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Submission + - Should IT automate programmers out of work 4

An anonymous reader writes: I just finished reading an article about how automation software can be used by non-programmers to create and maintain rich Web applications without the need for hiring central IT software developers. Apparently, to my shagrin, this is becoming a popular strategy to lower IT development costs, along with moving jobs out of the US to cheaper labor in India. Does anyone have any experience with being automated out of a job and should this be a major goal for our culture?

Submission + - Thieves in U.K. steal police data server (

mytrip writes: "One of the private companies that helps police use mobile-phone networks to track terror suspects confirmed on Saturday that a server had been stolen from its office in Sevenoaks, England.

According to police, the data stored on the stolen server was of little value. The company involved, Forensic Telecommunication Services (FTS), says that the data was encrypted.

But Shadow Home Secretary David Davis told The Mail on Sunday that the government considered the case to be "extremely serious.""


Submission + - Open Source Global Server Load Balancing (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Global Server Load Balancing is the automatic routing of users to the nearest / fastest server to them based on their source IP. Typically a Global Server Load Balancing solution requires expensive application switches at each site, and additional software licenses that run into the thousands of dollars. Issue 6 of o3 magazine, the free open source / enterprise digital magazine has end-to-end coverage on deploying Global Server Load Balancing with open source projects. This is not Linux Virtual Server, its not heartbeat or netfilter, this is a brand new Layer 7 solution using Nginx, Mongrel, Varnish Cache and OpenVPN. Find out all the details, including the configuration by visiting o3 magazine."

Submission + - Crowther's Original Adventure Source Code Found!

drxenos writes: I don't know how many of you are fans of old-school text adventures (interactive fiction), but Will Crowther's original Fortran source code has been located in a backup of Don Wood's old student account. For fans like me, this is like finding the Holy Grail. link: n/browse_thread/thread/607acaf1a279d4dd/bd53b672a1 85d177#bd53b672a185d177

Submission + - How do you wean people off the car? 3

Planetes writes: The state of Washington and Seattle metro areas have inadvertently found a possible clue regarding how to begin weeding Americans off their addiction to the car. The answer? promote mass transit. Obvious you think? How about throwing in a twist: Close several lanes of I-5 Northbound (the main North-South artery between Seattle and points south) just south of downtown Seattle. Not for hours, but for weeks. The result: light rail ridership doubles along with most other forms of mass transit in the area. So, to repeat: how do you wean people off the automobile? Make it useless.

Submission + - College Orientation, Online (

langelgjm writes: "Not content to wait until arriving at college to start meeting friends, some recent high-school graduates are coordinating furniture, meeting significant others, and rejecting roommates based on sexual preference with the help of Facebook. "Last week, College Park had just sent out roommate assignments to about 3,800 entering freshman when university official Brian L. Watkins received his first phone call of the season from an upset mother. The woman said a Facebook profile of her son's freshman roommate "indicated that the roommate was into the same sex, so that threw up all kinds of red flags from their perspective," said Watkins, UM's director of parent and family affairs. "My response was that real or perceived sexual orientation is not a valid reason for a roommate change and that in our eyes that is like saying, 'I'm rooming with a Muslim, you need to move me,'" he said." Perhaps both the media covering Giuliani's daughter's Facebook profile and this mother could stand to learn a lesson: not everything you see online is necessarily true."

Submission + - Google's $10 local search play

thefickler writes: The ever enterprising Google has come come up with a novel way of boosting the information it has about local businesses. As part of the Business Referral Representative program, Google is offering individuals up to $10 to visit local businesses and tell them about Google Maps and Google AdWords, collect information (such as hours of operation and types of payment accepted), and take digital photos of the business.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - More moves for Xbox amateur devs from Microsoft (

Michael French writes: "Over at Develop we've been covering the big announcements from Microsoft's XNA Gamefest developer event, for those making games for Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade and PC. First up ( veals-XNA-Game-Studio-Express-20) is that XNA Game Studio is moving to a unified version 2.0 — combining the amateur and pro apps — with, most importantly, Xbox Live functionality which should provide a boost for developers (and perhaps Windows Live).

More interesting, however, is the fact that Microsoft has also granted consumers "a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use and display Game Content and to create derivative works based upon Game Content, strictly for noncommercial and personal use". ( ens-game-IP-for-non-commercial-projects) So materials from Halo, Viva Pinata, Shadowrun, Forza and PGR can now by used for homebrew and machinima projects. There are loads of catches, but it's still a pretty cool move. I doubt we'd ever see Nintendo do that with Mario."

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