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Submission + - Goldman Sachs case precedent for downloading media? (3dn.nl)

Dutchie writes: The conviction was overturned because ‘one cannot physically hold source code’, so there is no theft. It is interesting to consider the consequences of this court ruling as there exist another often debated thing that ‘cannot physically be held’; media such as movies and music. I’m quite curious what the internet thinks.

Android and the Linux Kernel Community 354

An anonymous reader links to Greg Kroah-Hartman's explanation of a rift (hopefully mendable) in the development culture of Google's Linux-based Android OS and the Linux kernel itself. "As the Android kernel code is now gone from the Linux kernel, as of the 2.6.33 kernel release, I'm starting to get a lot of questions about what happened, and what to do next with regards to Android. So here's my opinion on the whole matter ..."
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Journal Journal: Best Project Name: Win a Poken

Alright, I'll try journalling about this article I wrote. It's basically a contest where I'm asking people to give me suggestions for a project name. I'm not sure whether the 'prize' in the contest is something new in the U.S. but I get the impression that it is. It's been quite popular in Europe so far so who knows, maybe it will catch on in the U.S. as well.

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Journal Journal: Gorilla in the Room

Curious to see where this will end up. I added this as a bookmark on slashdot first, a function first unknown to me. Now I'm also finding out I can add this bookmark to my personal journal. Life's a treat. http://wordpress.3dn.nl/2010/01/29/privacy-taboo/


Submission + - Is Privacy Becoming Irrelevant? (3dn.nl)

Dutchie writes: I recently bumped into an article on DARPA's plans with the 'Cyber Genome project' and decided to write a blog post on the subject as I'm working on a project the implement a global identity management system. While many plans get surfaced all the time regarding getting control over the internet DARPA's project seems to be pretty serious about 'genetically fingerprinting' all contents on the internet. When mentioning my article to a well-educated friend of mine and asking for feedback he replied along the lines of 'in an ever bigger, faster and more interrelated world privacy does become less relevant'. Is this reality and does the same thought live among the slashdot readers?

Submission + - Google wants to stay in China (3dn.nl)

Dutchie writes: It's interesting to see that idealists say something yet business wins. While earlier newsreports indicated that Google might pull out of China because of alleged hacking attempts on its property allegedly sponsored by the Chinese government Eric Schmidt says differently — or makes it an indefinite delay on its earlier stance.

Comment Being one of the original developers... (Score 1) 304

This is interesting to hear! I thought development had really kind of died out after Miguel started with the GNOME thingie, guess I was wrong (ofcourse I only implemented some recursive copy / move / delete functions which have probably long been rewritten).

Awesome though that there's apparently still people out there that actively use it, god, it's been SO long!

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