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Submission + - Mind Over Matter Via Machine

seinethinker writes: The pain-relief industry is a sure thing. Why? The average American spends as much as $900 a year on pain medications. However, the relief is usually short lived. Time, research, and experimentation has taught us that if you can trick the mind, you can trick the body. New research in the field of brain imaging is advancing the reality of mind over matter. The New York Times reports on the implementation of fMRI or real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging. Companies such as Omneuron, a start-up in Menlo Park, have "created technologies that teach sufferers to think away their pain, and plans to similarly treat addiction, depression and other intractable neurological and psychological conditions. Using large scanners to measure blood flow to different parts of the brain, the technology makes the brain's activity visible by revealing which of its parts are busiest when we perform different tasks."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Desktop Faceoff: Fedora vs. Vista (

jammag writes: "In this article, an expert user with both OSes on his desktop does a feature by feature comparison. It's a balanced piece — not the usual flame. He concludes: "Fedora and its default GNOME desktop may still have a few lessons to learn from Vista, particularly in the selection of administration tools. Yet in terms of almost everything that's important to users, Fedora and GNOME have overtaken Vista and are rapidly pulling away from it.""

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