounding speech, but they just get blurred in. The alternative of translating them into a 3rd language will lose the cultural context it was supposed to have.

    I also double that any American VA can correctly reproduce Ed's gleefully subhuman squealing, because there's no way I could withstand the dub long enough to reach that part.

    OTOH, some of the cultural aspects would support CB being dubbed, since it's about Americanish people in an Americanish (or occasionally chinese) world. "Cowboy" and "Bebop" are both strongly USAian concepts.

  • Pop in a tape/dvd/whatever of Cowboy Bebop, and when the opening credits are going by, listen to the music and think "dah dweeee dah dah dah dweee dow." It fits!
  • edit out nudity and foul language

    Nudity? Foul Language? I sure don't remember any.

    Then again, it could be there was nudity but I didn't notice because I was too involved in the plot. Damn but that's a well written series. A friend of mine was depressed for weeks after seeing the last episode.

  • It's more of a western/detective thing. The only thing science fiction about it is the scenery.
  • Is what it says when I click on the Cowboy Bebop link
    • Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • by Dutchie ( 450420 ) on Sunday July 22, 2001 @06:45AM (#69437) Homepage Journal
    Please send me a list of editors' websites. I'll sprinkle some references to them over any next article I submit. Perhaps that way even the less interesting pieces will make it to the homepage.
    • Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • D'oh... I originally posted this to the Tenchi story by accident, proof that I should down a whole pot of coffee before bringing cognitive functions online, otherwise bad things happen.

    I don't really agree with all the people who say they'll kill it... They won't kill it, thay'll do to it what they've done to everything that came before, *edited to protect the insecure*, and leave it in a ditch to die.

    What the hell is the story anyway?? They put it in the midnight run, how many kids are gonna be watching it at midnight?

    Our society fills the airwaves with all this anti-drug, anti-drinking, anti-smoking, anti-damnneareverythingelse, kids aren't stupid, they DO understand these concepts. I have neices and nephews who are thoroughly amused by sillyness like trying to pretend that the characters are drinking TEA when they are OBVIOUSLY loaded. (Tenchi series)

    Or the painstaking task of painting out Heyami's (SP?) cigs in Blue Sub 6 (only to screw it up in silly ways).

    And someone please tell me what is wrong with the concept of death? Why can't they say DIE, DEAD, DEATH or anything like that?? What in the hell?

    No... I'm not going to continue, I fear if I continue, my head will explode. I think I'll go watch FLCL (Sorry, Japanese only), something that will NEVER be shown on CN. (Never never never never, if you've seen it you know what I mean. CN's style of editing would leave less than a commercial break worth of material left per ep, wait... HA. They'd probably air all 6 eps in a half-hour spot)


    "Look. Endsville is burning." -Mamimi, FLCL
  • I began to loathe the Sci-Fi channel after they ramped up showing that "Crossing Over with Jonathan Edwards" psychic crap. I still watch a few shows, but lost any "respect" I had for the channel.

    Take a look at the audience of that show's full of llamas as far as the eye can see; deer caught in headlights; highschool dropouts...depressing.

    Was the sci-fi channel that desperate to cash in? (you've got phone sex in 1st place, and then you've got psychic lines in 2nd place (but with higher avg hold-times.))

  • You're most welcome Mr. Ontopic-purist!

    But you realize, by replying, you exacerbate the very thing you were bitching about to begin with--so don't do it again! >:)

    Cowboy Bebop, Under-appreciating Americans, Censorship, yada yada...

  • Cool as in cool Sci-fi, not cool beer ;)
  • The direct link for the Cowboy Bebop movie trailer is: here. []
    Also, here are the links for the IMDB entries for both the series [] and movie [].
  • A constant fresh source of Japanese would be a big help in my efforts to learn the language :-)

    Speaking from experience, I think you'll find yourself speaking highly inappropriate Japanese if Anime is your main source of listenting practice

    clerk: Irasshaimase!

    otaku: Kisama! Shineeeeee!
  • Actually, one episode was originally not shown in Japan because it dealt with illicit drugs, an extremely sensitive topic in Japan.

    I find that hard to believe. It may have been edited, but I think there must have been some other reason. Living in Japan this summer, I watched a series about an all-girls high school. I think it was called R-17. Anyway, it dealt with drugs in detail in most every episode. One episode featured a father trying to teach his daughter a lesson by overdosing on her "study drug" of choice right in front of her. I don't think they actually showed the needle puncturing the skin, but it was otherwise pretty graphic.

  • Yes, it is available on DVD, and the quality is good... but the DVDs are reeeeeeealy expensive! Maybe that's just cuz i'm in Canada and they have to be imported from the States. Ah, bother.
  • Don't forget Ein the dog. Remember Bebop episode 23? That dog is one l33t h4xx0r.
  • I also wish it would go on Sputnik7, but it's probably not gonna happen. Sputinik7 gets its content from Manga, while Bebop is released by Bandai in the states. Grab the DVDs if you can get 'em at a decent price.

    It sucks, but them's the brakes.
  • I'm glad that Cartoon Network is putting more and more popular Anime series. Unfortunatley I'm a big fan of subtitled and unedited anime, but latley through the lack of money I have been restricted to buying my preciouse anime. This is a great way for Anime to gain a larger fan base in the States, and appreaciate the finer series of Anime, instead of the long popular card game based Pokemon and Digimon. Lets hope the trend keeps up and Sci Fi decides to bring back Saturday morning Anime.
  • So I'm an idiot. That should have read "edit out foul language and nudity (if any)." Doesn't change the fact that I expect little to no editing. After all, to edit a series that you are explicitly presenting as "mature" kind of implies that it will be unedited or at the very least minimally edited.
  • If Cartoon Network decides to run this as a "mature" block, I expect the worst they'd do would be to edit out nudity and foul language. It would be insane to edit a show for content and call it "mature". Not to mention obscenely hypocriti-- oh.
  • Absolutely! Even if you think that the series itself is cliche (which, by the way, I don't. I love CB), the music is incredible. It fits the action so well and really conveys meaning, unlike so many film scores.
  • I think Kodomo No Omocha would be great for Cartoon Network... Finally an anime series on CN which is centered around comedy, instead of violence and drama... Although I can't help but wonder how they would deal with Rei-kun being introduced as Sana-chan's "pimp" for the first 10-20 episodes... Also, I'm skeptical that they could find a good voice-actor for Sana-chan.
  • Anyone remember when Escaflowne (fantasy mech opera) premeired on fox kids? They turned a beautifully written and operetically scored 26 episode romance story with mechs in it into a 17 episode techno robo combat free-for-all

    They literally ditched ALL character exposition, (the ENTIRE first episode actually), then ripped out the incredibly moving soundtrack and thew in what sounded like a casio keyboard techno preset into mechs fighting.. alot.. with the same footage duplicated 7 times per episode, to make up for all the plot they ripped out... and don't even get me started on the voice-acting...

    Bebop will at least not suffer in the dubbing department (in case anyone noticed, it would appear it is actually *MADE* for english and dubbed japanese, or mroe doubtfully, totally re-animated)... don't believe me... just watch it on a dvd and flip back and forth... their mouths actually sync to the *ENGLISH* dialogue, not the japanese.... go figure

  • Among the many reasons CBB is far superior to Lupin:

    Although cowboy bebop has many humerous moments, it is a "serious" anime, with a great tragic storyline and compelling characters with richly detailed backstories. CBB is much better visually, and has a superior soundtrack. I wonder if you actually saw all 26 episodes, i highly doubt it ("seems like" followed by a storyline judgement sounds pretty weak to me). Comparing it to Lupin is downright silly

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